Sunday, September 26, 2010

How to Protect Your Hair from Losing?

A jet-black and beautiful hair will bring people will bring pleasant. Who do not want to have beautiful hair? But with the rapid pace of modern life, and the increasing pressure, hair loss is an increasingly common phenomenon. How to protect hair is become a major problem for those people who want beauty and desire for success. Prevent hair loss, first of all start from the outside care.

Do not use nylon comb and head-brush

Because nylon comb and head-brush are easy to produce static electricity, and it will stimulate the hair and scalp adverse.

Wash hair regularly

It is best to wash hair 2 to 5 day's interval. Massaging the scalp while washing, it can not only keep the scalp clean, but also invigorate blood circulation of scalp.

Eliminate the oppression of spirit

Mental instability and anxiety can cause hair loss. The deeper the degree of the depression, the faster the hair losing will. For women, if maintaining appropriate exercise in the busy life, the hair will become luster black and full of vitality.

Carefully blow hair

Hair dryer blowing temperature is 100 degrees Celsius, it will destroy the hair tissue, damage the scalp, so you should avoid to blowing hair regularly.

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