Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to Answer the Questions Posed by Interviewers?

To introduce yourself

The interview often starts by a brief introduction of you. And you are advised not to talk fluently and endlessly. One minute or two minutes long introduction are preferred. You introduction must contain four aspects of you: early life, education background, work background and your latest work experience. You should emphasize on the subject of your latest work experience. Remember that this is just a warm up question and don’t reply the most important point of you on this question.

How much do you know about this company?

Before the interview you must prepare for this question. And you must say something about the products, the service, the reputation and the problems about this company. But don’t show that you have a complete understanding of this company. You can answer this question like this: During the process of finding jobs, I have investigated a lot of companies. And I am interested in this company as following reasons.

How do you think of your boss?

You should answer this question as positively as possible. And your future boss really want to know how would you judge him in the future.

During the interview many questions that you never expect may be posed by the interviewer, which requires full preparation and understanding of the post you applied for.

Friday, March 25, 2011

To Be Different Parents with Wisdom of Educating

Our society is changing and improving. And many new things and notions are faced by the children. In order to live in this society our children need to learn more. As the children's first teacher, what parents should do to face the challenges in the education in the new era.

It is common to hear complaints by parents that now the children are becoming more and more difficult to teach. But they often ignore the way that they educate their children. They don't know how to teach their children in the new era. And traditional ways sometimes don't work on the children now.

We often talk about that special children need special education. But how to become different parents with wisdom of educating is difficult to some parents. Compared to traditional parents, now they need to tailor a special way for their children according to special needs and personality. The educating methods that fit for the children's interests and ability is the best. They treat their children in different ways which to be in line with the educating laws.

You need to be a friend but not a judge to your children. They are reasonable and they hope their thoughts can be respected by their parents.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Foods Have Function of Anti-Pollution

With the science development, a variety of modern pollutions appear at the same time. The four foods showed in the following have the function of anti-pollution.

Kelp has radiation protection function
Eluates from kelp can reduce the damage to the immunologic function caused by isotope and radial. By eating kelp, immunocyte can be avoided from declining and falling that plays the role of radiation protection.

Millet has anti-noise function
In the noisy environment, vitamin B in our body will be consumed a lot, therefore foods which are rich in Vitamine B such as millet, oats and corn have anti-noise function.

Bean curd with chicken blood has anti-dust function
Plasma protein contained in Bean curd with chicken blood can be changed into alexipharmic substances after being decomposed by gastric acid and digestive ferment, then this alexipharmic substances, combined with stive and particulate of poisonous metal entered into body, becomes substances that can't absorbed by the body easily and excreted through the digestive tract.

Milk can get rid of lead in body
Drinking milk every morning and evening can remove the lead in body because the protein contained in milk can be changed into soluble compound combined with lead in body, which not only prevent the absorption of lead by our body, but also promote the excretion of lead.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Iodine-rich Foods Have No Function of Radiation Protection

Many people believe that eating iodine-rich foods including kelp, seaweed, shellfish and fresh fish can reduce the hazards of radiation. The true fact is that nuclear radiation is not equal to power radiation or electromagnetic radiation.

Radiation can be divided into many types such as nuclear radiation, belongs to radioactive radiation, and electro radiation, electromagnetic radiation, which is different to nuclear radiation and their mechanism on body are also different. Iodine, which is used for nuclear radiation protection, should be taken after required estimation by professionals.

In daily life, radiation released by electrical appliances such as electro radiation and electromagnetic radiation belongs to exterior radiation, which does not exist once cut off the electricity. Generally, electronic equipments in public places are insufficient to cause harm to humans.

However, the room where places many electrical equipments together should be ventilated frequently. Electromagnetic radiation will cause a change on molecules in the air to produce harmful substances such as free radicals, which causes damage to the body. By ventilation, harmful substances such as free radicals can be diluted or dispersed.

Of course, seafoods such as kelp and seaweed are rich in iodine, which is an indispensable part of daily diet to keep balanced diet. We should not only stare on the radiation.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

High Protein Diet May Increase Risk of Colon Cancer

In order to lose weight effectively, many obese people choose the model of eating high-protein low-carbohydrate diet to lose weight. However, according to the latest news reported on MSNBC, a new study published on American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and carried out by the British scientists warned to general public that high-protein diet may have long-term adverse effects on the gut, which finally increases the risk of suffering from intestinal cancer.

After analysing the status of 17 patients with obesity, the scientists who are from University of Aberdeen in United Kingdom found that high-protein low-carbohydrate diets can result in abnormal change on intestinal tract, which may increase risk of colon cancer for a long time. The New study found that high-protein diet will increase the content of N-nitroso compounds and other metabolin that are closely related to cancer.

Dr. Flint said the latest research results reminded the public that people should pay more attention to the health hazards caused by long-term excessive intake of protein and lack of dietary fiber. Currently, Dr. Flint, along with his colleagues, takes further research is to completely reveal the mechanism that high-protein diets increase the risk of colon cancer.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Exercise before Going to Bed Doesn't Affect Sleep Quality

What's the relationship between exercise and sleep? Does taking exercise before going to bed can eliminate insomnia. Let's discuss the topic in the following article.

The experts always give the warning that not to take strenuous exercise before going to bed on the grounds that more adrenaline and other hormones can be released during the process of strenuous exercise, all of these hormones will make people in intense emotional states that needs at least 3 hours to drop back to the original level. Therefore strenuous exercise before going to bed can result in bad sleep.

However, most studies did not confirm this standpoint. For example, one study found that taking one hour of moderate-intensity exercise before 90 minutes or 60 minutes going to bed does not make it difficult to fall asleep and, above all, will not reduce the quality of sleep. Many other studies had similar findings. One U.S. researcher from University of South Carolina said exercise before going to bed can actually improve quality of sleep, it could reduce anxiety and increase body temperature, but there are individual differences.

Nowadays, the theory that exercise before going to bed doesn't have a negative impact on sleep has been confirmed by many researchers. So you don't worry about this and join the exercise team after work.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

How to Maintain Good Appetite

According to the report from Life and Health, women's sexual desire is relevant to their appetite, when they are frustrated with emotional problems, they will suffer from anorexia or culimia. On the other hands, their sexual life may become disordered and disharmonious situation will appear.

About nearly 1,000 couples are participated in this survey. Researchers found that more than 20% women would have problem at sexual life if abnormal diet appears. For example, women with anorexia are likely to have no desire for sexual behaviour, dyspareunia and difficult to reach orgasm.

Women with bulimia are always afraid that their husbands find their abnormal eating habits, so they gradually escape husbands or even men and do not want to create a more intimate emotional or sexual relationship. Because of avoiding sexual life by themselves, their sexual need can’t be satisfying. Instead, they will find food to meet the need. You can understand that they use foods to compensate the sexual pleasant sensation.

For women, if you want to have better sexual pleasant sensation, firstly maintain a good mood to stimulate the normal appetite, then maintain a healthy sex life to make marriage happier.

Four Kinds of Food Can Steal Your Top Quality Sleep

During the holidays, all people want to eat well and sleep well. However, experts warn that that poor diet can lead to poor sleep quality. According to a recent report, food showed in the following can steal your top quality sleep.

Caffeine drinks
As we all know, caffeine has been considered the main culprit which leads to insomnia. However, one registered dietitian from the the United States said that caffeine did not add any energy to the body, but it is indeed a stimulating material that can increase human alertness, resulting in sleep difficulties.

Nutrition experts say cheese contains a large number of amino acid and tyrosine, which can dopamine that a neurotransmitter material, so that the brain becomes more clear and it is difficult to sleep.

Spicy food
Eating too much spicy food at night can lead to sleep problems. Patients with heartburn symptom will be worse after lying on the bed if eating too much spicy food. Therefore, experts suggest that it is better to eat spicy food in the morning or noon but not at night.

Alcohol has the function of sedative, but drinking alcohol at night will lead to difficulty in sleeping. Experts say that many people relax by drinking alcohol. In fact, alcohol will hinder the body into deep sleep stage with the symptom of rapid eye movement.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Standpoint on Women's Self-willed Behaviours

Look at these phenomenons firstly, if the wife has poor memory while her husband must have a strong memory, if the husband pays no attention to hygiene while his wife must like to clean the house frequently. Similarly, if the wife is self-willed, her husband must accommodate himself to all her's demand.

An American psychologist said self-willed behaviours are the performance of psychological needs. Women often pay attention to gender relations and are afraid of being abandoned. Their self-willed behaviours are just due to the desire for love. They want to get attention from other people around them, they want to the care and love from her husband to test their weight and status in their husband's eyes.

You can say self-willed behaviour is good or not. One woman who often takes self-willed behaviour skillfully may say the words like this:" No, I just only want to get this." which will make the men's heart up and down. However, the scale of self-willed behaviour should be limited, which must be in the limits of men's tolerance. Men may occasionally accommodate you, but will not tolerate these self-willed behaviours for a long time.

For women, not to use self-willed behaviours as the trump card, you should fully know the men's endurance to judge what are safe behaviours and what are areas should be avoided. For men, you should learn insights into your wife's psychological needs.

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Friday, March 4, 2011

How To Have a High Quality Sleep

It is necessary to use expensive cosmetics to keep beauty skin because just a comfortable sleep is enough. After mastering the skills on how to have a top quality sleep, you will find that it is easy to keep young.

Many people lay down on the bed and toss and turn, they find that it is hard to fall asleep. At this time, not to be reluctant to sleep because it can result in greater psychological pressure. What you should to do is relax, think about something else or read a book to disperse the pressure of sleep.

You'd better take a footbath before going to bed because many nerve ending are linked together with brain, taking a footbath with hot water can not only stimulate nervous, but also promote blood circulation, both of which have restrained relaxed effect on cerebral cortex and active in peripheral nerves to enhance memory. By the way, the temperature of the water should be about 40 degrees and can soak ankle.

Sometimes, the sleeping position is closely related to the quality of sleep. Sleep on backs can make the muscles keep in tension while face down or left side sleep position are not only harmful to heart, but also easily cause nightmares. The best posture is right side sleep because it can relax muscles completely and reduce the chance of nightmares happened.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Surfing on Social Networking Sites Frequently Can Develop Self-respect

According to CNN reports, researchers from the Cornell University in the United States found that surfing on the social networking sites frequently can help people develop self-respect. In this research, researchers asked 63 students sitting in a computer classroom, in which a number of computers are closed and a mirror is put on some computers. At the same time, some computer shows the Facebook and other social networking sites, students had 3 minutes to browse and update their social status. Subsequently, the students were divided into two groups to be answered some questions about self-esteem test. The results showed that students who had surfed on the social networking sites apparently have strong self-esteem than students who just sit in front of computers. Apparently, updating their virtual social status makes them feel good.

Jeffery Hancock, assistant professor of communication major in the Cornell University, said the mirror would reflect the true yourself, however, when the real yourself is consistent with the ideal yourself, you will feel self-esteem is hurted. Different with the mirror, social networking sites show online yourself because you can update your own status, delete unsatisfied picture to help you build self-esteem. Hancock is one of the authors of Mirror, Mirror On My Facebook Wall: Effects of Exposure to Facebook on Self-Esteem. He said some people believe the network is a bad thing without reason, this research was the first study to prove the social networking sites had positive psychological effect.