Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Spending Too Much Time on Watching TV Results in Depression

According to the Daily Mail in the British reported on November 14, the new research, which was carried out by Harvard University and published on Journal of Epidemiology, proclaimed that spending too much time on watching TV would result in depression. What’s more, watching TV for a long time would lead to a range of psychological and physical symptoms related to depression.

Michael Lucas, the leader of the new research said regular exercise can reduce the risk of suffering from depression because taking exercise can improve self-esteem and self-control ability. According to the related statistical data about more than 50,000 women participated, it was finally found that compared with women who hardly take exercise, the ratio of suffering from depression for women who spent too much time on exercise was too much lower.

Scientists pointed out that depression may be led by a variety of reasons rather than a single reason. Therefore it is important to focus on three major symptoms of depression.

Firstly, psychological symptoms, people who have depression always feel despairing, sadness, helplessness and low self-esteem.

Secondly, physical symptoms, generally speaking, their behaviors and language would become slower and slower. What’s more, their appetite and weight would be changed. Sometimes, it decreases while sometimes it increases.

Thirdly, social symptoms, they don’t finish work well and not to participate in social activities, avoid to contact with other friends.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Medicom Toy and its wooden toys

Medicom Toy Company was a Japanese toys company established in 1996. We can say that Medicom Toy Company is the largest and representative toys producing company in Japan. The establishment of Medico Toy led a completely new tendency around the whole world Kids Toys market. Especially the Kubrick and Be@brick published in 2001 became the hottest fashionable toys in that year. No matter man or women, people at different ages all liked these two toys, which became the treasures of many toys collectors.

There are many reasons for Medicom Toy and its toys’ popularity.  First of all, it can lead the fashionable trend with the toys industry. In addition, Medicom Toy can combine the toys with the music and the movie, plus the street culture, which can explains the great success of Medicom Toy.

In this year, in order to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of its establishment, Medicom Toy invited Horizon to provide them with technical support to make this very interesting wooden toy named Medicom Toy x Horizon 400% Karimoku Be@rbrick. This wooden toys is very ball-gazing and begin to be sold from 30th in July.

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Chinese Bamboo Hanging Pictures

In the long history of Chinese nation, countless kinds of arts were developed by the ancient Chinese people. In addition, Chinese nation are creative and handy. They can turn the most common things to the most beautiful arts.

No matter in traditional China or in modern China, Chinese people like bamboo very much, which has been seen as the modest gentleman by the poets and scholars in ancient China. There are many poems that were wrote to praise the bamboo. Therefore, anything related with bamboo could give the Chinese people the impression of elegance, such as the traditional Chinese scrolls.

In addition, many Chinese people like to use the bamboo to decorate their houses such as the Chinese bamboo hanging picture.

High quality of bamboo was used as the background for painting. Then people could paint on the surface. Often the beautiful and wonderful things were painted on the bamboo, which carried and held the meanings of hope and wish or other people's emotions. When the painting was finished, Chinese bamboo hanging could be hung on the wall as decoration. Compared other paper paintings, this kind of bamboo hanging picture can be kept for a long time. Moreover, Chinese bamboo hanging pictures are wet-resistant and durable, which are green and environmental friendly from modern people's view.

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The Style of Chinese Invitations

Here I would like to talk about something about Chinese invitations, including traditional and modern Chinese invitations.

The first sight you see Chinese invitations, you would find an obvious feature, the fresh red of the invitations. The color of red in traditional China often signifies the happiness and perfect of life. Therefore, in the happy occasions such as wedding ceremony, our eyes would be full of red color things. Even the brides would wear red clothes in traditional Chinese wedding ceremony. Without exceptions, traditional Chinese invitations are all with red colors.

Another character of traditional Chinese invitations is that the words on them are handwritten with Chinese brushes pen.

In modern China, especially among the youths, some traditional features of invitations are abandoned. Learning from foreign countries, more and more young people are using other styles of invitations now. They often buy the invitations online and write the words by themselves. In addition, Chinese invitations such as wedding invitations are not limited to red color. Various kinds of color are used in the invitations. Besides the invitations, more and more Chinese young people are wearing western suit and bride veil in China. Furthermore, the traditional Chinese invitations are still used in rural areas of China.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

How to Eat Chinese Medicine Correctly in Summer

Do people get angry eating Chinese medicine it in summer? Is it fit to eat this medical? How to store herbs soup?

Chinese medicine and western medicine products are different in summer, Chinese herbal medicine should involved in the fried, storage in summer, otherwise medicinal materials and the medicine liquid go bad, it is not cannot cure of disease, but also may affect the pesticide effect, or even endanger the health of patients.

Chinese experts pointed out that Chinese medicine is also have the points of cold, hot, warm and cool, some drugs with a warm nature, some drugs with heat resistance, and some drugs can lead to diarrhea, and some drugs balance yin and yang. There are a lot Chinese medicines are suitable for summer, drinking chrysanthemum tea, drink five disinfection drinks can clear heat, after taking it, your symptom of suffering from excessive internal heat can be treated.

Some doctors also believe that it is not appropriate to take the Chinese medical in summer, but for some patients with unbalanced of Yin and Yang, they can take it under the guidance of doctor. It can be said, whether can take Chinese medical or not, the key is based on the patient's constitution, the season only as a reference factor, the patient can increase the dosage depending on the season under the guidance of doctors.

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Terror of the Chinese Chicken Feather Duster

We all know that the Chinese chicken feather dusters are used to clean the room and remove the duster. Now the feather dusters have been taken place by the other cleaning tools and are hung on the wall as decorations. But you may never know about the strange function of the Chinese chicken feather dusters. We Chinese children are very familiar with this strange function and we may be afraid of this cleaning tool.

Chinese chicken feather duster is one of the most used weapons by Chinese parents to discipline their children. Almost each child has experienced the terror of the chicken feather. It is really hurt. The chicken feather duster not only is full of feather, but it also has a bamboo handle. We must acknowledge that it is very convenient to teach the naughty children.

Therefore, the first action when we Chinese see that our parents are taking the feather duster is to run as quickly as we can. In addition, we have another means to avoid being disciplined with the chicken feather duster is to hide it so that the parents cannot found them. However, under this situation our parents often found other bamboo sticks or buy a new chicken feather duster.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bamboos Slip's Source and Its Categories

An early form of writing is carved on the bones and the Zhong Ding, due to the limitations of the material, it is difficult to widely disseminated, until the Shang Dynasty, the master text is still only the upper class people, which greatly limits the spread of cultural and ideological, this situation can be changed with bamboo slip appearance.

Bamboo slip is the longest used books form in Chinese history, is primary writing tool before the invention of papermaking and paper, our ancestors through the repeated comparison and hard choices, then make sure use it to preserve our cultural and disseminate media, this is an important revolution in the media history. It is the first time to free wring from the social top inner circle. Therefore, the bamboo slip plays a crucial role of spreading in Chinese culture, because of its appearance, forming all schools of thoughts contend for attention, at the same time, making Confucius, Lao Zi and other famous celebrities thought and culture can be spread so far.

Bamboo writhing can be divided into four categories, the first category is common in on Bamboo silk in Chu, Chu-shaped structure is the true nature of the text, the calligraphy with features in tadpole script, it can be said that this is the standard character font of bamboo silk in Chu, the second from comes from Qi and Lu Confucian classics manuscripts, but it has been domesticated by Chu, with bird worm book features, as Han the following three-body Wei Shi Jing, Han Bamboo slips  Four Ancient Rhyme contained in the classical of the present, the third category is similar to the lesser seal, is close Ancient Seal, it should be the original features of the Warring States Period of Qi and Lu Confucian classic text, the fourth category is most match with the features of the text Qi, keeping more of the physical structure and calligraphy writing style of Qi. Bamboo slip calligraphy is handsome, density properly, has a significant value for researching the Chinese calligraphy history.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Partial Obesity of the Body is More Beneficial to Health

Slim waist, slender thighs and plump buttocks are the devil figures which many girls dreamed. However, beauty does not mean health. British experts said, fat in hip, buttocks and thigh can be effective in reducing heart and metabolic problems and good to health. The researchers said fat in hip can remove harmful fatty acids from the body. In addition, natural anti-inflammatory ingredients contained in hip can prevent clogged arteries. But the fat in waist has no such effect. Adiponectin, a hormone which can protect the arteries, can be produced by slow burning of fat in hip to control blood sugar. If fat in these parts break down fast, it would release a large amount of cytokines, which would trigger inflammation and detrimental to the body. The report predicts that the doctor can make use of technological means in the future to increase hip fat. By this way, fat in patients' body can be re-distributed to combat cardiovascular disease and metabolic diseases. At the same time, the researchers warned that too little hip fat may lead to severe metabolic problems such as Cushing's syndrome.

While it does not matter with too much fat in the hip and thigh, but the problems may happen if there are excess fat in the waist. A survey from a British drug maker company showed that most people do not understand the dangers of fat in waist, people do not know that potbellied means large numbers of dangerous fats hoard in the internal organs. One survey participant said, compared to fat in viscera which can’t be seen, people usually put too much emphasis on body weight and body fat index. Terry Ma Guier, the main author of this report, said that people's risk of diabetes and heart disease can be increased because of plentiful fat at the internal organs. Investigators said that too much fat on belly may release certain proteins or hormones, which lead to inflammation, damage blood vessels and affect breaking down sugars and fats of the body.

In order to find a new approach to combating heart disease and blood vessel diseases, this research helps us better understand how fats play a role in the body. If you are overweight, obese or waist circumference increased, then it is time to change the lifestyle. A healthy diet and regular exercise will reduce the occurrence of the risk of heart problems.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

We Should Not Eat Too Much Persimmon

Eating fruits is very good for our physical and mental health, especially in the summer. Many women like to eat different types of fruits in the summer, which not only can relieve the heat but also can help to digest the foods and even lose weight. However, not all fruits are suitable for mass consumption in summer. The following six kinds of fruits should be eat less in the summer.

Among the fruits, persimmon is known as one kind of the sweetest fruits. In addition, if it made into persimmon cake, it even would become sweeter. Persimmon is not only delicious but also nutritious. However, persimmon has shortcomings and eating too much persimmon can damage your health. Persimmon contains a certain number of persimmon tannin (tannic acid) and the peel of the persimmon contains more of this kind of chemical substances. Just because of the tannic acid our mouth may feel reche and the tongue may feel numb when we eat the persimmon especially when it hasn’t become grape.

Tannins have a strong convergence effect, which can be combined with the acid in the stomach easily and then it would be solidified into blocks. Therefore, we can't eat too much persimmon and we should remove the peel before we eat the persimmon.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Some Foods That Can Relieving Heat and Sunstroke in Summer

In the hot summer, the temperature becomes higher and higher, which influences our moods. During this season, some foods that can relieve heat and sunstroke are our best choice.

Watermelon not only can detoxify and relieve thirsty but also it can help to promote digestion and urination. Therefore, we must eat watermelon in summer. In addition, the watermelon juice contains the nutrients that are necessary for our health such as sucrose, glucose, fructose, citrulline, propionic acid, alanine, glutamic acid, arginine, phosphoric acid, malic acid, salts, and carotene, vitamin C and so on.

Mung bean
During the physical works or after sweating heavily in the summer, drinking a bowl of mung bean soup is the most wonderful thing.

The traditional Chinese medicine book wrote that cucumber Qi is cold and bitter, which can remove heat and promote urination. Therefore, eating cucumber in summer is a good choice. In addition, cucumber can promote the evacuation of wastes and lower the cholesterol level.

Melon has good effect of relieve heat in summer. Because it can promote urination and contains very little sodium, melon is good for the people who are suffering from edema. In addition, it contains many kinds of vitamins and trace elements; it can regulate the balance of the metabolism.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It Is Ignorant to Say That Chinese Appliance Industry Has Gone Beyond That of Other Countries

After China entering WTO, Chinese appliance industry has made greater achievements than ever. However, can we say that Chinese manufacturing industry has gone beyond that of developed countries?

Really this is not meeting trouble half way or alarmist. From June 1 to 3, the Sino-Japan Green Expo of 2011 was held in Beijing, which makes Chinese appliance industry surprised.

 What did we see? We can't see any appliance on the booth of Hitachi and Toshiba that have opened the Chinese market by their color televisions. Canon and Olympus were showing green and renewable energy technology products. As of the world's largest electronic products leader Sony, showed about solar energy, water and other environmental concepts and technologies. In addition, Panasonic showed the regional integrated energy solutions from home to shoppers and the whole building that based on the energy creation, energy storage, saving energy and energy management.

Besides environmental protection products, renewable energy technology products and solutions, we suddenly found that the leading Japanese consumer electronics companies have been quietly shifted their development model. On the other hand, by peer review, we can see that in the traditional consumer electronics devices, they don’t want to compete with Chinese appliance industry. Not being difficult to understand the reason why those companies are giving up the traditional appliance manufacturing industry, they are put their concentration on the new fields.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Avoid Those Things If You Want to Lose Weight

Fresh fruit juice
Drinking freshly squeezed fruit juice can also make people fat? However, do not underestimate the power of juice. In general, the calories of the fruit juice may be twice as much as the calories of fruit. The store will add a certain amount of syrup in the juice and the heat will be even higher! Moreover, the nutrients contained in fruit juice are more easily absorbed.

People who often drink beer tend to top out a "beer belly". Why is that? Beer is a high-calorie alcoholic beverages, the calories of 1 liter of beer is equivalent to 200 grams or 500 grams of bread and potatoes. In addition, beer also contains 17 kinds of amino acids, 12 kinds of vitamins. That is why it has been called a "liquid bread ". Not only that, the beer also stimulates the appetite and gastric acid secretion and increases the function of digestion. Moderate drinking beer helps gain weight.

When you eat hamburger fries, will you accompany them with a cup of coke? Many people have got into the habit of drinking coke every day. A cup of coke can contain as much as 155 kcal heat. In addition, there are many other damaging effects of drinking coke.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

You can become happy by eating

You may feel boring sometimes. And can we become happy again by the way of eating the foods we like? The answer is positive. Eating is a pleasant matter and eating delicious foods is an enjoyment. And here I would like to advice you to eat the coarse grain foods, which has the effect of regulating your moods to some extent.

We eat because we are hungry and also because eating can make us feel happy. And when somebody feels boring and upset they want to eat chocolate or drink soda water, because those foods brought sweet memories when they were in their childhood.

Often the foods that can make us happy are made from sweet. And those kinds of foods can make your blood sugar increase quickly. And the chemical substance in the brain called seronine also increases. The seronine in the brain is related with human's moods. But the fact is that the insulin can make the blood sugar down and now your moods may become worse. Then you may again want to eat the sweet foods. So you can't have a stable mood.

The point is that when you are boring you should choose the right foods to eat. And the food should be healthy and also make you happy too.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Something about Losing Weight by Taking Medicine

Losing weight by the way of taking medicine can be a double-edge sword. And the drugs that is effective, safe and without setbacks hasn’t been developed. The losing weight medicines, just like other medicines, all have side effects and you should find balance between the necessity and the side effects.

Sometimes losing weight by taking medicine can be dangerous compared to by excises and other ways. Because by taking losing weight medicines the appetite would be contained. So it is fast and obvious to lose weight by taking medicines. You don’t need to be on diet and do excises. But the disadvantage is that this way has many side effects. You skin may become dark and the cells in your body would shrink and its activity would decrease, which can affect your health and physical strength.

There are many side effects of the losing weight medicines. You may go to the bathroom repeatedly, don’t want to go to bed, feel excited in the evening and feel thirsty. If those symptoms are serious you should stop taking the medicine immediately. Also you should avoid the medicines that contain some chemical substances such as diuretic, laxative and expansion admixture.

Although the effect of losing weight medicines are fast and obvious, the best way to losing weight is by doing excises and change your living habits.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

How to Being on Diet in Health Ways?

Fat-free foods are not always the best option. Sometimes low-fat foods are better. Studies have shown that lycopene, Alpha carotene, Bata Carotene, which are all anti-cancer and anti-heart disease foods. And they can never be extracted from fat-free foods.

Having no breakfast will make you feel tired in the morning and you will unconsciously increase the intake of some unhealthy snacks.

Not drinking enough water could undermine your weight-loss plan! Dehydrated condition will make your metabolic rate reduce by 3% or burn less 45 calories each day. So over a long time you can't lose weight effectively. The key of drinking water does not lie in the amount, but rather how often to drink.

In the supermarket frozen vegetables may be fresher than the so-called fresh vegetables. Because food suppliers usually put the vegetables into refrigerate a few hours after picking them, so nutrition has also been frozen into the vegetables. And the so-called "fresh vegetables" in the service of a large supermarket may have been in the truck for a few days.

Between meals if you feel hungry, do not drink coffee. But you can drink yogurt instead. A small cup of yogurt with low fat can provide you protein and other nutrition substances that can make you feel full.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Skype: The Unique Company with American Dreams

Skype is unique in the internet industry. And its unique gene comes from its founders: Niklas Zennstroem and Janus Friis.

Those two guys are tough to get along well with. The destiny drew them together in the telecom company of TELE2, where they learned what telecommunication was. Then they wrote a shareware called Kazaa that gave all IDC and webmaster headaches.

You may never have used this software. It was a P2P downloading sharp tool, which could fill your hard disk up fully within one week.

Just the same as the famous Napster, the large records companies took the Kazza to the court. So Niklas Zennstroem and Janus Friis lived in seclusion for a period.

Kazaa was illegal but its technology was excellent. Those two guys who were familiar with the telecommunication naturally made use of this P2P technology in transmitting voice messages. Then Skype was born. According to Janus Friis Skype was a coinage from one sentence of the east European language, which means that communicating freely.

This miracle software can let you telephone on the network freely. At first this software had many bugs but was easy to use. Just like Kazza Skype spread on the internet like virus without any promotion. Those two used-to-be wanted criminals now become successful people in Silicon Valley.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Something about Dark Circles

 Many people ignore the dark circles and they think that they would disappear after a period. But in fact many diseases are related with dark circles and you should take care of this.

First stomach problems such as hypo function of digesting and absorbing and repeated outbreak of gastritis can make the dark circles serious. And the color of those dark circles of those people is deep and may be light blue. And the range is also large too.

Chronic liver diseases can be also related with dark circles. Chronic liver diseases especially the long time abnormal liver function and enlargement of the liver can lead to long time dark circles. About twenty percent of the patients with liver diseases have the outward manifestations of pigmentation outside of their body. So the patients with liver disease should decrease the burden of the liver and provide enough nutrition substances to the liver. And you should eat the foods that contain less fat.

The deficiency of the kidney is also related with dark circles. The traditional Chinese medicine thinks that the dark circles are resulted from the deficiency of the kidney. And the long time unhealthy living habits and excessive sex can lead to dark circles easily.

In order to get rid of the dark circles you should avoid staying late in the night and get into a good habits of living.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

There Are No Real Opening Platforms in China

In my point of view this can't be called opening. This is the method of utilizing other people's applications within their own platforms. Those sites can't be called opening platforms. The users have many kinds of demands. And they often satisfy their demands by visiting other sites. But with those so-called opening platforms they let other people to develop the applications based on their platforms. And they can get revenues from this. On the other side those applications can't work without those platforms. This is just making use of their advantages in one way. To be extreme those platforms can be called monopoly.

This way of opening platform can't work well. This is just the change of tactics. They just do other things in the name of opening platform. And this kind of opening platform hasn’t solved the problems of equal game.

Regard of the platforms, no matter the real opening platforms or the platforms just in the name of opening, the users are all opportunists. They don’t care whether the platforms are real opening or not. What they care is that what they can get from the platforms. Zynga and Rovio are all opportunists.

What are critical to the opening platforms are the opportunities that you provide for other people to play games on your platforms. The users number scale, users relations and the economic system are all important.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The True Death Reason for the Cancer Patients

It is common to see that after a people was found to have cancer it only take a few months for this people to pass away. Why the life is so flimsy facing the medical certificate? And what is the true reason for the cancer patients?

When a person was found to have cancer he may be sure that he would die soon at the same time. And it means that the cancer patients execute themselves death sentence. So sometimes we have to consider that are the cancer patients die from the cancer itself or the psychic suicide. And what happens if a person has cancer but he and his family don’t know?

And there is a surprising research from the western countries. They dissected thousands of the old people that died naturally. They found that 70 percent of the old man had gastric cancer and malignant tumors. And even some old people had malignant tumors for more than 30 years and they didn’t know that they had got incurable disease.

So in some cases we can say that the cancer patients killed themselves but not the cancer. And we can also say that many people with cancer are scared to death by cancer.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Something about Light Blogging

After the popularity of SNS and micro blog the light blogging becomes a new tendency of the internet in 2011. Just like blog and micro blog light blog also provides a platform for the users to generate contents and express themselves. And the light blog combines the advantages of blog and micro blog. It can express things clearly and professionally just like blog. And it also has the features of convenience and SNS just like micro blog. If blog is a book and micro blog is newspapers, we can see light blog as magazines. The light blog can communicate more things than micro blog and you can only use a button to release what you have found on the internet.

Tumblr.com, released in April 2007, is taking the lead in the field of light blog. And posterous.com is tumblr's biggest competitor. And at the same time the traditional media companies are moving to the platform of light blog, including NPR. Many other media companies are also moving to the light blog such as Newsweek, Rolling Stone and Life magazine. Some famous blog service providers such as wordpress.com have also added the similar functions of light blog on their platform.

Where will this new internet application go in the future? We now can't be certain. Also the business model of micro blog and light blog is uncertain.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Some Ways to Postpone Senility and Increase Your Immunity

We all know that milk has many functions in keeping us healthy. It also can make our skin white. But you may don’t know that boiling milk can produces carcinogenic substance. And the right way is to boil it in 70 centi degree for three minutes or in 60 centi degree for 6 minutes.

The nutrition of walnut is comprehensive. And it contains more omega 3 fatty acids than Salmon fish, more polyphenols that can resist inflammation than red wine. Also it contains much protein that can build our muscles. So the walnut is one of the most nutrient nuts. And you are advised to eat seven walnuts each day.

The research shows that the risk of hearts diseases can decrease by 38 percent if you eat three ounces of black bean each day. Although other beans are good for protecting our hearts, black bean is also good for the brain because of the rich anthocyanins in black bean. And it also contains many other nutrient substances.

The red apple is better than other apples because it contains more Antioxidants.

Green Chinese onion can increase the sex ability effectively and reduce the risk of prostatic carcinoma.

Mushroom contains a kind of antioxidant called erythrothioneine. And it can prevent the unusual generation of tumor cells. And the experts advised that you can eat mushroom one time in one to two weeks. And with red wine the effect will be multiplied.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How to Treat Chronic Bronchitis via the Way of Doing Excises?

The chronic bronchitis is very common among the elderly. And 13 percent of the elderly who are 60 years older may suffer from the chronic bronchitis. And most of the cases are resulted from out of tune of adaptability to the weather, which results into the infection of upper respiratory tract and in turn results into chronic bronchitis. And if this disease occurs repeatedly and for many years it can develop into emphysema, which presents the symptoms of cough, shortness of breath and cyanosis. And the way of doing excises aims to relieve spasm, improve the permeability of bronchus, correct the wrong ways of breathing, recover the abdominal breathing, and help to discharge the residual gas in the lung, improve the breathing function of lung and decrease the degree the oxygen deficiency.

Abdominal breathing
The way of abdominal breathing is by diaphragm drawing air into the lungs. And this way of breathing is deep and slow compared to lung breathing. When you breathe in the air the diaphragm muscles shrink and go down. The volume of thorax expands and can hold the large number of the air. And it is just contrary when you breathe out the air. So the abdominal breathing is one basic way to treat chronic bronchitis.

There are many other ways of doing excises to treat the chronic bronchitis.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How to Treat Constipation by the Way of Doing Excises?

Habitual constipation is that the interval between defecations exceeds 48 hours. And the waste is kept in the intestines and the water in the waste is absorbed excessively that results in dry and hard waste, which is difficult to discharge from the body. And there are many reasons for this disease. The condition of work place, the life habits, the diets and abnormal life habits can be all related with this disease. And there are many other reasons such as sitting for a long time, lack of excises and eating less food that contain fibrin.

And the way of doing excises to treat the constipation aims to stimulate the movements of stomach and recover the normal movements of the intestines. And on the other side by increasing the strength of abdomen muscles it would become easy to discharge the waste from your body. And these traditional ways are very effective. And compared to the medicine treatment you don’t have to suffer the side effects of medicine.

And the main purpose of the excises is to strength the power of the abdomen muscles. So the easiest way is to do sit-ups. Also you can do other excises. All in all the excises are good to treat the constipation.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

How to Deal with Your Naughty Children?

First you should take it into your heart that naughty children don’t mean bad children and obedient children don’t mean good children. So you should think carefully before you complain about your so-called naughty children. How to deal with your naughty children well?

Many people think that the children should have carefree joys. They don’t have to care anything. But you may never imagine that there are growing pains on the road that the children grow. And when you recall your childhood you may realize that we also have experienced worries and borings.

Puberty is a process when the children say goodbye to their childhood and say hello to their new future. In the puberty growing would bring mental conflict to the children. On one side they want to be independence and hive from their parents and family. On the other side they would feel worry and scared about the future. The changes in the puberty let the children feel depressed for the first time in their life.

Many parents think that the children don’t know about the society. And they try to control everything about the children. But in fact they also need respect and understanding. They also have their own world. The parents should not invade their world sometimes.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Ingenious Uses of Lemon

Many people like this kind of fruit. But they may ignore the ingenious uses of the lemons, especially the lemon peel. It is very useful in our everyday life.

First the lemon peel can improve the smell of the kitchen. And it not only can take away the smells in the kitchen it also can make the kitchen smell deliciously. It is the most nature aromatic substances within the room.

It is difficult to remove the smudge within or around the cooking utensils. But you can try this way. First you put some lemon peel into the warm water for some time until the peel becomes larger. Then you put the water into the cooking utensils. And now it is easy to remove those smudges. Also it is useful to remove the rust in the pots.

And there may be yellow markings in the wash basin and bathtub. Don’t worry. You can clean it easily with the lemon peel. Also it can be used in cleaning other dirty places such as tapes and wall bricks.

When you cook fishes or meat it is possible to get the fishy smell. And it is difficult to remove the smell with soap or washing powder. But you can try the lemon peel. Also it can remove the smell in the refrigerate.

Monday, May 9, 2011

How Obesity Harms Our Heath?

Obesity has become a public nuisance. The statistics published by the International Obesity Task Force shows that one in four people are excessively fat. In particular there are 3120 million people who suffer from overweigh. And about 1.7 billion people need to lose weight. The report also said that the number of fat people has exceeded the number of hungry people. And the developing countries should take more responsibility of the epidemic of obesity. According to the statistics one third of the death cases are related to obesity, lack of excise and smoking. With the development of the third world the issue of obesity would become more and more serious in the future.

Being fat not only influences your body shape beauty but also brings inconvenience to our life. More serious obesity can lead to many kinds of complications.

Obesity is the big enemy of being healthy and long life-span. And also it can influence our work and make us more subject to trauma. And the fat people are subject to coronary heart diseases. And the endocrine system diseases and metabolic disease are more popular among the fat people. And overweigh of body can influence the function of lung. And it also can lead to gallbladder disease.

There are many other harms of obesity. If you don’t want to got involved in those problems, you should keep a normal body shape.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Signals That You Become Mature

When you become mature you may not like sending messages. You like to make a call when you want to say something. And you prefer to make a long story short.

You may realize that you don’t like to be immersed in the emotional thinking. And you know that sensational plots don’t belong to you anymore.

Sometimes you like to be alone. And you may don’t get yourself into a slough of self-pity. And you like to surf on the internet, listen to music and amuse ourselves. Occasionally you may play some computer games.

Before you only loved to watch entertainment programs. But now you don’t like it anymore. You pay more attention to the science or news programs.

When you were young you think that the movie theater was a romantic place. But now you go to the theater because you like the film or director.

Sometimes you may write a post on your blog. Or you send pictures on your blog. But you don’t often visit other people's blog. You just write something for you to read.

You like to sing some old songs unconsciously. Although you may don’t remember the lyrics, you just like to sing them.

And you would never like to talk about the age issue now. You always like to say that you are younger that you really is.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Without Moon What Would Happen?

Why is the earth unique? Some body may say that we have water on the earth. But all know that there is water on the Jupiter. And just stop thinking about this question. You may never know that the reason why the earth is unique is because of the moon. But you may ask that other planets also have satellites. But in the solar system only the moon is an exception. Its volume and weight is 25 percent and one in eighty of the earth. And the moon is so close to the earth.

First if without of moon we may know little about the universe. And it provides us with the earliest timing management tool. And about 2300 years ago Aristarchos of Greek proved that the earth is a spherical object via the research of eclipses. He also calculated the size of the moon and its distance from the earth. Also we know other things about the universe via the moon.

And if there is no moon we will see nothing after sunset and there will be no mammals on the earth.

Without moon each day will become very short and the earth would spin very fast. Also without moon there would be no seasons and even complex life.

And the water in the sea would not be salty and there may be no life without the moon. Last if without moon there may be no mountains and there would be no stable land.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Young People Love SNS More Than Sending Text Messages Now

From the view of the young people the IM tools provided by social networks is fashionable and convenient. And some observers predicted that short messages may be disappeared among the young people who are born after 1990. Last year the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerburg, said that the email was dead and his speech aroused a fierce debate. And who would be the next to die? And in the next two years the number of sent short messages would decrease by 20 percent and may be disappear among the people who were born after 1990.

Instant message is similar with short message. But the instant message is cheaper and faster, which can satisfy the mental demands of the one right way. For example the same message on the Twitter can be sent to many contacts in the same time. The use of short message would decrease with more and more young people use social networks and smart phones.

A survey report showed that only 51 percent of young people use email as their first communication tool. And the most loyal users of email are middle aged and old people.

From the view of young people email is too troublesome and slow. Also they think it has been out of date.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Seven Chinese Internet Companies Will Go Listed In America Collectively in May

An informed person revealed that many Chinese dotcom companies, such as renren.com, netqin.com and tudou.com, would go listed overseas in May. He also said that renren.com has increased its IPO price to about 12 to 14 dollars, which means that its market value would reach to about 5.4 billion US dollars. There are about 7 Chinese internet-related companies who plan to go listed in America in May collectively. And if this news is true I want to call it the last crazy before the internet bubble.

All those companies all attached much importance on the process of listing overseas. And they do much to prepare for the listing.

There are many debates recently on the issue of the new round internet bubble. Many observers expressed their worries about it. But some investors didn’t think the new round internet bubble is coming, which I think they are deceiving themselves.

One reason for so many dotcom companies going listed is that the threshold of listing has been lowered. And the concept of China has been recognized by the overseas capital market. On the other side those companies have to shoulder the burden coming from the investors. After the investors can quit after the company has gone listed. But as of the internet companies the clear business model is the most important.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Kai-Fu Lee Taught Others How to Evaluate Resumes on His Micro Blog

Resumes are the open sesame to finding jobs. And the importance of resumes is self-explanatory. Whereas what is the gold content of your resumes? And let's mark our resumes together.

Recently Kai-Fu Lee told the ways that how to evaluate your resumes and shared some suggestions provided by heads of human resources department of Innovation Works about writing resumes.

Kai-Fu Lee introduced a simple standard of evaluating your resumes. You can count how many words about statistics such as market-related performance, the number of clients, cost that has been saved and market share in your resumes. With each statistic you can add 5 points. And then you count how many adjectives in your resumes. With each you subtract 1 point, because the adjectives coming from the third part are of value.

He also shared some suggestions about how to prepare for your resumes. First your resumes should not be longer than tow pages. Resumes about academics and technology can be about 5 pages. And no human resources mangers have the courage to read resumes longer than 15 pages. And most of HRs emphasize on the above part of your resumes of first page. So you should try to express the HRs when they read your resumes. Don’t add pictures on the resume if you aren’t asked to do that.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easy Traditional Chinese Ways to Treat Chronic Prostatitis

Only men have the organ of prostate. When the prostate that encircles orifice of urethra operates at an overload and the immunity decrease resulted from being exhausted both physically and mentally in autumn or winter the prostate would be infected easily by disease-causing microorganisms, which may lead to dribble of urine and perineum uncomfortable, just like dripping tap.

And in traditional Chinese medicine the excise of abdomen, thigh and hip can treat chronic prostatitis effectively.

Brisk walking or jogging can promote the blood circulation and the lymph circulation around the prostate. So 20 to 30 minutes of brisk walking or jogging is favorable to health care to the prostate for the young and adult men.

Also getting on cat walk will have a good stimulate on the perineum. And duck walk can excise your hipbone that it is difficult to excise. Duck walk is walking forward with you feet apart, your hand on your neck back and your body getting down.

Every morning when you get up you can do horse stance, bow step, crouch step and rest step for about 49 times, which will be good for your perineum.

Another way is to stand and raise your heel. When your heels reach the top, you tighten your lower legs. This method is especially good for your chronic prostatitis. And you can rub your perineum for 100 times. At the same time you can eat the foods that are good for your prostate and pay attention to you living habit.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Are You Addicted to The Internet Shopping?

At some point Zou Xiaoming, a 28 years old man coming from Chengdu in China, gradually became addicted to shopping online. He spent 3422 RMB on the internet shopping, more than his salary of a month. He changed his signature on his QQ to "no shopping online in April". Psychologists say that habitual online shopping becomes more and more popular, which can be seen as precursor of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Zou Xiaoming said that no online shopping gave him the heebie-jeebies. He stayed at home for the whole last weekend. His room is full of express packages, about more than 100. He said necessaries of life took up about 50 percent of his online shopping. And the other half were useless things that he bought irrationally online, which spent him a lot of money. He took out a stack of bills from the drawer. They showed that he spent 3422 RMB on online shopping in March, including a phone that cost him 1526 RMB, a digital reader that cost him 1123 RMB, books that cost him 268 RMB and other necessaries of life that cost him 505 RMB. He said "Phone and digital reader are just a waste of money." He never used them after he bought them.

Zou Xiaoming is a website editor and his salary is about 3000 RMB. He spent more money on the internet shopping than his salary, which makes him feel depressed. He also said that the first thing he did on his work was to surf the online shopping sites.

Many people become addicted to online shopping and it’s an unhealthy lift style. And it may become OCD if you continue this habit.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A New Staff's Death in Price Waterhouse Coopers Arouse Debates on Working Overtime in China

A young beautiful woman staff in the auditing department of Price Waterhouse Coopers died from overtime. It was reported that she died from acute cerebral meningitis that resulted from working overtime and being very tired. She is a young woman with a master degree who just graduated for one year. After the incident there are many debates and discussions on the media and the Internet about working overtime and death from overwork.

Many people expressed their pity about this young woman on the Internet. And at the same time they expressed their impotence about work overtime. They complain about their companies' rules. They have to work overtime with no rest. Or else they have no opportunity to prompt themselves. And some people say they have to raise the family and babies. And high salary means endless work.

According to a survey about 35 percent of people have to work overtime for more than 3 hours.

On the Internet some people give suggestions to the people who have to work overtime. But those suggestions are not once and for all. The companies should pay more attention on the staff's life and health. They should not just pay their attention on the profit and revenue.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Why We Are Addicted to SNS?

Every day you switch on the computer you will firstly open the SNS websites. You may keep pressing F5 to send your state. You will surf on your micro blog even you are very busy. You may feel worried if you are offline for one or two hours. Also when you can't connect the websites you will be eager to know what has happened on the sites.

With the advent of personal blogs and micro blogs people spend more and more time on the SNS websites. According to the statistics the time spent on the SNS websites has increased 82 percent in ten years. And people spend about 22.7 percent of their online time on the SNS websites which means that people would like to spend more time on the SNS websites.

Why on earth more and more people become addicted to the SNS websites? How those websites have changed our lives? Politicians, researchers and economists from all over the world in the Davos Forum also thought that people should pay more and more attention on the "SNS addiction". Everyone can share their latest experience on the websites. And they will fill satisfied if other people act positively to your sharing. If you get used to this feeling you will become dependent on the websites and then SNS addiction appears.

SNS addiction becomes more and more popular around the world. And it has affected our normal life. So you should be away from keyboard and spend the Sunday with your friends together on talking or doing sports.

Friday, April 15, 2011

You Should Not Eat Eggs in Those Ways

In same places many people like to boil eggs with sugar. But eggs and the sugar together can make the amino acid in the egg protein become another substance that is hard for human stomach to digest, which can be harmful to your health.

Many people think that raw eggs are more nutrient than boiled eggs. They also think raw eggs have the functions of moistening lung and throat. But in fact eating raw eggs is not only healthy but also can make you infected by virus. The protein structure of raw eggs is compact and egg protein contains antitrypsin that is difficult to be absorbed by human body.

Pregnant women are not advised to eat a large number of eggs. It can increase the burden of liver and kidney. Generally speaking about 3 eggs is enough for pregnant women.

It is believed that eggs contain high cholesterol level. So the elderly should not eat eggs. But this thought isn’t right. Egg yolk is rich in lecithin which can make fat and cholesterol very petty. In turn those substances can be easily taken in by body.

Eggs are not advised to be boiled for a long time. And eggs should not be eaten with soybean milk together.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Living Habits That Can Easily Lead to Heart Diseases

We all know that sitting for a long time and eating and drinking so much are bad for your hearts. But there are still many habits that you may ignore that can damage your hearts too.

Lonely people should pay attention to heart diseases. They are more likely to be involved in heart diseases. The research results show that loneness can decrease people's immunity and make their blood pressure high. Also it can make people feel stressful that can result in depression. So it increases the possibility of getting heart diseases and stroke.

Balding people are also more likely to get heart diseases. Research finds that people whose hair is easy to drop get heart diseases 40 percent higher than ordinary people. Balding has something to do with the secretion of testicular hormone. And testicular hormone can affect the health of heart cells.

People who live around airport and noisy town take the risk of having a high possibility of getting heart diseases. Not having breakfast often can increase the risk of getting heart disease. A survey from a university in Australia proves that people who don’t have breakfast are inclined to be fat and have high cholesterol level, which are all factors that can lead to heart diseases.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Qihoo 360's Business Model isn’t Freemium

First we have to clarify the concept of freemium. The so-called freemium is one kind of business model that provides the main or basic function of the products or services freely but charges for the value-added functions of the products or services.

The first person to introduce the concept of freemium is venture capitalist Fred Wilson. He first said about this business concept that freemium provides free services in order to obtain a large number of users and then charges for value-added function or enhanced edition of the services from the users. He took Skype, Flickr, Trillian, Newsgator, Box.net and Webroot for example.

In China the most typical freemium is QQ, which provides chat, groups, file transmission, voice call and video call freely, but charges for QQshow and every kind of privileges of membership.

So this kind of business model must contain two requirements. One is to provide the same product or service to the non-paying and paying users. The second is the value-added function is for ordinary users but not companies or enterprise.

Now let us analyze the so-called freemium of Qihoo 360. It provides safety service to users and charges websites traffic from companies. So we can't call this business model freemium. The Qihoo 360's business model is the same as Baidu.com and Hao123.com. And all of the Qihoo 360's products and services can't add value-added functions that it can charge for. And Apple's App Store is not freemium.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

E-Business Giants in China Remove Their Ads on Baidu.Com and Quit Baidu.Com Promotion

Baidu.com is the largest search engine in China and its search market portion has increased a lot especially after Google's quit. Just the same as Google, its main revenue comes from ads. But recently many advertisers announced that they would remove ads on Baidu.com, including Newegg.com, Dhgate.com and Dangdang.com.

Baidu.com has achieved a lot in Chinese online ads market. Because of the roaring ads price and low input-output ratio many e-business companies are unable to stand anymore. A few days ago Dangdang.com published on its website public notice writing that it would stop advertising on Baidu.com completely that includes brand zone and keywords promotion. It also added that it would not stop Baidu.com from collecting its websites. The CEO of Dangdang.com said that the reason was monopolistic Baidu.com manipulated the search results arbitrarily and didn’t respect intellectual property rights. And the CEO of 360buy.com also wrote on his micro blog to criticize Baidu.com.

There is no official response from Baidu.com when those companies decided to remove ads on Baidu.com.

Big e-business companies have the ability to promote themselves in other ways, but small and medium-sized companies must depend on Baidu.com promotion and ads. A staff from a group purchase website told that because its competitor bought the keyword of its company's name, every time users search its company's name they would be lead to competitor's website. So he said that they also were forced to advertise on Baidu.com.

Monday, April 11, 2011

360buy.Com CEO Criticizes Baidu.Com for Selling the Same Keyword to Many Advertisers

In 8th April, 360buy.com CEO Liu Qiangdong wrote in his micro blog to express his discontent. He wrote that, "I just searched Jingdong (keyword) on Baidu.com, but I found that this keyword was sold to eight competitors. This is piracy." He also added that Baidu can earn 15 million RMB by selling this keyword and 360buy.com would remove its advertisements on Baidu.

Because Baidu.com has sold the same keyword to many companies who compete with each other, many e-business companies and other companies have announced that they would not advertise on Baidu.com.

Besides this problem Baidu has received many other criticisms. Recently Baidu has been accused of providing articles, books that are copyright. And Baidu.com has seized 75.5 percent of the Chinese searching market and now has released its Box Computing which has been criticized for leading users to its own sites or other sites they want. Many analysts pointed out that Box Computing could influence many video and literature websites which may result in monopoly and marginalizing many small websites.

But some net citizens comment that it is common for companies to buy their competitors' keyword which would lead users to their own websites. And many found that at the beginning 360buy.com also competed with other companies in the same way. And many observers say this situation will continue for a long time without laws to regulate it.

As of now 360buy.com CEO Liu Qiangdong has deleted his words on his micro blog and Baidu.com also correct its searching results.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Online Group Purchase in China

After the success of Groupon.com, group purchase attracts more and more attention in China. Statistics show that there are 3,265 online group purchase e-business websites as of March, 2011. And Groupon.cn completely copies the business style of Groupon.com. Why this online business model becomes so popular in China? Will it succeed and last for a long time?

The popularity of online group purchase is not strange. We mainly follow the way of America on the internet development. With the success of micro blogs we have many internet giants who provided their own micro blogs services.

This business model can bring benefits to consumers, e-business websites and suppliers or wholesalers.

Besides those benefits we should not ignore the disadvantages of this group purchase model. Some disadvantages are obvious. Consumers can't have a completely control of the goods or services that they buy from the websites, the quality and after-sale services. And as to online group purchase platforms they can't have a good understanding of the true demands of the consumers. They can't get the specific locations and tastes of the consumers. And they also can't control the goods quality and after-sale services. The consumers' problems can't be solved timely.

Now we can only conclude that the group purchase model is extensive style. Consumers only choose goods passively. And to a large extent suppliers and platforms are passive in this business model. Whether this business model can succeed and last for a long time, only time will tell.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kai-Fu Lee: Why Larry Page Is Tailor-made for the CEO of Google

Kai-Fu Lee, former vice global CEO of Microsoft and Google and CEO of Google Greater China Group and now focusing on his innovation works, wrote in his micro blog about his opinions about Larry Page becoming the CEO of Google.

Larry Page, the associated creator of Google, has become Google's new CEO. And Kai-Fu Lee thinks Page is tailor-made for the position for his foresight and bold decision making. He also adds that Page's introverted personality will be disadvantageous.

Acquiring Android proved Page's foresight. And he dares to dream and making bold decisions, which can avoid organization rigidity. Also he has a good understanding of Google's products and attaches importance on users. The inner products and technology teams like him and give Page full support.

Kai-Fu Lee also points out some disadvantages of Page, his poor communication skills for example. And Page only likes to do the things that he loves. He will stuff his ears and go to his emails when it comes to things about government, public relations and marketing. He really needs a partner to help him deal with things from outside.

Some foreign presses have the view that Page will face two consequences; one is that he will succeed like Jobs, or he will share the fate of former CEO of Yahoo!, Jerry Yang.

Friday, April 1, 2011

What Has Gmail Changed Email and the Internet?

Today is April Fools' Day. Today is Gmail's birthday. Seven years ago Google announced that it would provide email service. And everyone thought it was a joke. But on the April Fools' Day seven years ago, Google published its email service: Gmail, which shocked everybody. Influenced and led by Gmail, other email service and some other internet services have changed.

Before Gmail, email' storage capacity is very small, which is measured by MB. But with the emergency of Gmail, email's storage comes into the age of GB. JavaScript technology was just used to pop up dialog box and display the rolling words on status bar firstly. But now it becomes an important part of Ajax technology which is used widely on the internet. In Gmail mails are organized by dialogue. But in the past each mail was organized as single one. And it introduced Label into email, which is more useful than file folder. We often see some disturbing ads in the email, but we can see related ads in Gmail. Before email was just used to send and receive mails, but now we can chat via email and the third-party applications can be set up in the email. And now it is easy to find mails seven years ago.

We can conclude that Gmail is an evolutionary product and it brings convenience to us and changes our living and internet habits.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to Answer the Questions Posed by Interviewers?

To introduce yourself

The interview often starts by a brief introduction of you. And you are advised not to talk fluently and endlessly. One minute or two minutes long introduction are preferred. You introduction must contain four aspects of you: early life, education background, work background and your latest work experience. You should emphasize on the subject of your latest work experience. Remember that this is just a warm up question and don’t reply the most important point of you on this question.

How much do you know about this company?

Before the interview you must prepare for this question. And you must say something about the products, the service, the reputation and the problems about this company. But don’t show that you have a complete understanding of this company. You can answer this question like this: During the process of finding jobs, I have investigated a lot of companies. And I am interested in this company as following reasons.

How do you think of your boss?

You should answer this question as positively as possible. And your future boss really want to know how would you judge him in the future.

During the interview many questions that you never expect may be posed by the interviewer, which requires full preparation and understanding of the post you applied for.

Friday, March 25, 2011

To Be Different Parents with Wisdom of Educating

Our society is changing and improving. And many new things and notions are faced by the children. In order to live in this society our children need to learn more. As the children's first teacher, what parents should do to face the challenges in the education in the new era.

It is common to hear complaints by parents that now the children are becoming more and more difficult to teach. But they often ignore the way that they educate their children. They don't know how to teach their children in the new era. And traditional ways sometimes don't work on the children now.

We often talk about that special children need special education. But how to become different parents with wisdom of educating is difficult to some parents. Compared to traditional parents, now they need to tailor a special way for their children according to special needs and personality. The educating methods that fit for the children's interests and ability is the best. They treat their children in different ways which to be in line with the educating laws.

You need to be a friend but not a judge to your children. They are reasonable and they hope their thoughts can be respected by their parents.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Foods Have Function of Anti-Pollution

With the science development, a variety of modern pollutions appear at the same time. The four foods showed in the following have the function of anti-pollution.

Kelp has radiation protection function
Eluates from kelp can reduce the damage to the immunologic function caused by isotope and radial. By eating kelp, immunocyte can be avoided from declining and falling that plays the role of radiation protection.

Millet has anti-noise function
In the noisy environment, vitamin B in our body will be consumed a lot, therefore foods which are rich in Vitamine B such as millet, oats and corn have anti-noise function.

Bean curd with chicken blood has anti-dust function
Plasma protein contained in Bean curd with chicken blood can be changed into alexipharmic substances after being decomposed by gastric acid and digestive ferment, then this alexipharmic substances, combined with stive and particulate of poisonous metal entered into body, becomes substances that can't absorbed by the body easily and excreted through the digestive tract.

Milk can get rid of lead in body
Drinking milk every morning and evening can remove the lead in body because the protein contained in milk can be changed into soluble compound combined with lead in body, which not only prevent the absorption of lead by our body, but also promote the excretion of lead.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Iodine-rich Foods Have No Function of Radiation Protection

Many people believe that eating iodine-rich foods including kelp, seaweed, shellfish and fresh fish can reduce the hazards of radiation. The true fact is that nuclear radiation is not equal to power radiation or electromagnetic radiation.

Radiation can be divided into many types such as nuclear radiation, belongs to radioactive radiation, and electro radiation, electromagnetic radiation, which is different to nuclear radiation and their mechanism on body are also different. Iodine, which is used for nuclear radiation protection, should be taken after required estimation by professionals.

In daily life, radiation released by electrical appliances such as electro radiation and electromagnetic radiation belongs to exterior radiation, which does not exist once cut off the electricity. Generally, electronic equipments in public places are insufficient to cause harm to humans.

However, the room where places many electrical equipments together should be ventilated frequently. Electromagnetic radiation will cause a change on molecules in the air to produce harmful substances such as free radicals, which causes damage to the body. By ventilation, harmful substances such as free radicals can be diluted or dispersed.

Of course, seafoods such as kelp and seaweed are rich in iodine, which is an indispensable part of daily diet to keep balanced diet. We should not only stare on the radiation.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

High Protein Diet May Increase Risk of Colon Cancer

In order to lose weight effectively, many obese people choose the model of eating high-protein low-carbohydrate diet to lose weight. However, according to the latest news reported on MSNBC, a new study published on American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and carried out by the British scientists warned to general public that high-protein diet may have long-term adverse effects on the gut, which finally increases the risk of suffering from intestinal cancer.

After analysing the status of 17 patients with obesity, the scientists who are from University of Aberdeen in United Kingdom found that high-protein low-carbohydrate diets can result in abnormal change on intestinal tract, which may increase risk of colon cancer for a long time. The New study found that high-protein diet will increase the content of N-nitroso compounds and other metabolin that are closely related to cancer.

Dr. Flint said the latest research results reminded the public that people should pay more attention to the health hazards caused by long-term excessive intake of protein and lack of dietary fiber. Currently, Dr. Flint, along with his colleagues, takes further research is to completely reveal the mechanism that high-protein diets increase the risk of colon cancer.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Exercise before Going to Bed Doesn't Affect Sleep Quality

What's the relationship between exercise and sleep? Does taking exercise before going to bed can eliminate insomnia. Let's discuss the topic in the following article.

The experts always give the warning that not to take strenuous exercise before going to bed on the grounds that more adrenaline and other hormones can be released during the process of strenuous exercise, all of these hormones will make people in intense emotional states that needs at least 3 hours to drop back to the original level. Therefore strenuous exercise before going to bed can result in bad sleep.

However, most studies did not confirm this standpoint. For example, one study found that taking one hour of moderate-intensity exercise before 90 minutes or 60 minutes going to bed does not make it difficult to fall asleep and, above all, will not reduce the quality of sleep. Many other studies had similar findings. One U.S. researcher from University of South Carolina said exercise before going to bed can actually improve quality of sleep, it could reduce anxiety and increase body temperature, but there are individual differences.

Nowadays, the theory that exercise before going to bed doesn't have a negative impact on sleep has been confirmed by many researchers. So you don't worry about this and join the exercise team after work.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

How to Maintain Good Appetite

According to the report from Life and Health, women's sexual desire is relevant to their appetite, when they are frustrated with emotional problems, they will suffer from anorexia or culimia. On the other hands, their sexual life may become disordered and disharmonious situation will appear.

About nearly 1,000 couples are participated in this survey. Researchers found that more than 20% women would have problem at sexual life if abnormal diet appears. For example, women with anorexia are likely to have no desire for sexual behaviour, dyspareunia and difficult to reach orgasm.

Women with bulimia are always afraid that their husbands find their abnormal eating habits, so they gradually escape husbands or even men and do not want to create a more intimate emotional or sexual relationship. Because of avoiding sexual life by themselves, their sexual need can’t be satisfying. Instead, they will find food to meet the need. You can understand that they use foods to compensate the sexual pleasant sensation.

For women, if you want to have better sexual pleasant sensation, firstly maintain a good mood to stimulate the normal appetite, then maintain a healthy sex life to make marriage happier.

Four Kinds of Food Can Steal Your Top Quality Sleep

During the holidays, all people want to eat well and sleep well. However, experts warn that that poor diet can lead to poor sleep quality. According to a recent report, food showed in the following can steal your top quality sleep.

Caffeine drinks
As we all know, caffeine has been considered the main culprit which leads to insomnia. However, one registered dietitian from the the United States said that caffeine did not add any energy to the body, but it is indeed a stimulating material that can increase human alertness, resulting in sleep difficulties.

Nutrition experts say cheese contains a large number of amino acid and tyrosine, which can dopamine that a neurotransmitter material, so that the brain becomes more clear and it is difficult to sleep.

Spicy food
Eating too much spicy food at night can lead to sleep problems. Patients with heartburn symptom will be worse after lying on the bed if eating too much spicy food. Therefore, experts suggest that it is better to eat spicy food in the morning or noon but not at night.

Alcohol has the function of sedative, but drinking alcohol at night will lead to difficulty in sleeping. Experts say that many people relax by drinking alcohol. In fact, alcohol will hinder the body into deep sleep stage with the symptom of rapid eye movement.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Standpoint on Women's Self-willed Behaviours

Look at these phenomenons firstly, if the wife has poor memory while her husband must have a strong memory, if the husband pays no attention to hygiene while his wife must like to clean the house frequently. Similarly, if the wife is self-willed, her husband must accommodate himself to all her's demand.

An American psychologist said self-willed behaviours are the performance of psychological needs. Women often pay attention to gender relations and are afraid of being abandoned. Their self-willed behaviours are just due to the desire for love. They want to get attention from other people around them, they want to the care and love from her husband to test their weight and status in their husband's eyes.

You can say self-willed behaviour is good or not. One woman who often takes self-willed behaviour skillfully may say the words like this:" No, I just only want to get this." which will make the men's heart up and down. However, the scale of self-willed behaviour should be limited, which must be in the limits of men's tolerance. Men may occasionally accommodate you, but will not tolerate these self-willed behaviours for a long time.

For women, not to use self-willed behaviours as the trump card, you should fully know the men's endurance to judge what are safe behaviours and what are areas should be avoided. For men, you should learn insights into your wife's psychological needs.

Research, Self-willed Behaviours, Women Self-willed Behaviours

Friday, March 4, 2011

How To Have a High Quality Sleep

It is necessary to use expensive cosmetics to keep beauty skin because just a comfortable sleep is enough. After mastering the skills on how to have a top quality sleep, you will find that it is easy to keep young.

Many people lay down on the bed and toss and turn, they find that it is hard to fall asleep. At this time, not to be reluctant to sleep because it can result in greater psychological pressure. What you should to do is relax, think about something else or read a book to disperse the pressure of sleep.

You'd better take a footbath before going to bed because many nerve ending are linked together with brain, taking a footbath with hot water can not only stimulate nervous, but also promote blood circulation, both of which have restrained relaxed effect on cerebral cortex and active in peripheral nerves to enhance memory. By the way, the temperature of the water should be about 40 degrees and can soak ankle.

Sometimes, the sleeping position is closely related to the quality of sleep. Sleep on backs can make the muscles keep in tension while face down or left side sleep position are not only harmful to heart, but also easily cause nightmares. The best posture is right side sleep because it can relax muscles completely and reduce the chance of nightmares happened.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Surfing on Social Networking Sites Frequently Can Develop Self-respect

According to CNN reports, researchers from the Cornell University in the United States found that surfing on the social networking sites frequently can help people develop self-respect. In this research, researchers asked 63 students sitting in a computer classroom, in which a number of computers are closed and a mirror is put on some computers. At the same time, some computer shows the Facebook and other social networking sites, students had 3 minutes to browse and update their social status. Subsequently, the students were divided into two groups to be answered some questions about self-esteem test. The results showed that students who had surfed on the social networking sites apparently have strong self-esteem than students who just sit in front of computers. Apparently, updating their virtual social status makes them feel good.

Jeffery Hancock, assistant professor of communication major in the Cornell University, said the mirror would reflect the true yourself, however, when the real yourself is consistent with the ideal yourself, you will feel self-esteem is hurted. Different with the mirror, social networking sites show online yourself because you can update your own status, delete unsatisfied picture to help you build self-esteem. Hancock is one of the authors of Mirror, Mirror On My Facebook Wall: Effects of Exposure to Facebook on Self-Esteem. He said some people believe the network is a bad thing without reason, this research was the first study to prove the social networking sites had positive psychological effect.

Monday, February 28, 2011

How to Exfoliate Rightly

The skin over a period of time, will accumulate a thick layer of skin, skin is the result of skin metabolism. Backlog in the skin surface skin, so skin looks dull. Skin is too thick, not only cannot absorb skin care products, can also cause acne, acne and other issues. In many cases, even with a lot of moisturizer, the skin looked like a slow, how cannot be completely white slip up. Exfoliating is a must do their homework skin to help skin deep clean, shiny and beautiful skin back.

Natural Methods
Clay mask
The clay mask evenly outside the eye in addition to the face and neck skin, waiting about 10 minutes. Thus, it contains rich minerals to the skin can effectively clean out the deep dirt and aging skin, and alleviate the symptoms of sensitive skin. Particularly suitable for oily skin and sensitive skin.

Mud mask
Deep-sea mud mask contains trace elements; it can soften the skin while it contains nutrients deep into the skin, particularly suitable for dry skin and oily mixed skin.

Twice weekly to oily skin, dry skin once a week at most, and the removal of excess skin, it is recommended to use moisturizing mask to add moisture to the skin, and finally apply a mild moisturizing lotion. Note that, must not get over the thin skin, or prone to redness and other allergic symptoms.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Four Bad Habits of Women will Accelerate Aging

As to women, they are so afraid of aging, however, some of their daily habits would accelerate aging. This article will show you what kind of bad habits will accelerate aging. See whether you have some or not.

Glue to the bed
Now, many people are glued to the bed, especially on holiday, and people who have such experience will find that the longer the sleep time is, the more tired they will be. Actually, this because gluing to bed has disturbed the normal regular of body.

Going to restroom immediately after waking up
Morning wake up, it may have been filled with urine in the bladder, there is a sense of urgency of urination, urgency to urinate more, the more tolerant about, not immediately get up to urinate. Because bladder emptying easily lead to dizziness, syncope or even urinate.

Doing strenuous exercise immediately after waking
Many people, after the habit of morning exercise appropriate, as long as attention is indeed beneficial to health. However, the movement must look in the morning after the break until the blood only after the running balance of yin and yang. If you wake up, are also not prepared to activities, they will immediately put into motion more violent, prone to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accident.

Do not eat breakfast
According to nutrition experts, breakfast is the most important day of a meal. After sleep the body rest, fully prepared to meet the day's work, study, then a rich intake of nutrients needed to meet the day's consumption.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Four Steps to Properly Apply Facial Masks

Facial mask is a very important cosmetic for skin beauty; many women like to use it. However, do you know that there are also some coups on applying facial masks? The four steps shown as followings may help you obtain an excellent effect.

Face moist is the key
Wet skin better absorb water and nutrients, so the face clean, do not have other face of the water evaporated before deposition mask. If it is dry skin, you can beat the toner before the deposition mask, to keep it in the wet state. This mask in the water and the best ingredients, it is more easily absorbed by the skin.

Heating makes better effect
Winter when the temperature is low, the pores in the contraction, the body metabolism slows down, if you apply the mask before the mask with hot water or steam heating steam face, facial pores, can promote blood circulation, which will help absorb moisture mask and essence.

To control the number of time
Mask treatment cycles are generally used, if the daily use, skin will not absorb, but not good results.

Cream is essential at the last
Mask after just rinsing water and the essence of not completely absorbed by the skin, if the face directly exposed to the air, water and extract will soon evaporate, so rinsing the mask should be immediately coated with cream, face cream can be just absorbed into the essence of water and locked, so that more long-term moisturizing effect.

Three Skin Care Habits help to Relieve Eye Wrinkles

Skin aging begins with eyes for skin around eyes is the thinnest one on our face, and the most important point to decide whether you look young or not lies in whether eye skin is maintained smooth and exquisite or not. How can we know eye skin begin to aging? It is too late to take prevention till the eye wrinkle has appeared. The three signs of eye aging are dark pouched, small fine lines and eyelid skin laxity all these will make you look older than you actually are. Therefore, in order to solve these problems, daily skin care and eye cream are very important.

Prevent eye baked in the sun
It is a truth universally acknowledged that ultraviolet ray can cause wrinkles and all the dermatologists can tell you how important sun-proof is. And the right way is to use the eye-specific sunscreen.

Less Alcohol
Do you know that alcohol is also the hand slap of eye wrinkles? Because alcohol contains ethanol ingredients can dry skin, not to mention the thinnest eye skin, and f\dryness is the main reason that wrinkles formed. So less alcohol should be as important as eye cream.

Grow some lily
Plants are the most natural air freshener, in addition to this; it is also strong power in moisturizing. Therefore, you may as well to grow some lily in house.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Five Simple Ways help Women have Rosy Complexion

Some people say that the most beautiful woman is the most naturally beautiful one. What kind of woman is the most naturally beautiful woman? Of course, woman with pale skin should not be included. The naturally beautiful woman should have the confidence and temperament, but also should have good health and rosy complexion.
There are six simple ways can help women develop the beautiful rosy skin.

Develop good eating habits
Skin whitening is all woman's work in life, untiring topic. However, the cultivation of whitening is not an overnight thing. In fact, skin reflects our inner state, if body is well conditioned, the skin naturally smooth and elastic, but also reveals a healthy glow.

Nourishing and conditioning
The best way to whitening skin is nourishing, then how to eat a healthy and white skin? What you have to learn is to recognize which kind of foods is good for women. If you want to supplement healthy food which has the function on anti-oxidation and metabolism, then you should be patient to develop good habit in daily life.

Enrich the blood
The main reason that women look pale is due to the lack of blood, so blood supplement is very necessary and essential for women.

Replenish Qi
Qi is the fundamental to life activity and power, it is full of body, and runs endless, it also relates to the human's health and life span. What's more, for women qi is the exquisite for the rosy complexion, therefore, women should pay attention to the replenishment of qi.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Daily Health Tips for Women

Women, to some degree are strong as well as fragile. From the health point of view, facing the situation that they on one hand have to handle the problems of busy work; on the other hand, they also have to solve the problem occurred in family, women should not neglect their own health care. In daily life, there are four taboos on women's health keeping.

Less coffee
Coffee has a strong function on increasing estrogen. And when the level of estrogen is too high, it means an increasing risk of suffering from breast cancer and endometrial cancer. What's worse, endometriosis and breast pain will be intensified.

Less staying up late
People who often under a situation, such as, stay up late, fatigue and lassitude, their immune system will follow the fall. Flu, gastrointestinal infections, allergies and other symptoms will follow unexpectedly.

Less dessert
Study found that eating too much sweet can easily lead to gallstones to women, and too much dessert would also promote breast cancer.

Less taking bus
Long-term lacking of activity will lead to constipation. Chronic constipation, toxins cannot be discharged, can induce inflammation, cancer and other diseases; if suffering from cardiovascular and other chronic diseases, constipation can lead to complications and increased.

In daily life, as for women, they should pay more attention to health keeping. A healthy body can promise a beautiful skin.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Five Little Coups Help to Smooth Eye Wrinkles

Wrinkles of the skin affected by the external environment, the formation of free radicals, free radical damage to normal tissue collagen membrane, the active substance, formed by oxidation of cells in the small fine lines, wrinkles. How can I get rid of it? In fact, in daily life, if good attention to health, work and rest appropriately, do not stay up all night, and to ensure adequate sleep, is delay the pouch under the eyes produce. Pouch under the eyes of your serious? Quickly take a look at it a small way, it is efficacious.

If before going to bed every night with vitamin E capsules in the viscous liquid on the skin for a moment the coating for 4 weeks and massage, can receive the elimination of lower eyelid, to reduce the good effects of aging. Besides, there are also some easy to do methods such as, use cucumber slices to put on eyes, and avoid free stretching the eyelid.

Nutritional diet also can bring benefits. In daily life we should eat foods, such as carrots and celery, or chewing gum. Usually still need to pay attention to eat some gel, high-quality protein, animal liver and tomatoes, potatoes, food, attention to a balanced diet can do this part of the new cells to provide the necessary nutrients, also benefit from the elimination of lower eyelid.
In addition, using flowers to put on eyes is also a good method.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Four Habits in Winter Help Women Away From Constipation

Most obese people are suffering from constipation problems. Constipation affects not only woman's health, but also to make belly grew larger. So, how to deal with constipation?

Drink water is the most important task to solve the problem of constipation, because when lack of water, regardless of which method to use, are less effective. If the added fiber preparation, do not also drink plenty of water, and may even be counterproductive, causing more severe constipation. To drink 8 glasses of water a day is best.

High-fiber foods can promote intestinal peristalsis; reduce the harmful substances in the body. At the same time, low-calorie dietary fiber, bulky, it could satiety, and people who want to lose weight, can be described as a Godsend.

In life, there is always a lot of people are not in accordance with the reaction of the body, but rather wait to have time, when it is convenient to the toilet. Over time, the bear became constipation. Therefore, we must pay attention to cultivate the good habit of defecation. Many experts believe that after a meal is the most natural bowel movement. Therefore, it may be the toilet for 10 minutes after a meal, and slowly develop good bowel habits.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Women Often Eat Potatoes can Keep Youth

Potato is nutritious, and is an anti-aging food. It is rich in vitamins B1, B2, B6 and pantothenic acid and other B group vitamins and a large number of high-quality cellulose. It also contains trace elements, amino acids, protein, fat and high-quality starch and other nutrients. People who regularly eat potatoes are healthy and become old slowly.

You not have to worry about excess fat to eat potatoes, because it contains 0.1% fat. It contains the lowest fat of all foods. Eat potatoes every day, can reduce fat intake, can let the body gradually metabolized the extra fat, eliminate your scourge. Potato has a wonderful effect on the human body: thin people eat to get fat, fat people eat to lose weight.

Potatoes have a good skin care, face care effect. Direct coating of fresh potato juice on the face, whitening effect is very significant. Human skin easily in the hot summer is sunburn, tanning, potato juice on the stain removal effect is obvious, and no side effects.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Winter is the Best Season of Women to Preserve Health

In the cold season, it's the best time to supply nutrition by diet. This will improve the nutritional status, and enhance immune function. It can show the effects which cannot replaced by drugs.

Eat more fruits. Except for pears, apple is also a very healthy fruits. Different fruits have different characteristics. People should choose different fruits according to different season and age.

Eat more honey. On the one hand honey bring energy to the body, while it has a large number of trace elements, like iron, calcium, tin, manganese and so on. Half an hour to an hour each day before going to sleep, eat a cup of honey yogurt can help to sleep.

Eat more food to increase energy. Winters are very cold, it's better to eat three high food, high calorie, high protein and high vitamins. That's to eat more carbonate compounds eat. And also eat some protein, such as eggs, milk, meat, and duck and so on.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Proper Diet is the Key for Women Anti-Aging

Studies suggest that energy restriction, a reasonable diet and certain nutrients; especially the intake of antioxidant nutrients has an important role in anti-aging and maintains their youth. The following four principles can help you effectively anti-aging.

In order to delay and resist aging, eliminate dark spots, from the food point of view, the following types of food is useful:

Royal Jelly

It can stimulate the brain, pituitary and adrenal glands, promoting tissue to supply oxygen, increase cell viability.


It's rich in vitamin E, and can prevent damage of lipid peroxidation on the human body, offset or aging cells and substances in the "free radicals" accumulation, play a role in longevity.


Inhibit the deposition of fat in the liver cells and promote the role of new liver cells.


Fish food can provide high quality protein and calcium to the brain. In particular, most fish contain fatty acids are unsaturated fatty acids, does not cause atherosclerosis, the arteries of the brain does not harm the contrary, it has a protective role in cerebral blood vessels.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Several Simple Ways to Treat Anger

Psychological experts pointed out that although anger is normal and is healthy, but the way female friend deal with anger is often unhealthy. The following are listed 5 big mistakes for women deal with the angry, and provide solutions.

First, obviously angry, but deliberately suppressed

Solution: Understanding anger is normal, do not deliberately suppressed anger. Write your feelings in the diary. Try to share the feelings with the trust friends.

Second, always think she is right

Solution: Accept the fact that you and others are not perfect, not too picky.

Third, misunderstanding others

Solution: pay attention to how much spirit you cost to "guess" what others think. You have to understand, unless you ask, or you will not know what others think. Similarly, unless you speak, otherwise others would not know what you think.

Fourth, vent their anger on others

Solution: Ask yourself who is really angry. Seek the support of others, face the source caused of your anger directly.

Fifth, occurs impulsive behavior

Solution: before taking the third piece of cake, or to pay to buy another brand package, first pause, take a deep breath, and then ask yourself what the real feeling.

Angry is not a bad thing, but a normal emotional response, it is important to learn how to transform anger, not to be injured by negative mood.

Friday, February 11, 2011

How to Nurse Skin when Pregnant?

Skin will become more sensitive during pregnancy, and more prone to skin problems, so it needs special attention in nursing the skin. Here is some common sense of skin care mothers should pay attention to.

Clean - skin is sensitive during pregnancy, you should use mild soap-free cleansing products, such as some drug store brands of pure plant extracts of the facial cleanser and cleansing water.

Resistance of dryness - some pregnant woman's corneum is thicken during pregnancy, making the face particularly dry, so use of natural skin care moisturizing products is the focus of routine care.

Sun block - this is the most important thing pregnant women need to pay attention during pregnancy. The skin will particularly sensitive in light, so whether at home or out, do not forget to use sun cream. Many people pay no attention to sun spots, they think it is caused by sunburn as pregnancy, after pregnancy it cannot be eliminated. And you should try to choose purely physical sunscreen products which are more safety.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

How to Troubleshoot Dark Circle Problem for Women?

Do you have dark circles? Busy work, often staying up late, alcoholism, emotional instability, eye fatigue, aging, lack of oxygen red blood cells, and the formation of stagnant blood flow and dark eye pigmentation caused the formation of dark circles, dark circles make people looks no spirit, and no temperament.

Deal with two black eyes; you can use ice compress method. Prepare two eyeshade made from special liquid, put one of them in microwave heating for half a minute, hot compress eyes for 5 minutes. At the same time, put the other one in the refrigerator to cool. After hot compress, remove the eyeshade from the refrigerator, ice compress eyes for 5 minutes. This can speed up blood circulation, alleviate dark circles.

You can also use massage method. You must first clean the facial skin, to wet facial skin with a toner, using the ring finger hit the entire face gently until the liquid is completely absorbed by the skin. After the completion, tapping with the ring finger gently ruffled rim of the eye, and promote the absorption of cream.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Several Healthy Tips on Pregnant Women

Computer diseases should be drawn attention by every woman in daily life, besides during pregnancy. Then what should pregnant women pay attention to when using computers?

Firstly, pregnant women should notice the time of using computer. The time that pregnant women contact computer should not be more than 20 hours a week. As for pregnant women, they should prevent long time sitting because long time sitting would cause pelvic cavity retention of blood. Therefore, when using computer, pregnant women should pay attention to the cooperation of computer and the height of seat, only a health life habit can promise baby's health.

Secondly, to make a proper balance between work and leisure is very crucial for pregnant women, for this can help to prevent tendon injuries. Long time using computer can cause pain and stiff on finger joints, wrist, and muscles of the arms, shoulders, backpacks, neck and back. Thus, pregnant mothers should rest for 10 minutes after working for an hour, or do some work-break exercises.

Thirdly, for those pregnant women who engage in computer operation should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and increase the intake of vitamin A, B1, C and E. Besides, nuts such as walnut and peanut are very good for pregnant women, for they are not only provide the nutrition that can facilitate the formation of fetal brain cells and mental development, but also are rich in vitamin E, which can lower cholesterol, remove the rubbish inside body and prevent cataract.