Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Spending Too Much Time on Watching TV Results in Depression

According to the Daily Mail in the British reported on November 14, the new research, which was carried out by Harvard University and published on Journal of Epidemiology, proclaimed that spending too much time on watching TV would result in depression. What’s more, watching TV for a long time would lead to a range of psychological and physical symptoms related to depression.

Michael Lucas, the leader of the new research said regular exercise can reduce the risk of suffering from depression because taking exercise can improve self-esteem and self-control ability. According to the related statistical data about more than 50,000 women participated, it was finally found that compared with women who hardly take exercise, the ratio of suffering from depression for women who spent too much time on exercise was too much lower.

Scientists pointed out that depression may be led by a variety of reasons rather than a single reason. Therefore it is important to focus on three major symptoms of depression.

Firstly, psychological symptoms, people who have depression always feel despairing, sadness, helplessness and low self-esteem.

Secondly, physical symptoms, generally speaking, their behaviors and language would become slower and slower. What’s more, their appetite and weight would be changed. Sometimes, it decreases while sometimes it increases.

Thirdly, social symptoms, they don’t finish work well and not to participate in social activities, avoid to contact with other friends.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Medicom Toy and its wooden toys

Medicom Toy Company was a Japanese toys company established in 1996. We can say that Medicom Toy Company is the largest and representative toys producing company in Japan. The establishment of Medico Toy led a completely new tendency around the whole world Kids Toys market. Especially the Kubrick and Be@brick published in 2001 became the hottest fashionable toys in that year. No matter man or women, people at different ages all liked these two toys, which became the treasures of many toys collectors.

There are many reasons for Medicom Toy and its toys’ popularity.  First of all, it can lead the fashionable trend with the toys industry. In addition, Medicom Toy can combine the toys with the music and the movie, plus the street culture, which can explains the great success of Medicom Toy.

In this year, in order to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of its establishment, Medicom Toy invited Horizon to provide them with technical support to make this very interesting wooden toy named Medicom Toy x Horizon 400% Karimoku Be@rbrick. This wooden toys is very ball-gazing and begin to be sold from 30th in July.

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Chinese Bamboo Hanging Pictures

In the long history of Chinese nation, countless kinds of arts were developed by the ancient Chinese people. In addition, Chinese nation are creative and handy. They can turn the most common things to the most beautiful arts.

No matter in traditional China or in modern China, Chinese people like bamboo very much, which has been seen as the modest gentleman by the poets and scholars in ancient China. There are many poems that were wrote to praise the bamboo. Therefore, anything related with bamboo could give the Chinese people the impression of elegance, such as the traditional Chinese scrolls.

In addition, many Chinese people like to use the bamboo to decorate their houses such as the Chinese bamboo hanging picture.

High quality of bamboo was used as the background for painting. Then people could paint on the surface. Often the beautiful and wonderful things were painted on the bamboo, which carried and held the meanings of hope and wish or other people's emotions. When the painting was finished, Chinese bamboo hanging could be hung on the wall as decoration. Compared other paper paintings, this kind of bamboo hanging picture can be kept for a long time. Moreover, Chinese bamboo hanging pictures are wet-resistant and durable, which are green and environmental friendly from modern people's view.

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The Style of Chinese Invitations

Here I would like to talk about something about Chinese invitations, including traditional and modern Chinese invitations.

The first sight you see Chinese invitations, you would find an obvious feature, the fresh red of the invitations. The color of red in traditional China often signifies the happiness and perfect of life. Therefore, in the happy occasions such as wedding ceremony, our eyes would be full of red color things. Even the brides would wear red clothes in traditional Chinese wedding ceremony. Without exceptions, traditional Chinese invitations are all with red colors.

Another character of traditional Chinese invitations is that the words on them are handwritten with Chinese brushes pen.

In modern China, especially among the youths, some traditional features of invitations are abandoned. Learning from foreign countries, more and more young people are using other styles of invitations now. They often buy the invitations online and write the words by themselves. In addition, Chinese invitations such as wedding invitations are not limited to red color. Various kinds of color are used in the invitations. Besides the invitations, more and more Chinese young people are wearing western suit and bride veil in China. Furthermore, the traditional Chinese invitations are still used in rural areas of China.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

How to Eat Chinese Medicine Correctly in Summer

Do people get angry eating Chinese medicine it in summer? Is it fit to eat this medical? How to store herbs soup?

Chinese medicine and western medicine products are different in summer, Chinese herbal medicine should involved in the fried, storage in summer, otherwise medicinal materials and the medicine liquid go bad, it is not cannot cure of disease, but also may affect the pesticide effect, or even endanger the health of patients.

Chinese experts pointed out that Chinese medicine is also have the points of cold, hot, warm and cool, some drugs with a warm nature, some drugs with heat resistance, and some drugs can lead to diarrhea, and some drugs balance yin and yang. There are a lot Chinese medicines are suitable for summer, drinking chrysanthemum tea, drink five disinfection drinks can clear heat, after taking it, your symptom of suffering from excessive internal heat can be treated.

Some doctors also believe that it is not appropriate to take the Chinese medical in summer, but for some patients with unbalanced of Yin and Yang, they can take it under the guidance of doctor. It can be said, whether can take Chinese medical or not, the key is based on the patient's constitution, the season only as a reference factor, the patient can increase the dosage depending on the season under the guidance of doctors.

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Terror of the Chinese Chicken Feather Duster

We all know that the Chinese chicken feather dusters are used to clean the room and remove the duster. Now the feather dusters have been taken place by the other cleaning tools and are hung on the wall as decorations. But you may never know about the strange function of the Chinese chicken feather dusters. We Chinese children are very familiar with this strange function and we may be afraid of this cleaning tool.

Chinese chicken feather duster is one of the most used weapons by Chinese parents to discipline their children. Almost each child has experienced the terror of the chicken feather. It is really hurt. The chicken feather duster not only is full of feather, but it also has a bamboo handle. We must acknowledge that it is very convenient to teach the naughty children.

Therefore, the first action when we Chinese see that our parents are taking the feather duster is to run as quickly as we can. In addition, we have another means to avoid being disciplined with the chicken feather duster is to hide it so that the parents cannot found them. However, under this situation our parents often found other bamboo sticks or buy a new chicken feather duster.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bamboos Slip's Source and Its Categories

An early form of writing is carved on the bones and the Zhong Ding, due to the limitations of the material, it is difficult to widely disseminated, until the Shang Dynasty, the master text is still only the upper class people, which greatly limits the spread of cultural and ideological, this situation can be changed with bamboo slip appearance.

Bamboo slip is the longest used books form in Chinese history, is primary writing tool before the invention of papermaking and paper, our ancestors through the repeated comparison and hard choices, then make sure use it to preserve our cultural and disseminate media, this is an important revolution in the media history. It is the first time to free wring from the social top inner circle. Therefore, the bamboo slip plays a crucial role of spreading in Chinese culture, because of its appearance, forming all schools of thoughts contend for attention, at the same time, making Confucius, Lao Zi and other famous celebrities thought and culture can be spread so far.

Bamboo writhing can be divided into four categories, the first category is common in on Bamboo silk in Chu, Chu-shaped structure is the true nature of the text, the calligraphy with features in tadpole script, it can be said that this is the standard character font of bamboo silk in Chu, the second from comes from Qi and Lu Confucian classics manuscripts, but it has been domesticated by Chu, with bird worm book features, as Han the following three-body Wei Shi Jing, Han Bamboo slips  Four Ancient Rhyme contained in the classical of the present, the third category is similar to the lesser seal, is close Ancient Seal, it should be the original features of the Warring States Period of Qi and Lu Confucian classic text, the fourth category is most match with the features of the text Qi, keeping more of the physical structure and calligraphy writing style of Qi. Bamboo slip calligraphy is handsome, density properly, has a significant value for researching the Chinese calligraphy history.

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