Monday, June 20, 2011

Partial Obesity of the Body is More Beneficial to Health

Slim waist, slender thighs and plump buttocks are the devil figures which many girls dreamed. However, beauty does not mean health. British experts said, fat in hip, buttocks and thigh can be effective in reducing heart and metabolic problems and good to health. The researchers said fat in hip can remove harmful fatty acids from the body. In addition, natural anti-inflammatory ingredients contained in hip can prevent clogged arteries. But the fat in waist has no such effect. Adiponectin, a hormone which can protect the arteries, can be produced by slow burning of fat in hip to control blood sugar. If fat in these parts break down fast, it would release a large amount of cytokines, which would trigger inflammation and detrimental to the body. The report predicts that the doctor can make use of technological means in the future to increase hip fat. By this way, fat in patients' body can be re-distributed to combat cardiovascular disease and metabolic diseases. At the same time, the researchers warned that too little hip fat may lead to severe metabolic problems such as Cushing's syndrome.

While it does not matter with too much fat in the hip and thigh, but the problems may happen if there are excess fat in the waist. A survey from a British drug maker company showed that most people do not understand the dangers of fat in waist, people do not know that potbellied means large numbers of dangerous fats hoard in the internal organs. One survey participant said, compared to fat in viscera which can’t be seen, people usually put too much emphasis on body weight and body fat index. Terry Ma Guier, the main author of this report, said that people's risk of diabetes and heart disease can be increased because of plentiful fat at the internal organs. Investigators said that too much fat on belly may release certain proteins or hormones, which lead to inflammation, damage blood vessels and affect breaking down sugars and fats of the body.

In order to find a new approach to combating heart disease and blood vessel diseases, this research helps us better understand how fats play a role in the body. If you are overweight, obese or waist circumference increased, then it is time to change the lifestyle. A healthy diet and regular exercise will reduce the occurrence of the risk of heart problems.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

We Should Not Eat Too Much Persimmon

Eating fruits is very good for our physical and mental health, especially in the summer. Many women like to eat different types of fruits in the summer, which not only can relieve the heat but also can help to digest the foods and even lose weight. However, not all fruits are suitable for mass consumption in summer. The following six kinds of fruits should be eat less in the summer.

Among the fruits, persimmon is known as one kind of the sweetest fruits. In addition, if it made into persimmon cake, it even would become sweeter. Persimmon is not only delicious but also nutritious. However, persimmon has shortcomings and eating too much persimmon can damage your health. Persimmon contains a certain number of persimmon tannin (tannic acid) and the peel of the persimmon contains more of this kind of chemical substances. Just because of the tannic acid our mouth may feel reche and the tongue may feel numb when we eat the persimmon especially when it hasn’t become grape.

Tannins have a strong convergence effect, which can be combined with the acid in the stomach easily and then it would be solidified into blocks. Therefore, we can't eat too much persimmon and we should remove the peel before we eat the persimmon.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Some Foods That Can Relieving Heat and Sunstroke in Summer

In the hot summer, the temperature becomes higher and higher, which influences our moods. During this season, some foods that can relieve heat and sunstroke are our best choice.

Watermelon not only can detoxify and relieve thirsty but also it can help to promote digestion and urination. Therefore, we must eat watermelon in summer. In addition, the watermelon juice contains the nutrients that are necessary for our health such as sucrose, glucose, fructose, citrulline, propionic acid, alanine, glutamic acid, arginine, phosphoric acid, malic acid, salts, and carotene, vitamin C and so on.

Mung bean
During the physical works or after sweating heavily in the summer, drinking a bowl of mung bean soup is the most wonderful thing.

The traditional Chinese medicine book wrote that cucumber Qi is cold and bitter, which can remove heat and promote urination. Therefore, eating cucumber in summer is a good choice. In addition, cucumber can promote the evacuation of wastes and lower the cholesterol level.

Melon has good effect of relieve heat in summer. Because it can promote urination and contains very little sodium, melon is good for the people who are suffering from edema. In addition, it contains many kinds of vitamins and trace elements; it can regulate the balance of the metabolism.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It Is Ignorant to Say That Chinese Appliance Industry Has Gone Beyond That of Other Countries

After China entering WTO, Chinese appliance industry has made greater achievements than ever. However, can we say that Chinese manufacturing industry has gone beyond that of developed countries?

Really this is not meeting trouble half way or alarmist. From June 1 to 3, the Sino-Japan Green Expo of 2011 was held in Beijing, which makes Chinese appliance industry surprised.

 What did we see? We can't see any appliance on the booth of Hitachi and Toshiba that have opened the Chinese market by their color televisions. Canon and Olympus were showing green and renewable energy technology products. As of the world's largest electronic products leader Sony, showed about solar energy, water and other environmental concepts and technologies. In addition, Panasonic showed the regional integrated energy solutions from home to shoppers and the whole building that based on the energy creation, energy storage, saving energy and energy management.

Besides environmental protection products, renewable energy technology products and solutions, we suddenly found that the leading Japanese consumer electronics companies have been quietly shifted their development model. On the other hand, by peer review, we can see that in the traditional consumer electronics devices, they don’t want to compete with Chinese appliance industry. Not being difficult to understand the reason why those companies are giving up the traditional appliance manufacturing industry, they are put their concentration on the new fields.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Avoid Those Things If You Want to Lose Weight

Fresh fruit juice
Drinking freshly squeezed fruit juice can also make people fat? However, do not underestimate the power of juice. In general, the calories of the fruit juice may be twice as much as the calories of fruit. The store will add a certain amount of syrup in the juice and the heat will be even higher! Moreover, the nutrients contained in fruit juice are more easily absorbed.

People who often drink beer tend to top out a "beer belly". Why is that? Beer is a high-calorie alcoholic beverages, the calories of 1 liter of beer is equivalent to 200 grams or 500 grams of bread and potatoes. In addition, beer also contains 17 kinds of amino acids, 12 kinds of vitamins. That is why it has been called a "liquid bread ". Not only that, the beer also stimulates the appetite and gastric acid secretion and increases the function of digestion. Moderate drinking beer helps gain weight.

When you eat hamburger fries, will you accompany them with a cup of coke? Many people have got into the habit of drinking coke every day. A cup of coke can contain as much as 155 kcal heat. In addition, there are many other damaging effects of drinking coke.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

You can become happy by eating

You may feel boring sometimes. And can we become happy again by the way of eating the foods we like? The answer is positive. Eating is a pleasant matter and eating delicious foods is an enjoyment. And here I would like to advice you to eat the coarse grain foods, which has the effect of regulating your moods to some extent.

We eat because we are hungry and also because eating can make us feel happy. And when somebody feels boring and upset they want to eat chocolate or drink soda water, because those foods brought sweet memories when they were in their childhood.

Often the foods that can make us happy are made from sweet. And those kinds of foods can make your blood sugar increase quickly. And the chemical substance in the brain called seronine also increases. The seronine in the brain is related with human's moods. But the fact is that the insulin can make the blood sugar down and now your moods may become worse. Then you may again want to eat the sweet foods. So you can't have a stable mood.

The point is that when you are boring you should choose the right foods to eat. And the food should be healthy and also make you happy too.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Something about Losing Weight by Taking Medicine

Losing weight by the way of taking medicine can be a double-edge sword. And the drugs that is effective, safe and without setbacks hasn’t been developed. The losing weight medicines, just like other medicines, all have side effects and you should find balance between the necessity and the side effects.

Sometimes losing weight by taking medicine can be dangerous compared to by excises and other ways. Because by taking losing weight medicines the appetite would be contained. So it is fast and obvious to lose weight by taking medicines. You don’t need to be on diet and do excises. But the disadvantage is that this way has many side effects. You skin may become dark and the cells in your body would shrink and its activity would decrease, which can affect your health and physical strength.

There are many side effects of the losing weight medicines. You may go to the bathroom repeatedly, don’t want to go to bed, feel excited in the evening and feel thirsty. If those symptoms are serious you should stop taking the medicine immediately. Also you should avoid the medicines that contain some chemical substances such as diuretic, laxative and expansion admixture.

Although the effect of losing weight medicines are fast and obvious, the best way to losing weight is by doing excises and change your living habits.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

How to Being on Diet in Health Ways?

Fat-free foods are not always the best option. Sometimes low-fat foods are better. Studies have shown that lycopene, Alpha carotene, Bata Carotene, which are all anti-cancer and anti-heart disease foods. And they can never be extracted from fat-free foods.

Having no breakfast will make you feel tired in the morning and you will unconsciously increase the intake of some unhealthy snacks.

Not drinking enough water could undermine your weight-loss plan! Dehydrated condition will make your metabolic rate reduce by 3% or burn less 45 calories each day. So over a long time you can't lose weight effectively. The key of drinking water does not lie in the amount, but rather how often to drink.

In the supermarket frozen vegetables may be fresher than the so-called fresh vegetables. Because food suppliers usually put the vegetables into refrigerate a few hours after picking them, so nutrition has also been frozen into the vegetables. And the so-called "fresh vegetables" in the service of a large supermarket may have been in the truck for a few days.

Between meals if you feel hungry, do not drink coffee. But you can drink yogurt instead. A small cup of yogurt with low fat can provide you protein and other nutrition substances that can make you feel full.