Monday, December 20, 2010

The History of High Heels

In women's world, high heels are always the unique treasure for women. Every woman has her own special complex to high heels. But when mentioned the history of high heels, seldom of them know.

In 18th century, from the view of the popular Rococo style, the gorgeous costumes are stressed. So, the high heels are also changed. In that time, high heels are made of satin, woven cotton and budge. And the styles are mostly low-uppers high heels and low heels. And high heels are decorated with fine embroidery, and precious stone, and also with the steel shoe buckle. This delicate shoes need to be put a pair of leather shoe cover when go out.

In 19th century, high heels have experienced a very important development. High heels are almost out of the men's field, unlike popular with men at its first appearance. It gradually belongs to women's exclusive footwear.

Industrialization and the consequent large number of invention makes the 19th century a vibrant and explosive era. The concept of fashion has been gradually formed, and the shoe technology has reached a mature. It is popular for the different materials such as, satin, silk and leather. And the style also becomes more diverse.

The design on shoes has begun to emerge from the 20th century. Manufacturing shoes are not an activity, but a special profession centers on the prudent design. During that time, the designers make a combination between sandals and high heels. Because women have a more open attitude for dress, and the moral standards become less strict. The designers began to make the combination between high heels and scandals, make it a elegant high heel for banquet. Besides, high heeled, slender and elegant lines are the characteristics of shoes in this era.

The 21th century that is nowadays, high-heeled shoes today has become a symbol of women. Its meaning and value are created by the transformation and accumulation of social background and the cultural context. For example, in western countries, if the door of public place marked "high heel", it means the female restroom. This shoes the western social value and cultural tradition. In this century, the style of high heel, high heels shops, people who wear high heels, the expense on high heels, and the amount of high heel people posse are more and more. Most of women would wear high heels at a certain age and the reasons why they wear high heels are different.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Milk, Yoghourt and Soybean Milk-Which One to Choose?

In our daily life, milk, yoghourt and soybean milk become a necessity for our breakfast. However, there are many people have no idea about choosing one that suitable for them. Then we can make a comparison between the three drinks.

When it comes to the nutritional value, milk is the best one to choose. Fresh milk contains many minerals our body needs, such as, calcium, phosphorus and potassium, etc. all these minerals play a significant role in children's development and metabolism. And its specific lactose has more important nutritional function to human body. Because the galactose obtained by the degradation of lactose plays a particular role in baby's mental development. On the other hand, lactose in the human intestinal can promote the growth and reproduction of lactic acid bacteria, thus promote the absorption of calcium and other minerals.

Yogurt is generally made from fresh milk of high quality which goes through the fermentation of lactic acid, so its nutritional value is lower than fresh milk, but the nutrients almost the same as milk.

Compared with fresh milk, the protein that soybean milk contains is equal to milk. But the content of vitamin B2 is only one third of that in milk. The content of vitamin A and C is zero. Although it is high in iron, the calcium it contains is half of it in milk.

When mentioned the health efficacy, the three drinks share equally. Generally speaking, milk contains a variety of active substances; it plays a big role in eliminating the bacteria and viruses, repairing the injury in our body and the dead cells and maintaining a stale internal environment.

Besides, milk is rich in calcium, vitamin and other nutrients. The lactic acid bacteria in yoghurt can produce lots of lactic acid through the formation of lactose; this has a significant role in the inhabitation of the growth and reproduction of harmful bacteria in enteral. Also, yogurt can help the digestion and absorption if intestinal material and enhance body's immunity.

Soybean milk is rich in high quality vegetable protein, fats and vitamin. And the content of lecithin and vitamin E it contains are higher than milk. So, drinking soybean milk for a long time can regulate blood lipids, protect the liver, prevent hardening of the arteries and promote thinking.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tips on Having a Good Sleep for Women


Sleep has a relationship with a kind of material called epiphysin. In winter, it becomes dark at 5 or 6 o'clock. The light becomes weak, and the secretion of melatonin increases, so people have a strong feeling to go to sleep. Compared with summer, because of the control of light, people don't want to sleep anymore after their waking up. In rural area, the environment is very suitable for sleeping due to the little light. In city, there are still much light in night, so a good sleep should reduce the affection by light.


In winter, the temperature is low, so many people close the windows and doors tightly, under this situation, the air circulation will be prevented, so it prone to produce bacteria. However, open all the doors and windows are not the wise behavior, this will cause people to catch a cold. To what extent should windows and doors be opened ought to according people's individual situation. If you are afraid of cold, you can close windows in bedroom, and open windows in living room and door of bedroom. This can maintain good ventilation.

Shower gel

Before sleeping, you can take a bath, and in this process shower gel play an important role. There are kinds of shower gel, which are for different people with different skin types. In winter, people's skin will easily dry, so we should choose the moisture- based one. Improper selection on shower gel will make you uncomfortable because of the skin problem.


Some people like eating something before going to bed. Actually this is not a healthy habit. Before sleeping, you should keep your stomach have no pressure. Also it is not good to drink a lot of water before sleeping. Because, during sleeping, your going to the restroom will certainly interrupt your sleep. Some people would need long time to fall asleep again.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Two Bad Habits on Fitness

Women are now more concerned about their stature, so many women are involved in fitness. They may spend lots of money on fitness; however, there are some women may have the bad habits in daily life. The bad habits in our daily life would make many negative effects to women. So, if we can't realize the negative effects of bad habits that may bring to us, can certainly all the efforts we have done may be a foam. The fitness specialist suggests that if we want to make our fitness successful, we should also change the bad habits in our daily life. Then what are those bad habits? Let us have a look.

No exercises after meal

Many women would have this habit, after meal they like to stay at one place, chatting or watching TV, actually if things go on, we will be easily gain weight. So, after meal, we should do some housework, such as, wash bowls, sweep the floor or go out for walking. In all, we should force ourselves to take exercises for fifteen minutes, but the intensive of exercise should be slight.

Go on diet for weight-loss

Our body needs to take a certain amount of nutrition and calories, only this body can maintain the normal operation. The excessive dieting cannot afford the nutrition and calories that our body needs, so, it is not a good habit for us to take. The dietician has made a scientific diet for women who are taking fitness. The breakfast should be mainly taken foods that rich in protein, as for lunch, we should take small amount of carbohydrate, such as, rice, steamed bread, and we should take hominy and other coarse grains. And when it comes to dinner, we should take a light one, the fresh fruits and vegetables are best.

Friday, December 3, 2010

4 Types of Fruit Juice help to Improve Dark Circles

In daily life, we can find that if we were staying up, the next day, we would feel fatigue, and dark circles will occur around our eyes. Actually, all the women who are used to staying up, their physical fitness and energy will obviously reduce; this is due to the lack of sleep.

Generally speaking, our skin will be in a state of maintenance at 10pm to 2am. If staying up all night for a long term, our endocrine system and nervous system will be destroyed, then our skin will face such problems, dryness, poor flexibility, and lack of luster, pimples, acne, chloasma, killo and other issues. There are five types of fruit juice we can drink when we stay up.

First, we can cut apple, carrots, spinach and celery to small pieces, and then add milk, honey, and small amount of sugars in to it. And then use fruit juice mixer to smash them, finally a glass of nutritious fruit and vegetable juice is made.

The second type of fruit juice can be made of banana, pawpaw and high-quality yogurt. Also we should use a fruit juice mixer to smash these fruits. Then it is made, this type of fruit can supplement the energy that our body needs.

Thirdly, we can use kiwi fruit, orange and lemon to make fruit juice. These fruits contain large amount of vitamin, therefore, it can supplement the energy at the same time to make us beautiful.

Besides, fruit juice made of shaddock, grape and honey can bring you a sweet and sour taste. If you like the sour taste you can try this kind of juice.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

4 Colors of Foods can Help to Lose Weight

Red foods can promote the metabolism and burn the fat fast. At the same time, the fat that accumulated in our body can be easily burned. That is to say, we can sculpt a shape that is not easy to become fat, but also easy to be slim. Thus, red food is necessary for weight-loss. Besides, red food can promote the blood circulation, enhance our immune system, and add vitality to our cells, which has obvious effect on improving the cold hand syndrome and anti-aging.

Green food
has a strong power in purification. It can help to discharge the accumulate waste and purify the body to make it clean. Also, green food can help to discharge the waste and toxin in our body while supplement the vitamin and minerals, which can promote digestion, absorption and discharge. Therefore, green food has the function on weight-loss, and anti-aging.

Black food
can supplement energy to people who have fragile health. Black foods have an excellent effect on nourishing the body, strengthening the immune system and improve the physical weakness. And our body can be purified at the same time our body's natural healing ability can be improved. Thus enhance the vitality of cells and ability of immune system, and create vibrant physique.

The hurt that caused by the unscientific diet, pressure, and the air pollution can be recovered by the yellow foods, such as, lemon, corn, ginger, etc. yellow foods can maintain the normal operation of digestive organs and internal organs, and improve metabolism. Thus, it makes weight-loss an easy thing.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

3 Fruits can Help Improve Sleep

Many people sometimes suffer from insomnia; this is really a miserable thing. So when facing with such problem, we should take some action to nurse in order to prevent the symptom goes further. Actually some fruits we eat in our daily life can play a sedative and hypnotic role.


A new study shows that intake two kiwis every day, the quality of sleep can be improved to four percent. The generation of sleep disorders relate to central nervous over-excited, sympathetic nerve over-aroused and the large secretion of hormones. Kiwi is rich in calcium, magnesium and vitamin C; this can help the synthesis and transmission of neurotransmitter. Besides, it is also rich in calcium that rare in other fruits, this can play a function to stable emotion and inhibit the sympathetic nervous.


Grapes contain the material-epiphysin which can help people fall asleep. Epiphysin is a kind of material that secreted by the pineal gland, which has a close relationship with sleep. During night, the pineal gland secretes the most, and this indicates that people should go to sleep. And in the morning, the pineal gland secretes the least so it indicates it is time to get up. Therefore, grape can help regulate the sleep cycle, improve the abnormal sleep. The expert also says that due to the high content of antioxidants and alcohol, the wine contains much more epiphysin than grapes, this is more conductive to sleep.


Banana contains such materials such as vitamin B6 and serotonin which can make people away from depression and make people have a spiritual pleasure. The material exists in banana can help people far away from depressive symptoms, so they will fall asleep quickly.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Top 4 Common Health Issues For Women

It is no surprise that there are thousands of health issues for women out there. They have a huge impact to the female population. Below are the top 5 most common health issues for women:


Every woman expects to bear a child in their lifetime. They love children and being pregnant is like a dream come true for most women. Pregnancy is a major health issue which women find very interesting. It covers everything from reproductive health down to becoming a responsible mother.

Breast cancer

Of course, breast cancer is included in the list of common health issues for women. Everybody knows that breast cancer is one of the leading causes of deaths among women. It is only normal that issues regarding this disease affect all women. That’s why they find any breast cancer information valuable. They are very interested to know the causes, signs, symptoms, and treatments for breast cancer.


Women are more conscious of their weight and figure than men. No wonder, they find it very interesting to learn about health issues for women that cover the problem on obesity. They love to read about diet plans, exercises, and other issues concerning their weight. They are ready to try out all sorts of diets, take the latest weight loss drugs, or even undergo surgery that can help prevent obesity.


Women are very sensitive about health issues for women concerning menopause. It seems that many of them dread this stage in their lives as it signifies aging. In addition, there are many other health issues associated with it like hormonal imbalance and emotional problems.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Four Tips Help to Lose Weight

Most of people have the unreasonable eating habit, someone may have the habit to over-eat and take excessive nutrition, and others who are on diet may take little nutrition and they keep slim at the cost of their health. Both of the eating habits are unscientific. There are four small tips can help you lose weight without sacrifice health.

Make sure that your meal time is relatively stable, and ensure the provision of nutrition is balanced and comprehensive. Our body is very magical; it can adjust itself in order to adapt our eating rhythm. It eating in a regular pattern, our body can adapt to form a precise diet clock. If food provides the nutrition our body needs, then we will not feel hungry in the interval of two meals.

May be many people have heard this saying that is when you feel hungry, drinking a glass of water. We may just deem it as a kidding; actually, it has done some effect. In fact, regularly taking drinks that without sugar and caffeine can help regulate our physical process, and generally improve our appetite.

There may be sometimes that we just take meal but after a moment, we would feel hungry. This may be a false signal that our stomach sends to our brain. When we feel hungry in the interval between two meals, wait for 15minutes and then take some food and make this a habit. Generally speaking, if not taking foods at once, the feeling of hunger may disappear.

These natural foods, such as a piece of fresh fruit, low-fat yogurt, a small amount of almond or some cereal cookies can not only provide the energy that our body needs but also can help us to avoid over-eating. And thus we can achieve the goal to lose weight.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

How to Control Your Appetite Healthily

It sounds easy to control our appetite, but difficult to do. There are always some moments we can't resist the temptation of delicious foods. Then is there any healthy way to control our appetite and reduce our desire for foods, and help us naturally achieve the goal to lose weight? Yes, there are some methods can help us achieve our goals.

Compared with the reducing of intake of energy, it is more reasonable to take protein. Because, when you reduce the intake of energy, your stomach is also empty. Even if you consciously control your intake of food, your body will continuously send a signal of lock of food. So, it is protein that can make you have satiety, and it needs time to be digested and absorbed by your body.

Those people who are on diet do not take carbohydrates and avoid eating potatoes. Actually, potatoes can help you reduce appetite. That is because, potato contains a special kind of starch which can resist the function of digestive ferment to a certain extent, and so it also costs long time to digest potatoes. Therefore, potato can stay long time in your intestinal tract and can delay the time hunger would come to you.

It is not a good idea to not taking fat during the weight-loss process. According to a research, the oleic acid exists in olive oil, nuts and avocados is a kind of unsaturated fat which can help to reduce the feeling of hunger. In the digestive process, this unsaturated fat will be converted into a complex; it will indirectly make your brain send a signal that you are full.

Go to gym can not only help you consume more calories, but also help you to reduce the appetite. According to a research on a magazine, sixty minutes' high-intensity aerobic exercise can allow you to have no appetite for 1to 2 hours.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Three Steps Help You to be a Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping beauty always leave us an impression that sweet and silent. According to its name, that is through sleep we can become more beautiful. Enough sleep is the requisite of beauty. And face is the visual part to performance beauty. So, it is very important to maintain the beauty of face. However, in nowadays, all the women seem to lack of sleep. In fact, sleep is very crucial to beauty; it would be no exaggeration to say that no food and cosmetics and have the same effects with sleep.

Take a shower. Take shower before sleep can increase body temperature, smooth blood circulation, promote the blood velocity and pressure, and speed up the body's metabolism, so that every inch of our skin can completely get relaxed.

Look into the mirror. In addition to carefully wash and some easy facial massage, there is a magic formula-look into the mirror. Make an expression that you think is the best of your own-a pleasant smile to mirror. And then sleep in the happy state of mind. The beautiful expression will impress in your brain, and you will be naturally become a sleeping beauty.

Music and milk is the good companion of sleep. After a full day's exposure, skin in evening will be very fatigue. You can use the sleep time to listen some music and immerse in the quiet and mellow mood that created by music. And thus your spirit and skin will be soothed by music. Milk contains two hypnotic substances, which can combine with the central nervous system or peripheral opioid peptide receptor, and make body feel comfortable. Thus we will be conductive to sleep and our fatigue will be relieved. The function is especially notable for those people who are neurasthenic caused by their physical weakness.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Some Jewelry Will Make Women Sick

Jewelry could cause dermatitis. Generally speaking, pure gold and silver jewelry have stable performance, the probability of the occurrence of skin sensibility is low. But people who have allergic constitution will easy to suffer from the dermatitis, due to some stimulus.

Ring syndrome

People often wear rings all the year round; this will make fingers numb, acid swelling, painful. Seriously, it will lead to deformation of fingers. If not put off in time, it will affect the blood circulation, even lead to partial necrosis. If wear ring for a long time, the skin below will hard to clean, thus, the bacteria and viruses will multiply; the pathogenic micro-organism will cause infection. So, remember to pick your ring once a while.

Earbob syndrome

It is unhealthy to make your ears pierced on the street randomly. Because the tool that used for piercing are not disinfect completely will make you infect with tetanus. So you'd better go to hospital to pierce ears. Besides, you should avoid piercing in summer, because in summer we will sweat more, a little neglect will cause inflammation to ears. What's more, if you wear earbobs in premature time, the friction between earrings and skin may result in skin ulcers.

Radioactive jewelry disease

A health institution in New York made a test in thousands of gold jewelry, and they find that about 70 pieces of jewelry contains radioactive element. Some radioactive elements such as, polonium, cobalt, radium, etc, often live along with gold mine. In the process of mining, smelting, and producing golden jewelry, it is evitable that a small amount of residue of radioactive elements. When wear these jewelry with radioactive elements, the skin that contact with them will be exposed to radiation, thus cause radioactive disease, and seriously will cause radiation cancer. 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Three Types of Foods can Help You Remove Wrinkles

As a fashionable woman, smooth skin is necessary. However, now many young women are with wrinkles on their face. The generation of winkles is caused by the loss of water, excessive fatigue, their profession, weather and other inner and internal reasons. So, we should pay attention to those seemingly unserious winkles.

Eating foods that are rich in nucleic acid such as, fish, shrimp, oysters, mushroom, white fungus, honey, etc, can delay the aging, remove the stain and inhibit the generation of winkles. The researcher has done an experiment to thirty women; the researcher let these women take nucleic acid 800mg and a certain amount vitamin C every day. And after a month, the stain removal happen to nine of those women, the disappearing of winkles happen to five of them and eight people are having a change on their skin, their skin change from rough to smooth. And others also have some improvement on their faces.

According to the nutritionists' analysis, a hectogram pigskin contains the content of protein is 26.4% and it is 2.5 times of that in pork. And the fat is only half of that in pork. The protein in pigskin is mainly collagen, which has the function to maintain the moisture in skin and soften skin and keep the balance of water between the inside and outside of cells. The collagen is the main raw material for the growth of skin cells; it can reduce the winkles on our skin and make us look younger.

What's more, vitamin A can main the smooth appearance of our skin and vitamin C and E are antioxidant which can prevent the subcutaneous fat from oxidation, and enhance the vitality of the epidermis and dermis to avoid the skin premature aging.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Foods can Also Help You Lose Weight

When you see this title you must confused with this. That's right; foods can also help lose weight. Many people who are on diet feel it is difficult to control their appetite. The moment they see the cate, they can't help to eating it. And all the efforts they have done become nothing. Therefore, we find some foods that can help you meet your stomach's needs at the same time can help you lose weight.

Mint toothpaste has the magic to help you lose weight. Instead of using the diet pills and dietic tea torture our stomach, it would be better to amend our daily habits, change the details of our life, all these small things can help us lose weight.

Brush our tooth scientifically not only can make our tooth bright and healthy, but also can effectively suppress our appetite. Doctors said that the origin that we can't stop eating lie in the greasy fur on our tongue, which make us with a large appetite. Therefore, though we eat lots of foods, we can't feel satisfied. Only eat the salty, sweet and spicy foods can make us satisfied. And finally, it would lead to the loss of control of appetite.

Slop diet is now popular with many people. It is on the theory that, the slop is easier than the solid food to be absorbed and it quickly generates a sense of fullness. Therefore, the expert recommends that leave you three days a week to take the soup, which is low in fat as the main food. This can help you have the sense of fullness, and will not add any burden to your stomach.

For many people chocolate muse be a sweet temptation, we are eager for its unparalleled taste, but often in the fear that we will be out of shape, so we are trapped in a contradictory choices. Actually black chocolate can help to improve the body's antioxidant levels, thus can prevent the incidence of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It also contributes to weight-loss and beauty.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Several Types of Super-cute Limited Edition Perfume

Every fall, each brand will launch a new limited edition fragrance of its most popular perfume in order to reward those perfume fans. Not all the perfume is worth of collecting. But this year, there are really some good products have been on sale.

The series of fragrance that Estee Lauder launched every year can be seen as an artwork. And the shapes of fragrance are different in different countries. And this year Estee Lauder sells a kind of fragrance, the shape of the bottle like a snail. And the snail's body decorates with gems, which is not cheap and very chic. It can be seen as an expensive gist to lovers on wedding or birthday. And it may cost $275.

French designer Thierry Mugler's design is full of unconstrained imagination. And the Alien perfume has launched a new limited edition; the purple crystal seems to be from the measureless universe and it carved with golden flowers. Also, this bottle can be filled again, so you can put the perfume which you like into it.

Another type of perfume Angel also has launched a new bottle package. This is a kind of perfume which is packed very cool, the bottle is in shape of five-pointed star, and it is shaped by leather, stones and glass. If you are a person who wears leather pants, and diamond lovers, it must be suitable for you.

If you like the feeling of celature, then the Kat Von D perfume may be suitable for you. The lush foliage mixes with the skull which symbols death make a feeling of rock, and the design of the cap of the bottle allows you put it in your bag without worrying on whether it would drop or not.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Four Mistaken Ideas on Weight-Loss

Many people want to lose weight, and also there are some people on the way to weight-loss, but many people finally find it is very difficult to lose weight. However, if you don't trap yourself in the mistaken areas, weight-loss is not a difficult thing. Let us have a look what mistaken areas we had been misguided.

Only eat a single kind of food

Many people believe that eat an apple or other vegetables can reduce the intake of food, and consume fat in a large amount. Besides, many people choose to eat apples and vegetables instead of meat and staple food. Though this is efficient in a short time, long-term of taking this habit would probably lead to the increase of occurrence of malnutrition, anemia and osteoporosis.

Go on diet without taking exercises

If you're just control diet, without doing any exercises, this would probably reduce the muscles, and make body inhibiting on consumption of energy. The healthy way to lose weight should be coordinated with the right amount of exercises, which can help to add the basic metabolism; this can reduce the fat effectively.

Giving up weight-loss on halfway

Many people may have such experience that they give up weight-loss on halfway for its hardness. If you don't change your lifestyle, it is hard to lose weight, but if you cultivate a good eating habit in daily life, it won't be difficult.

Taking slimming drugs blindly

Taking slimming drugs is also a universal way can be seen in our daily life. This would add the risk of heart disease, besides, taking slimming drugs would also add burden to heart and lead to heart diseases. Although go on diet, we also should take three meals a day, but with the controlling on the amount of meals.

Friday, November 19, 2010

4 Factors Contributing to Women's Headache

Headaches plague 45 million Americans, mostly are women. However, in addition to the visual fatigue, stress, hormone levels can cause headaches; there are many unexplained reasons, like perfume, weather, headwear, or hunger.


The sense of smell-sensitive people, a considerable number of people because of the taste and smell the perfume headaches. Strong nose and taste will stimulate the nerve cells; thereby stimulating the nervous system caused headaches.


The change of air pressure, the rise of temperature, humidity, lightning and clouds can cause headache. This is because the changes of weather cause the change of chemical substances and electrical stimulation in the brain, which can cause nerve irritation, causing headache.


Low blood sugar may stimulate nerve pathways, causing headache, but the exact mechanism is still not clear. But eat more foods contain magnesium and riboflavin can help prevent and alleviate headaches.

Earrings, scarves and ponytail

If the ponytail is too tight, it will stimulate your muscular system. In addition, wearing tight hats, scarves and heavy earrings can also cause headache. Loose hair and remove the earrings at home can ease headache.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Some Types of Nutritious and Healthy Foods for Women

The foods that we eat in our daily life not only provide the nutrition our body needs, but also the important powder resources that help us to manage a day's activity. However, as for women, the intake of nutrition is different from that of men. Then which kind of foods can allow women get more nutrition and health? Let us have a look.

Red rice contains lots of starch and plant protein, it can add strength and maintain the normal temperature of our body. It is rich in many nutrients, of which the most abundant one is iron, thus it has the function to enrich the blood and prevent the anemia. And it is also rich in phosphorus, vitamin A and B, which can improve the malnutrition, night blindness and beriberi and other disease.

Among the many types of fruits, acidic fruits contain more vitamin C, and today's nutrition has been unanimously praised vitamin C as the anti-oxidant. Vitamin C can hinder the free radicals' damage on cells and reduce the aging process. So, it is very good for women to eat fruits that are rich in vitamin C.

Soybean is cheap but of high value. As for women, the isoflavones it contains has the similar function with estrogen hormone, it can low the blood cholesterol, protect heart and prevent the osteoporosis of breast cancer.

We can see broccoli on many anti-aging recipes, it is a kind of very useful food for women. Because its richness in antioxidants, so it can slow the free radicals and thus to delay aging.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fruits can Make Your Hair Elegant and Attractive


Apple contains a great amount of nutrition that our hair needs. Among those nutrients, malic acid can prevent our hair and skin from dryness. And vitamin has the function to whitening skin; pectin is able to maintain the moisture of skin and hair. In addition, the nutrients in apple can also inhibit the growth of dandruff, compose scalp and relieve itching.


The enzymes that papaya contains approach to our growth hormone. So eat it can help us keep young. And the nutrients that papaya contains such as, vitamin C, iron, calcium, potassium, carotene and lutein can provide the varieties of nutrition to our hair, and deep cleaning and nourishing by removal of the old and waste protein accumulated in our body.


Kiwi can be called the king of the fruits. It is rich in carotene, vitamin C and arginine. Except its excellent ability in anti-radiation, anti-oxidation and anti-free radicals, it can help to maintain the moisture of hair and prevent hair from dryness and improve the state of scalp, due to its large content of ALA acid.

Star fruit

Star fruit is called the active wizard of vitamin. It contains lots of sugar, sucrose, fructose, glucose and malic acid, citric acid, oxalic and protein, all of which can help to improve digestion, nourishing and caring hair.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fruits can Make Your Hair Elegant and Attractive

With an elegant and attractive hair is everyone's desire, because beautiful hair is also a part of beauty, so there are varieties of shampoo on sale. Actually, except the treatment of hair by those hair care articles, some fruits can also help us posse elegant and attractive hair. Then let us have a look what they are?


Kumquat is rich in vitamin C, which can stimulate the scalp metabolism, and can maintain the color of our hair bright after hair-dyeing. At the same time, its fresh flavor can make us relaxed, and play the role to refresh our brain and spirit.


Orange also contains abundant vitamin C, and the citrus essential oil extracted from the orange peel can help improve our immunity, compose the nerves, eliminate anxiety and stress, and also it has strong anti-aging effect. The use of citrus essential oil to hair care can play a role in cooling and refreshing spirit and removal of dandruff.


The nutritional elements that peach contains such as, protein, fat, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin B and C have the role in deep moisturizing and firming skin, and make our skin moist and elastic and enhance our skin's ability on resistance. What's more, peach can offer the high degree in moisturizing and nourishing the hair and thus enhance our hair's softness.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Four Effective Ingredients on Whitening Skin

As for women, beauty is women's lasting desire, and of course white skin is a major part of beauty. So, those skin-whitening cosmetics are always popular with women. Then let us have a look at the effective ingredients on whitening skin.

Tartaric acid is a kind of acid that extracted from fruit, and the best tartaric acid is that extracted from sugar cane, and it is used commonly currently. Its function lies in that it can remove the hyperkeratotic horny layer, stimulate the growth of new cells, and at the same time to remove the facial wrinkles, fade pigment, thus make our skin more soft, white, smooth and elastic.

Arbutin can reduce the formation of melanin effectively without affecting the concentration of cell proliferation. That is to say its security is relatively high. Arbutin is also called ursin. It has been added to whitening products early in 1989. It has a value in whitening our skin.

Vitamin C is a representative of additives in the early whitening products. It is high in security, but weak in stability. If not protected, it would soon lose its vitality in cream. So, in order to keep it stable, people figured many methods, such as, use the pectin in orange flesh to keep vitamin C's natural activity, and until it is used to coat on our skin, the pectin is released.

Aloe is used in whitening products due to it has a good function in caring our skin after exposing in the sun. It can mitigate the melanization caused by the stimulation of ultraviolet light.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Four Tips on Skin Nursing for Female Computer Users

In the internet era, the impact of internet to our work and life becomes more and more important. And for those women who have to face computer during work or who likes surfing, the computer's radiation is a major role which can prevent our skin from health and beauty. Then how to reduce the radiation to our skin and how to make our skin healthy and white?

First, make a complete face protection

For those women who don't want to give up surfing, but want to posse healthy and beautiful skin, skin care becomes a prominent problem. The radiation of screen would generate static which can easily absorb dust. So, women who are facing computer for a long time would easily have skin problems. Therefore, smear a layer of facial treatment milk and a layer of foundation make-up before use computer. This can enhance the skin's resistance to radiation.

Make a thoroughly clean of skin

After surfing on internet, the first task is to clean skin. A thorough clean of skin can wash away the dust that absorbed by static. And the coat skin with a mild skin care products. Keep doing this for a long time can reduce the harm and beautify skin.

Supply nutrition is very important

Vitamin B is very beneficial for brainworker. If you sleep late in night, and you don't sleep well, you should eat liver, fresh vegetables and fruits, because they contain abundant vitamin B. in addition, meat, fish and dairy products have a function to increase memory. Chocolate, wheat donut, seafood and dried fruits can enhance the coordination of the nervous system, so they are the best snacks for us to eat during surfing.

Doing exercises can help you allay tiredness

Surfing on internet for a long time would make us feel dizzy, stiffness if our finger and pain in our back, what's the worse, edema of lower extremity and varicosity would happen to us. Therefore, we should take exercises frequently so as to keep the exuberant energy.

Friday, November 12, 2010

How to make Your Skin More Healthy and Beautiful?

The essence of beauty should be the combination of the inner beauty and outer beauty. And our mind and the state of the function of our body can affect inner and outer beauty. Once the obstacles and changes come to the function of our body, there would be some skin problems. Because our skin just likes a mirror, it can reflect the internal and external situation of our body.

Malnutrition will make our skin easy to atrophy, lose luster and elasticity, as well as pale. Therefore, we can find that how important role nutrition has played to our skin. Nutrition can be taken from foods, so, a good eating habit is not only beneficial for skin, but also the necessity of life. Therefore, in order to keep a healthy body and skin and to enhance our beauty, the intake of nutrition can't be ignored. And the right eating habit which is good for health should be like this, balance, in time and a certain amount.

In addition, it is not difficult to keep a good and healthy dietary. What it comes down to is adequate protein, fat, vegetables, fruits, fiber and use the foods made of whole wheat flour replace foods made of refined flour.

What's more, nowadays there are many women are keen to lose weight. Some many due to the reason that obesity would lead to some diseases and others just want to keep her beautiful curves. However, the excessive weight loss would affect our ability to take food. If the nutrition that our body needs can't be sufficient, naturally, it will reflect on our skin.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Low-carbon Diet, Scientific Weight-loss

Under the major trend of losing weight, the references of BMI played to women are mainly from the psychology. If a person is fat or morbidly fat, he should immediately lose weight, because obesity is a kind of disease, it can lead to twenty six diseases that related.

In order to solve the variety problems that caused by obesity, people have tried any ways to control weight, and to achieve a better figure and the ultimate goal that is health.

The slimming drugs have been booming for decades, but so far there is not a kind of drug can bring the really effective and lasting effect to people. The slimming drugs has the same side effects with diet and liposuction and other methods to lose weight, it would bring people metabolic imbalance and lack of nutrition.

Under this circumstance, the idea of low-carbon diet has been proposed. Low-carbon diet is low carbohydrate, it mainly add the intake of protein and fat through the strict limit to the consumption of carbohydrates.

Simply speaking, low-carbon diet makes the fuel carbohydrates our body needs turn into fat, and fat becomes the main fuel for our body. Therefore, low-carbon diet forces us to change the fat that our body saved into the main source of energy of our body.

In addition, the biggest characteristic of low-carbon diet is that it can help people lose weight unconsciously. So it provides a simple, rapid, effective and sustained life-long and nutritional method on losing eight to those people who are busy with work. In all, it provides a healthy way to lose weight for people.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Let Fruits Help You Lose Weight-Part Two


Apple is rich in pectin, which can help to form a combination between intestines and toxins; this can accelerate detoxification and reduce the absorption of energy. In addition, apple is also rich in potassium, which can prevent leg swelling. Chewing slowly an apple which is a bit hard can not only make people have a sense of satiety, but also provide people a low calories.


The acid material in grapefruit can help to increase the digestive juice, promote digestion, and help people absorb the nutrition. The reason why grapefruit is one of the best choices for losing weight is that it is rich in vitamin C. about a grape fruit contains 100 mg vitamin C. It can not only resist fatigue, but also can beautify skin. What's more, it is low in sugar, so when you are on diet, grapefruit is out of question the best choice to supplement vitamin C. Some girls will be afraid of the heavy sour, so you can drop a little honey to grapefruit, and then it will not be sour. 


Have you ever heard that eat pineapple should after a meal. Because pineapple's proteolytic enzyme is quite strong. It can help the digestion of protein in meat and other foods. If eat it before meal, your parieto is likely to be hurt. Therefore, if you want to eat pineapple achieve the goal that you can lose weight, please pay attention to time.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Let Fruits Help You Lose Weight

Are you worrying about your figure? Now, I will tell you a piece of good news that some fruits which are easily found in our daily life can help to lose weight.

Banana is rich in dietary fiber, vitamin A, potassium, etc. for those girls who have problems such as constipation, dry skin; this is a kind of fruit that can help you become beautiful and slim. What's more, the element of banana is mainly sugariness; it can be quickly digested, and can help you add strength. Eat one banana can make you feel full; don't take mistakes for its sweet taste.

is also rich in vitamin C. it is popular with young girls. It can be called king of the fruits because it's rich dietary fiber and potassium. Like pineapple, it is also rich in lots of proteolytic enzymes. Kiwi has the function to prevent constipation, help digestion, and beautify the skin. What's more it can be bought all the year round. So, people who want to lose weight should not miss kiwi.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Which Kind of Meat is the Smart Choice for Expectant Mother

For expectant women, the nutrition is very important, if you are a person that can't live without meat. You should pay attention to your diet and see whether you have lost sight in some nutrients. It seems very common to eat meat; however different meat has different nutritional value.

The first choice should be fish. This because fish not only contain protein high in quality, moderate fat, abundant vitamins, and inorganic salt but also contains polyunsaturated fatty acids. Polyunsaturated fatty acids that fish contains have the function to prevent abortion, premature labor and slow growth of fetus. And these polyunsaturated fatty acids can't be synthesized in body. It only can be obtained through foods, and the best source is fish. Therefore, nutrition experts recommend that pregnant women had better eat fish 2to 3 times a week.

The second is rabbit meat. It is high in protein, and low in fat. So it is suitable for those expectant mothers who are fat before pregnancy or women who are overweight.

Chicken is also a good choice for expectant mother for it is low in fat. And chicken is very tender, and with an even and not wasteful distribution of the fat, so it is easy to digested.

Beef also has abundant nutrition. Beef not only contains the abundant protein, iron and copper, but also contains abundant vitamin B.

Pork has the highest fat. The excessive intake of pork is unhealthy. So, expectant mother should pay attention to it and better take a little of pork.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

What Benefits can Dates Bring to Pregnant Women?

Dates is rich in nutrition, it contains lots of nutrients and trace elements. And its content of vitamin C is higher than apple, pear, grape, peach, hawthorn, orange, lemon and other fruits. It is also rich in vitamin P, vitamin A. So, dates enjoy the reputation of natural vitamin. It has a great help on the supplements of nutrition to pregnant women and the development and growth of baby.

Date has the function to improve the physical weakness, nourish nerve, and enrich the blood and sooth the nerve, so it is very good for pregnant women.

First, dates can promote the development of fetus's brain. This is mainly because that date is rich in folic acid, which involves in the generation of cells, so, it can promote the development of nervous system of fetus.

In addition, date is rich in trace elements such as, zinc, which is good for the development of fetus's brain and thus promotes the fetus's intellectual development.

Date can help strength pregnant women's immunity. Jujube is a nutritious tonic, it not only contains abundant carbohydrates, and protein but also contains abundant vitamin and minerals. All these have a great benefit for pregnant women and their fetus's health.

What's more, date can strengthen the spleen and reinforce the stomach. Eating enough dates can significantly enhance stomach function and thus help us whet the appetite. Date can also supplement qi and blood; this is particularly helpful for pregnant women who lose a lot in qi and blood.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Four Dried Fruits have Good Effect on Replenishing Blood

As for women, anemia is a disease easily can be seen. The lack of blood make women's complexion has no brilliancy and hair becomes dry and other symptoms. And more seriously, it can affect our life. So, it is a wise to replenishing blood from foods. Then which kind of foods can provide us a good result. Let's have a look.


Mulberry contains the most abundant natural iron among the fruits. Nearly per one hundred grams contains 42.5mg. It is called to be the fruit for replenishing blood. The recommended method to eat mulberry is to use it for cooking congee. And every day a bowl of mulberry porridge can supplement the blood and make us beauty. However, the pregnant women should not eat mulberry.


Raisin is a very beneficial to replenishing blood. Make the grape into raisin, and the content of iron about 9.1mg in per one hundred grams. And during the process of sun-curing, the grape skin has been kept at maximum. The nutrition that grape skins contain is higher than the flesh contains.


Each one hundred grams of longan contains about 3.9mg iron, and it is also rich in iron among those fruits. It can be used to as a kind of food treatment for anemia. In general it is used to stew porridge and cook soup. Although longan is good, we should not eat it a lot at a time.

Dried date

Among dried dates, black date and glaced date are the best. The iron content is about 3.7mg to 3.9mg in per one hundred grams. So it can be considered as a fine food among those replenishing blood foods. The dried dated are also rich in vitamin C, which is an important factor to promote the absorption of iron, and so that our body absorb iron will be very efficient.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Health Hazard Caused by Losing Weight-Part Two

Beauty is an eternal topic for women, so they try everything to make them beautiful. However, there are some potential hazards in the process of seeking for beauty.


People who want to diet will have the problem that they can't obtain the enough nutrients. The insufficiency of vitamin B12, folic acid and iron will certainly lead to anemia.

Memory decay

The main power that supports our brain to work comes from fat, which can stimulate brain, speed up the brain's ability to process information, and increase the short-term and long-term memory. If the intake amount and storage capacity of fat are insufficient and the lack of nutrients will directly affect our memory. So we gradually have a bad memory.

Losing hair

The main components of our hair are protein, zinc, iron, copper and other trace elements. For those people who are losing weight, they body can't contain sufficient fat and protein, therefore, their hair loss frequently and the hair gradually lose their luster.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Health Hazard Caused by Losing Weight-Part One

When mentioned lose weight, I think many women have suffered a lot. The hazard caused by losing weight is very awful. So as for women, we should have some knowledge about the hazard caused by losing weight.

Do not admire those women who eat a little can work a day. Actually, her stomach has suffered a lot. She may have such symptoms, inappetence and swelling pain. The result is perhaps gastroptosis.


Our bile is secreted by the liver, which contains cholesterol, bile salts, calcium and lecithin, etc. they keep a certain proportion. People who are too thin can't get enough energy, so the deposition of fat in body will accelerate to consume, and cholesterol will move, this may lead an increase of the content of cholesterol in bile. And the bile will become sticky and precipitate the formation of stones.


A research shows the incidence of hipbone fracture in woman who is thin in 1time high than woman who is in standard weight. This mainly because the thin body can't contain the sufficient estrogen, so this would affect the combination between calcium and bone, and it can't maintain the normal bone density. Therefore, people who want to lose weight are likely to have such symptoms, osteoporosis and bone fracture.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Four Types of Foods can Make You Quickly Get Old

Food contains lead

Lead will apparently reduce the content of norepinephrine, dopamine and 5-hydroxytryptamine in our brain. And this would lead to the block of nervous conduction, the loss of memory, dementia and mental retardation. Too much intake of lead would also directly damage the function of genetic material DNA in nerve cells. It not only makes people suffer from dementia, but also makes people senile prematurely because that our face would turn grey and the skin becomes damp.

Pickled food

During the process of pickling fish, meat, vegetable and other foods, the salt will be easily transformed into nitrites, which can easily have reaction with other materials in our body and generate a kind of material which can cause imines carcinogens under the function of enzyme. Therefore, if eating too much of pickles, we are susceptible to cancer, and prematurely aged.

Moldy foods

Food, oil, peanuts, beans, meat, fish and other foods will produce a large number of bacteria and aflatoxin when they mildew. Once people eat these moldy foods, people would have such symptoms range from diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness, blurred vision, irritability, colitis, hearing loss weakness to cancer and deformity.

Scale deposit

If tea set or water set has not been clean in time for a long time, then scale deposit will be generated. The regular consumption of this water can cause diseases to digestion, nerve, urination, blood and other circular system and thus lead to aging. These diseases are caused by many harmful metal elements such as, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, and aluminum in scale deposit.

Therefore, in order to keep young and beautiful, we should pay attention to these foods which can make us aging.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Red Fruits can help Pregnant Women away from Radiation

How to reduce radiation has already become a hot topic for people; this article will introduce two kinds of fruits that can prevent pregnant women from radiation.


Red fruits contain a kind of anti-oxidant vitamin named lycopene, and tomato contains the highest. Lycopene is one of the carotenoids that have the most powerful function in antioxidant. Its ability in antioxidant is one hundred times of that of vitamin. And is has a strong ability on removing free radicals, anti-radiation, prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, improving immunity and delaying senility. Therefore, it enjoys the reputation of the gold in plants.

Because lycopene is fat-soluble vitamin, it can be well absorbed after cooking, and heating can promote the release of lycopene, so, the absorptivity of cooked tomato is higher than the raw.


Cherry is also called cherry apple, this mainly due to its bright red color when it is ripe, delicious flavor, abundant nutrition and high value in health care. Cheery with largest content of iron, it can promote the generation of blood. Iron is the raw material to synthesize human hemoglobin and muscle hemoglobin. It plays an important role in the process of protein synthesis and energy metabolism. At the same time, it has a close relationship with brain, nerve function and aging process. Eating a certain amount cherry can meets body's needs for iron, and thus promotes the regeneration of hemoglobin.

Radiation seems inevitable, it may exists in everywhere of our home, what we can do is to reduce and prevent the radiation. As for those women who are in pregnancy, it is especially important.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Four Methods help you Burn Fat

Weight-loss now seems a very popular topic for people. Women who are really fat want to lose weight, even those slim women are also full of enthusiasm about losing weight. Because they want to keep their beautiful curves, so weight-loss becomes a common activity among those people. There are four kind of methods we can have a try.

Walking in the water

It seems an interesting way to walk. May be you will think it easy. However, it is hard to walk when you tried this way. It is far more difficult to complete this exercise than that exercise on body-building. This is because that the resistance people faced when walking in water is 12to 15 times of that in air. Therefore, when you do this, you should make your efforts best and this will help your body consume more calories.

Riding bicycle

Riding bicycle before weightlifting can make our muscle and joint obtained a full activity, and avoid the damage that may occur in the following exercises. The experiment shows that, doing exercises before weightlifting does make the body burn more fat during the process of weightlifting.


Hip-pop is a new way to exercise. A sports psychologist in Texas University pointed out that compared with the traditional dance, hip-pop's new movement can allow muscles in all parts of body exercise, and with a high intensity. Thus, more calories will be consumed, and it can be accepted by general physique.

A good eating habit

A good eating habit is also very important for exercise. An improper eating habit would bring the negative effects on exercise. Banana, chocolate and ice-cream are not suitable to eat before taking exercises. So, you should pay attention to the foods that you eat before taking exercises.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Which Kind of Shoes is Suitable for Pregnant Women?

Many pregnant women are confused with the pregnant attention. There is some problems pregnant women should pay attention to.

During pregnancy, women's weight will generally increase about 15kg, so when they walk, the pressure the legs and feet support will be larger. And the center of gravity also change, a pair of unsuitable shoes would make women feel tired and affect the development of fetus.

Most of people choose to wear scandals with the foam sole. This kind of scandals has a good flexibility and is suitable for feet, but also it has some shortcomings. Its sole is very slippery easy to tumble. So, pregnant women should choose the scandals with a skid-free sole, in order to prevent tumbling when facing a rainy day.

In winter, pregnant women should better wear a loose cotton shoes. This because during the middle and late period of pregnancy, women' feet are prong to swollen, their feet would change and the shoes they wear before pregnant will become smaller.

Many pregnant women think that flat shoes are the best choice for them. Actually, wear flat shoes is not a good choice for women. When wear flat shoes, usually our heels of feet would touch the ground first, and then arch. Flat shoes can't absorb the shock and also easily to lead to the fatigue and damage of muscle and ligament. Relatively speaking, the shoes with a heel of 2cm are good for pregnant women.

In addition, the pregnant women in the middle and late period can't wear high heels. Pregnant women in this period are very fat, when they wear high heels in this period, their gravity will easily tilt forward and out of balance, this would lead to tumble and back flash, so the result is very terrible.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

How to Drink Yogurt Reasonably-Part Two

The best time to take yogurt

Yogurt can be substitute for meals. But when you are very hungry, it is not good to drink yogurt immediately, because this can make a burden to your stomach. So before drinking yogurt, you had better take some fruits or drink some vegetable soup.

It is not true that drink unlimited yogurt would not gain flesh

It is ideal that drink a cup of yogurt in the morning and a cup of milk at night. But some people like drinking yogurt very much, usually they would drink lots of yogurt after having meal, this could put on weight. That's because, yogurt contains certain energy, drink yogurt after meal is equivalent to take an extra meal, and this certainly will gain weight. The best way is to choose those yogurts with the words of skim yogurt and low calories. Though they are not tasted well as full-fat yogurt, they are low in calories, and it will not lead to the accumulation of fat in body. Naturally, your weight will not rise.

Yogurt is a very popular drink, and it is also the hot choice for those people who want to lose weight. But drink yogurt as much as possible does not mean you can lose weight easily. It also needs a healthy way to drink yogurt.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How to Drink Yogurt Reasonably-Part One

Compared with milk, yogurt is popular with many people. Yogurt is one of the most healthy drink that world recognized. Then how to drink it reasonably? Let us talk about it.

Yogurt can help lose weight. Some people who want to lose weight drink lots of yogurt. Yogurt does have the effect to lose weight. It mainly because it contains lots of lactic acid bacteria. It can effectively adjust the balance of flora in body, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, and thus relieve constipation. And a long -term constipation has a relationship with weight. Besides, yogurt can make you feel full, so when you feel hungry, drink a cup of yogurt can relieve your urgent feelings of hungry and reduce the amount of food you will take. The best one is the skimmed yogurt.

The yogurt on sale has the character of high heat. People will absorb so many calories unconsciously. You can choose to purchase the plain skimmed milk yogurt; it can help you get the probiotics and a little heat at the same time. The set-style yogurt has the best effect to lose weight. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Inventory of Suicide Diet-Part Two

Excessive intake of vinegar

The main function of vinegar is to increase acidity, aroma, flavor taste and remove the odor. Vinegar can promote metabolism, and also it is the effective method to prevent arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure. Besides, vinegar can increase appetite, promote the secretion of digestive juice and it also has a strong sterilizing power. Although it has so many merits, excessive vinegar does do harm to our body. It is not good to drink a lot of vinegar; especially those gastric ulcer patients should avoid drink vinegar.

Excessive intake of chicken essence

The fresh taste can make people feel pleasant and comfortable. The fresh flavor mainly comes from acids, nucleotides, and succinic acid. There are some taboos in taking chicken essence. Because chicken essence contains a small amount of salt, so when taking chicken essence, you should use less salt. The nucleotide metabolites chicken essence contained is uric acid, so the gout patients should take less.

In our daily life, we always enjoy eating the delicious food, enjoy our own taste of flavor, but don't pay attention to the results that excessive intake of those spices lead. This article will show you the harm this behavior will bring to us.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Inventory of Suicide Diet-Part One

Too many Salts in food

Salty flavor is the basic flavor of most of complex flavors. Salt has been recognized and eaten about 5000years ago. Salt has been used widely, not only the sweet and sour taste but also the sour and spicy. The major ingredient of salt is sodium chloride. Everyday a certain amount of salt can maintain metabolism and adjust the acid base balance between body fluid and cell and promote human growth and development. On the contrary too much salt are harmful. Therefore, the intake of salt everyday should less than six grams.

Eating excessive sugars

Sugar has the function to make dishes sweet, improve nutrition, and make the surface of the finished smooth. The addition of the right amount of sugar during excises can delay the occurring of fatigue. Sugar water can also stimulate stomach and promote digestion. However, excessive intake of sugar could lead to decayed tooth, obesity, diabetes, atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction and even can cause the breast cancer. Diabetes and hepatitis should take as little as possible.

Excessive intake of pepper

Spicy taste is actually a pain of touch. Spicy chili is the representative of the spicy taste. It can stimulate appetite. But too many peppers will lead to the damage to nervous system and cause the gastrointestinal ulcers.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Some Tricks to Help Women Keep Health Part Two

Supplement iron

Women are prone to anemia; this is caused by the deficiency of iron. Deficiency of iron can lead to a reducing of women's appetite, shortness of breath, and also their concentration and endurance will be affected as well. So, it is important to supplement iron.

Do exercise frequently

Women can make a small motion after dinner; this has a great anti-aging effect. Walking 15 minutes after a meal, in the process of walking, you can share equally with your hands, and spin a slow massage on your abdomen. With a long time persist; you will have a flat abdomen.

Record your period

Physiological period is the most important period for women; recording period can help women understand the secrets of their body, and pay attention to the change of their body.

Have a good mood

It is certainly that a good mood can bring many benefits to our health. Women should develop their unique preferences; you can raise flowers, painting, and yoga. Select a beneficial life style that can edify your mood.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Some Tricks to Help Women Keep Health-Part One

Nowadays, the pressures that women bear are not less than men. Under this circumstance women's health become worrying problem that we have to face. There are eight tricks can help women keep health.

Eat breakfast every morning, and go to bed on time

According to the experiments abroad, the nutrition that are not get enough in breakfast will be hard to get from other meals. Without breakfast or have a poor breakfast are the main reasons that cause the insufficient energy and nutrition of one day. Have a good sleep at night will not only supplement energy, but also can help women keep beautiful.

Supplement vitamin C and E frequently

Vitamin C is an important antioxidant; it can retard aging, prevent the formation of melanin, and whiten skin. The synergistic effect of vitamin C and E can improve human immunity, and contribute the absorption of calcium and iron.

Supplement calcium frequently

Calcium can enhance the bone, slow down the osteoporosis that caused by aging, ease the symptoms of women' pre-menstrual, and prevent high blood pressure and colon cancer. Especially for those pregnancy women, calcium is the most important thing.

Keep a healthy body needs our own efforts, and health is the only fortune that you can posse as your own wealth. So, learn to relax yourself and get more beautiful.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Six Foods are Beneficial for Women's Skin

In autumn, we should pay attention to taking care of our skin, select some foods that both delicious and good for skin is very easy. The following foods will help you a lot.


It is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and renieratene, and can enhance the against damage ability of the skin to help maintain skin elasticity.


Carotene helps to maintain the normal function of skin cells and tissues, reduce wrinkles and keep skin tender.


It is the skin's most favorite food in the evening. It can improve the skin cell activity, and has the effects to slow skin aging, enhance skin tone, and eliminate small wrinkles.


Which is rich in vitamin E, it can not only destroy the chemical activity of free radicals, inhibition of skin aging, but also to prevent pigmentation.


Kiwi is rich in vitamin C. It can interfere with melanin production, and help eliminate freckles.


Tomato contains lycopene. It helps flattening wrinkles, making skin smooth and delicate. Often eat tomatoes is easy to remove black eye, and do not sunburn easily.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Importance of Breakfast for Weight Losing Women

If young female friends want to be energetic, you should aware of the importance of breakfast; especially working women. What kinds of breakfast are suitable?

Breakfast is the most important meal among the three meals a day. The reason is very simple: every night, the body must consume energy. Then the body has to draw on its reserves energy. Therefore, the morning after waking up naturally have to rely on a breakfast rich in carbohydrates to replenish energy reserves. Do not eat breakfast; you cannot get new life in the work. Furthermore, if you want to lose weight, you should not skip breakfast.

Eat less fat Breakfast. Women are more inclined to choose breakfast with less fat. They prefer to eat cereals. From the nutritional point of view, this trend should be promoted.

You should intake enough vitamins, folic acid and iron. Women aged 25-40 should be at least meet 50% of the vitamins and folic acid for breakfast, especially vitamin C and iron requirements. Today, most women do not have adequate dietary intake of iron and folic acid. If possible, you can be supplemented from the lunch and dinner.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Five Ways to Develop Temperament of Women

Women who make themselves beautiful by cultivate their temperament have a higher level of spiritual realm than those who glorify themselves by clothes and make-up. So, how to practice a good temperament?

To accept your appearance

Character or appearance of each individual has its own unique qualities and benefits. Know how to bring it into play can be more attractive.

Give confidence and concern for others

Dedication and care is one of the most attractive qualities. Concerned others with understanding will get the same return, while others will be impressed for such qualities.

Deportment dignified and be confidence

A free and easy gait, vigorous, confident woman can attract more people.

Maintain a sense of humor
The person who can expose smile or laugh in the appropriate occasions and the right time will be able to be welcomed by others.

Do not haggle over every ounce

Women should be open-minded, generous, do not hold grudges, pettiness. Do not into a rage for a little bit small flies, preoccupied, and even in many cases makes us all very embarrassing and awkward, it will annoying.

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Best Way to Combat Neck Wrinkle for Women

Neck is easy to divulge age of women, so it's one of the places need most of the intensive care, especially when women come to 25 years old. In this dry winter, the neck is prone to wrinkles, people look old. You should take preventive measures, sooner or later coated with a restructuring compound for the neck compact, it is the best way to combat neck wrinkles.

Step 1: you'd better coat the neck with warm towel for two minutes.

Step 2: slightly raised head when coating, gently pushed up by both thumb and index finger.

Step 3: stop for several seconds where the wrinkles have already formed.

Step 4: finally, put the index and middle fingers on the lymph and press for one minute, and promote lymphatic circulation.

Neck is easy to accumulation dead skin, so you should do a gentle exfoliating mask each week. If you wear clothes that expose the neck, you should also using skin care products with sunscreen function.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hawthorn Can Drive Away Aging for Women

Hawthorn can treat dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation. Many dysmenorrhea are caused by blood stasis. Hawthorn has the effect of promoting blood circulation, so it has a certain effect on dysmenorrhea.

Eating plan

Adding an appropriate amount of water boil the hawthorn until it tender, add brown sugar boiled to a thin paste, eating 3-5 days before menstruation until 3 days after it.

It has the effect of weight losing. Hawthorn has a strong digestive function, insists on drinking hawthorn tea every day, you can achieve the lipid-lowering effect.

Hawthorn tea Method:

Wash hawthorn and then cut, add sugar according to personal taste, soak in boiling water for 3-5 minutes and drinking.

Hawthorn has anti-aging effect. Anti-aging effect of hawthorn ranked first in fruits, drink some lemonade hawthorn is the most simple beauty methods.

Hawthorn lemonade approach

Put the lemon slices or lemon dry bulb and hawthorn into the water and drinking, can be repeated brewing, and need insist on drinking.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Anger Can Damage Women's 6 Organs


When angry, the increase of brain blood toxins will stimulate the hair follicles, causing varying degrees of inflammation around the hair follicles, which appear pigmented spot problems.

Uterus and breast

It will injure liver if man angry, while it will injury breast and uterine if woman angry. The spleen and stomach systems go breast, uterus go liver. When gas rising, it will hurt the breast, sinking to injury the uterus.

Thyroid gland

It will cause thyroid dysfunction if often anger, and the occurrence of hyperthyroidism.


Large flock of blood of the brain, cerebral vascular pressure increases, this time the blood contains most toxins, and further accelerated brain aging.


When women excited, the breath will become rapidly, or even hyperventilation phenomenon. Expansion of the alveolar, and has no time to shrink and relax will cause damage of lung health.


Angry cause sympathetic tone, direct effect on the heart and blood vessels, reducing blood flow to the gastrointestinal, creeping slow down, cause severe gastric ulcer.

Friday, October 15, 2010

3 Golden Rules of Sleep to Protect Your Skin

Golden time - a thorough repair function

10 pm to 2 am: cell metabolism is the most active and is an important repair time for body function. Rest normal and the skin regeneration ability is good, the use of high concentrations ingredients have the bonus effect of skin care. Try to sleep before 11 at night, and get up at 7 in the morning. Make the care products fully absorbed.

Gold sleeping position - to prevent wrinkles
Compared to sleep on side, lay flat is more beneficial to beauty. Because sleep on one's side will squeeze the neck and cause wrinkles.

Gold maintenance - completely absorbed

No sunlight, air pollution, and cosmetics interference, sleep is an important moment for skin rehabilitate. The skin cells update rate slightly faster during the night than during the day, the skin pores will sleep more during the day in the expansion of the lactic acid and other metabolic waste and old material. So be sure to fully clean your face in the morning.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Three Things Women Cannot Do After Getting Up

First, glued to the bed

Now there're more and more people like to glue to the bed in the morning, especially in holidays. People who have this experience will feel that legs are heavy, apathetic and more sleep more tired, more sleep more uncomfortable. As a result, glue to the bed disrupted normal life patterns on weekdays.

Second, strenuous exercise immediately after waking

Many people have the habit of morning exercise appropriately, as long as attention is indeed beneficial to health. However, the movement must after the break in the morning, only after running balance of yin and yang, qi and blood.

Third, don't eat breakfast

Many people believe that breakfast is not important; there are a variety of reasons for many people do not eat breakfast. Because of the acceleration of the pace of life, the current prevalence of "casual breakfast, lunch improvise, dinner rich" phenomenon, this is contrary to the principles of science of eating. Do not eat breakfast or not eat well, will directly affect the work and learning efficiency of the morning.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Five Ways to Drive Away Fatigue for Women

In hot summer, people are easy to feel tired, fatigue and listlessness, leading to inefficiency. How to make you glow glory? The following ways can help you.

Drink cold coffee

Strong sunlight can damage skin, drink cold coffee is not only felt super cool, and also can protect the skin from UV damage, reduces DNA damage and skin cancer risk.

Moderate eating beef

People like to eat meat are happier, eat some beef every day can provide useful mineral zinc to the heart and brain. However, eating barbecue, the best is to half cooked the meat with a microwave oven first, and then charcoal grille, can reduce the carcinogens.

Drink fruity sparkling wine

There are many fruity sparkling wines in the market; it’s not only tastes good for summer drinking, and also they are made by red wine and fruit juice. Red wine contains resveratrol, fruit juice is rich in antioxidants, and both of them can promote cardiovascular health.

Watch funny movies

Laughter helps lower the levels of harmful stress hormone cortisol in the blood. Research has shown that watch funny movie for just 15 minutes can make blood vessels relax and become enlarged, and better flexibility, thus preventing heart disease.


Shopping is a good kind of aerobic exercise; it's not only can exercise the leg strength, and also helps burn calories. U.S. researchers found that walking 3 hours a week can make brain cells more active.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Best Foods for Office Ladies

Professional women are very focused on their diet, not just to keep fit, but mainly for health. Here are some simple food suggestions; perhaps it will help you on the daily lives.

Don’t reduce the intake of vitamins

Vitamins are important components to maintain physiological function. Like vitamin B1 and B6. These vitamins are rich in brown rice, whole wheat and alfalfa. In addition, antioxidants such as β-carotene, vitamin c, vitamin e, will help improve work efficiency. It's rich in various fresh vegetables and fruits.

Don’t ignore of milk

Women in the menstrual period, accompanied by the loss of red blood cells also lost many of iron, calcium and zinc minerals. Therefore, after the menstrual period and menstruation, women may drink more milk or soy milk.

Don’t ignore of sesame

Many modern women are mental workers, so brain nutrition amino acid supply should be sufficient. Beans and sesame are rich in glutamate and should be properly eat.

The best meat is goose and duck meat

Though goose and duck fat is not less than meat, it's close to olive oil because of its chemical structure, not only sound and good for the heart. Chicken as "the best source of protein." In addition, the rabbit has the function of beauty and losing weight.

The best soup is chicken soup

In addition to provide a lot of good nutrients the body outside, the chicken can be so swept away fatigue and bad mood when a person listless or depressed because of low blood pressure.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Three Disadvantages of Don’t Eating Breakfast

Don’t eat breakfast is easy to get fat

According to nutritionists' confirmation, breakfast is the most difficult to get fat each day. Do not eat breakfast did not help on the consumption of fat. Once the human body aware of the nutritional deficiencies, first of all it burns carbohydrates and protein, and finally fat. Even worse, do not eat breakfast so lunch will eat more, causing the body difficult to absorb, so the fat accumulated and influence the body.

Don’t eat breakfast will easily become old

Breakfast provides energy and nutrients occupy an important position in the energy and nutrient intake throughout the day. Do not eat breakfast or breakfast of poor quality, the human body can only use their stored glycogen and protein, over time, it will lead to dry skin, wrinkling and anemia, accelerating human aging, and will result in severe nutritional deficiency.

Don’t eat breakfast will easy to get sick

Do not eat breakfast will easy to cause a variety of chronic diseases: a long hungry stomach, likely to cause gastritis, gastric ulcer. If breakfast is inadequate, lunch will eat a lot of food caused by hunger and the burden of the digestive system, likely to cause gastrointestinal disease. Do not eat breakfast make blood platelets stick together more easily, thereby increasing the chances of heart disease.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

What Makes Women Becoming Old Faster Part Two

Smoking and drinking

Nicotine will make the blood vessels of skin contracted, so wrinkled skin of smokers will arrive 10 years ahead than non-smokers. So if you are a smoker, you will look 10 years older than non-smokers. The alcohol will reduce the amount of oil in the skin, making the skin dehydrate, and indirectly affecting the normal function of the skin.

Too rich facial expressions

Always squinting, frowning, laughing, and curl one's lip, these movements and facial expressions will cause more wrinkles, it is best to minimize excessive facial movements and expressions.

Don’t like exercise

Appropriate amount of exercise can promote blood circulation and speed up the body activities, thus enhancing the lubrication of the skin. And can give the body the opportunity to sweat, achieving a healthy balance of skin, and greatly reducing the chance of skin aging.

Not completely cleansing

This is the mistake of most people. Just use the cleanser is not able to thoroughly clean the skin. You should have regular deep cleansing, so that the dirt which our eyes cannot see clogging the pores, affecting the normal breathing of skin.

Friday, October 8, 2010

What Makes Women Becoming Old Faster Part one

Time flies quietly, unconsciously, wrinkles crept up onto your face, and this is the most distressing thing. Despite the relentless years, but please think very carefully about whether you have any bad habits before that gives the opportunity to wrinkles? In fact, the best way to fight aging is to prevent aging. You must develop good habits in life and avoid following bad habits.

Pulling long face all day

It will make the skin cells lack of nutrition, and also deepen the face of "worry lines." Smiles will make you younger. Emotional stability is important on the balance of endocrine. A woman who has a mild and tolerance heart is a beautiful woman.

Stay up

Stay up all night is the enemy of skin care. If lack of sleep, skin cells' regulate functions will be disordered, and affect the viability of epidermal cells. So you need to sleep at least 8 hours every day.

Constant exposure to the sun

Absorb excessive UV has many disadvantages; it will not only make your skin black, but also can lead to skin cancer. Because direct sunlight will directly damage the skin deep elastic and collagen fibers, resulting wrinkles.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Necessary Nutrients for Women Part Two


Iron is the body's hematopoietic elements, and women have an addition discharging iron channel - menstrual period, so women need more iron than men. Intake 15 mg iron daily can keep you looking rosy. The food which most rich in, and can be best absorbed are blood, duck blood, soy products etc.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is the essential substance for body's metabolism in fat and glucose; women's estrogen metabolism also needs vitamin B6. So it is very beneficial for prevention and treatment of certain gynecological diseases.


Magnesium is an essential element to maintain the activities of human life, and it has the amazing functions to regulate nerve and muscle activities, enhance the durability.
Soybean, mung bean, corn, flour, malt, mushrooms, fennel, spinach and cucumber contain more magnesium. It's good for the health of women to eat it often.


Zinc can maintain the original color of hair, because it’s the main component of hair, regardless of black, gold, and brown or red, all of them rely on zinc to maintain its bright color. In addition, zinc has irreplaceable advantages in the promotion of physical development, the maintenance of normal sexual function, enhancing the body resistance to disease.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Necessary Nutrients for Women Part One

White-collar women have always been the focus of people's attention. They not only young and beautiful, but also successful in career, many people envy them. However, in the behind of them, the tremendous work pressure make them to bid farewell to the regular life - meals not on time, poor nutrition and eating out have become health hazards. All the women should know what their necessary nutrients are.

Folic acid

Folic acid is a kind of vitamin B widely found in green leafy vegetables. Folic acid is particularly important for pregnant women, if lack of folic acid in the first 3 months of pregnancy, it can cause fetal development of neural tube defects, which lead to deformity. Therefore, the white-collar women who prepare to pregnant can take 400 micrograms of folic acid every day.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C's primary function is to enhance immunity, protect teeth and gums. And also it can reduce skin excretes melanin, reducing dark spots and freckles, and enhance the whiteness of skin.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E can promote human metabolism, increase body's endurance and improve immunity. Lacking of it will cause dry skin, rough, adverse effects of over-aging.


Women, particularly after the age of 20 are need to supplement Calcium. Calcium deficiency is the major factor to lead to aging, so calcium is very important for women. Experts suggest that adult women should intake at least 1,000 milligrams of calcium daily.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Three Kinds of Breakfast Will Make You Obesity

Many women have thought, do not eat breakfast or eat a small breakfast can help weight loss. In fact, this concept is wrong. Do not eat breakfast or eat not properly will make you fat. Today I will tell you what kind of breakfast will make you fat.

The leftovers

Many moms do more dinner and make fried rice for their families in the next morning, or the rest of the meal to heat up. This kind of breakfast is easy to cook and the content is rich, it has no difference with dinner, and usually is considered nutritious.

Leftovers overnight, the vegetables may produce nitrite (a carcinogen), it would cause harm to human health.

Instant breakfast

Western-style fast food such as hamburgers, fried chicken wings, etc., has always been a fashionable food to people. This high-calorie breakfast easily lead to obesity, fried foods with long-term use may harm the body. If you take western-style fast food as breakfast, lunch and dinner should eat low-calorie food.

Snack breakfast

Many people have reserve some snacks in the home for emergency use. And if the time is not very abundant in the morning, they often picked up the snacks for breakfast. It is very unscientific to eat snacks as the most important breakfast. Most snack foods are dry, for human body in the morning is dehydrated; it is not conducive to digestion and absorption.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Do You Know the Right Way to Wash Your Face?

We wash our face every day, but do you know the right way to wash? Remember the follow four things will keep your face clean and healthy.

Don't use basin when washing face

Not to mention the cleanliness of the basin, just say the wash water alone, after the hands and face interaction, it becomes muddier, and finally ended with dirty. Not to compare with using running water to wash. First rubbing the hands clean and then wash face with hands. Face will become more and cleaner.

Don't use soap

Facial skin has large sebaceous glands and sweat glands, all the time it synthesis of a natural "high cosmetic cream", the skin forms an invisible protective film. It is slightly acidic, with a strong sterilization effect. Alkaline soap will not only destroy its protective effect, and will stimulate the sebaceous to produce more "oil".

Don’t use hot water

Hot water can completely remove the face of the protective film, so after washing your face with soap and hot water, people's skin will feel very tight and uncomfortable. In fact, even in winter there was no need to use hot water to wash, cold water can not only wash away the dust of face, but also exercise the facial blood vessels and nerves, keeping your mind awake.

Don’t use wet towel

Long wet towels are benefit to breed various microorganisms. Wash your face with a wet towel is equal to wipe your face all kinds of bacteria. Towel should be kept clean and dry.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

How to Protect Your Hair from Losing?

A jet-black and beautiful hair will bring people will bring pleasant. Who do not want to have beautiful hair? But with the rapid pace of modern life, and the increasing pressure, hair loss is an increasingly common phenomenon. How to protect hair is become a major problem for those people who want beauty and desire for success. Prevent hair loss, first of all start from the outside care.

Do not use nylon comb and head-brush

Because nylon comb and head-brush are easy to produce static electricity, and it will stimulate the hair and scalp adverse.

Wash hair regularly

It is best to wash hair 2 to 5 day's interval. Massaging the scalp while washing, it can not only keep the scalp clean, but also invigorate blood circulation of scalp.

Eliminate the oppression of spirit

Mental instability and anxiety can cause hair loss. The deeper the degree of the depression, the faster the hair losing will. For women, if maintaining appropriate exercise in the busy life, the hair will become luster black and full of vitality.

Carefully blow hair

Hair dryer blowing temperature is 100 degrees Celsius, it will destroy the hair tissue, damage the scalp, so you should avoid to blowing hair regularly.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Four Ways to Reduce Crow's Feet

The most fearful thing for women is the eye appears crow's feet. They bought a lot of expensive cosmetics, but not really effective. How can we drive these nasty little things out?

Eating chicken bones

Most skin dermal tissue consists of elastic fibers, if lack of elastic fibers, the skin loses its elasticity; when the skin gathering up, wrinkles will be formed. Clean the remains chicken bones, and drink the soup with chicken skin. It's not only nutritious, but also delicate skin over time, thus the wrinkles will be reduced.

Drinking bear
Bear contents low alcohol. Beer is also rich in vitamin B, sugar and protein; these are all the nutritional content of the skin like. Moderate drinking beer (each lunch and dinner drink 150 to 250 grams), can enhance physical fitness, and reduce facial wrinkles.

Chewing gums

Chewing gums for ten minutes every day can not only clean the teeth, but also reduce crow's feet. Because chewing can exercise the facial muscles, improve facial blood circulation, and increase facial cell metabolism that make wrinkles faded.

Using rice

When the rice was finished, pick up some soft and warm rice balled on the face slightly, until the rice becomes greasy group, and then wash face with clean water. Rice can grease the skin pores, dirt sucked out, leaving the skin smooth breathing, and thus reducing crow's feet.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Four Foods Can Eliminates Toxin for Women

Our body contains many nutrition, and many rubbish as well. That's the reason why we need to eliminate toxin. Our bodies, when carrying out metabolism will have a lot of "junk poison". We are often absorbing large quantities of harmful air particles, and also toxic gases. There are several kinds of foods that can help us eliminate toxin.

Green vegetables

Green vegetables contain many alkaline substances, which can corrective acid substances. And then release toxic substances from our body.

Coarse grain

Women should often eat sweet potatoes, potatoes; corn, buckwheat and other coarse grains will help to maintain the patency of stool, so that the toxin will not long delay in the body. Coarse grain contains many special vitamins and minerals that can easily absorbed by our body and increase immunity.

Fruit or juice

You can choose lemon, orange, grapefruit, grapes or apple. Although fruit was sour taste, it becomes alkaline when metabolizing. They can "dissolve" toxins accumulated in the cells, and finally excreted by the excretory system.

Black fungus

Black fungus can inhibit platelet aggregation; can lower cholesterol, and is benefit to cardiovascular disease. The colloid in black fungus contributes to the absorption and accumulation of dust and impurities remained in human digestive system and remove it from the body.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Three Ways to Lose Weight Easily

Many women want to lose weight, especially young girls. But most of think it's very difficult. Actually, there are some easy ways and you can do it anytime

Go shopping

This is a very popular mode of leisure among women. And it is the best aerobic exercise. Women are shopping as little as 12 hours, as many as three to four hours. This nap activity increased leg strength, consumption of most of the energy to achieve fitness results.

Rope skipping

Rope skipping, this familiar childhood entertainment is just one of the most effective ways of fitness for women. Once this simple jump rope moved, it becomes a whole body movement, so that all parts of the body muscles can be relaxed.

Climbing stairs

For office women who always sitting in the office, climbing stairs is a simple and practical exercise method. Climbing stairs several times a day can reduce cholesterol and increase the number of resting pulse rates, improve cardiovascular function. Sitting in the chair, tuck your feet the ground for dozens of times, or put up your feet, try to stay away from the body with both hands to a chair, and then gently put down. This Exercise will allow women in the work space easily fitness.