Monday, April 25, 2011

Kai-Fu Lee Taught Others How to Evaluate Resumes on His Micro Blog

Resumes are the open sesame to finding jobs. And the importance of resumes is self-explanatory. Whereas what is the gold content of your resumes? And let's mark our resumes together.

Recently Kai-Fu Lee told the ways that how to evaluate your resumes and shared some suggestions provided by heads of human resources department of Innovation Works about writing resumes.

Kai-Fu Lee introduced a simple standard of evaluating your resumes. You can count how many words about statistics such as market-related performance, the number of clients, cost that has been saved and market share in your resumes. With each statistic you can add 5 points. And then you count how many adjectives in your resumes. With each you subtract 1 point, because the adjectives coming from the third part are of value.

He also shared some suggestions about how to prepare for your resumes. First your resumes should not be longer than tow pages. Resumes about academics and technology can be about 5 pages. And no human resources mangers have the courage to read resumes longer than 15 pages. And most of HRs emphasize on the above part of your resumes of first page. So you should try to express the HRs when they read your resumes. Don’t add pictures on the resume if you aren’t asked to do that.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easy Traditional Chinese Ways to Treat Chronic Prostatitis

Only men have the organ of prostate. When the prostate that encircles orifice of urethra operates at an overload and the immunity decrease resulted from being exhausted both physically and mentally in autumn or winter the prostate would be infected easily by disease-causing microorganisms, which may lead to dribble of urine and perineum uncomfortable, just like dripping tap.

And in traditional Chinese medicine the excise of abdomen, thigh and hip can treat chronic prostatitis effectively.

Brisk walking or jogging can promote the blood circulation and the lymph circulation around the prostate. So 20 to 30 minutes of brisk walking or jogging is favorable to health care to the prostate for the young and adult men.

Also getting on cat walk will have a good stimulate on the perineum. And duck walk can excise your hipbone that it is difficult to excise. Duck walk is walking forward with you feet apart, your hand on your neck back and your body getting down.

Every morning when you get up you can do horse stance, bow step, crouch step and rest step for about 49 times, which will be good for your perineum.

Another way is to stand and raise your heel. When your heels reach the top, you tighten your lower legs. This method is especially good for your chronic prostatitis. And you can rub your perineum for 100 times. At the same time you can eat the foods that are good for your prostate and pay attention to you living habit.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Are You Addicted to The Internet Shopping?

At some point Zou Xiaoming, a 28 years old man coming from Chengdu in China, gradually became addicted to shopping online. He spent 3422 RMB on the internet shopping, more than his salary of a month. He changed his signature on his QQ to "no shopping online in April". Psychologists say that habitual online shopping becomes more and more popular, which can be seen as precursor of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Zou Xiaoming said that no online shopping gave him the heebie-jeebies. He stayed at home for the whole last weekend. His room is full of express packages, about more than 100. He said necessaries of life took up about 50 percent of his online shopping. And the other half were useless things that he bought irrationally online, which spent him a lot of money. He took out a stack of bills from the drawer. They showed that he spent 3422 RMB on online shopping in March, including a phone that cost him 1526 RMB, a digital reader that cost him 1123 RMB, books that cost him 268 RMB and other necessaries of life that cost him 505 RMB. He said "Phone and digital reader are just a waste of money." He never used them after he bought them.

Zou Xiaoming is a website editor and his salary is about 3000 RMB. He spent more money on the internet shopping than his salary, which makes him feel depressed. He also said that the first thing he did on his work was to surf the online shopping sites.

Many people become addicted to online shopping and it’s an unhealthy lift style. And it may become OCD if you continue this habit.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A New Staff's Death in Price Waterhouse Coopers Arouse Debates on Working Overtime in China

A young beautiful woman staff in the auditing department of Price Waterhouse Coopers died from overtime. It was reported that she died from acute cerebral meningitis that resulted from working overtime and being very tired. She is a young woman with a master degree who just graduated for one year. After the incident there are many debates and discussions on the media and the Internet about working overtime and death from overwork.

Many people expressed their pity about this young woman on the Internet. And at the same time they expressed their impotence about work overtime. They complain about their companies' rules. They have to work overtime with no rest. Or else they have no opportunity to prompt themselves. And some people say they have to raise the family and babies. And high salary means endless work.

According to a survey about 35 percent of people have to work overtime for more than 3 hours.

On the Internet some people give suggestions to the people who have to work overtime. But those suggestions are not once and for all. The companies should pay more attention on the staff's life and health. They should not just pay their attention on the profit and revenue.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Why We Are Addicted to SNS?

Every day you switch on the computer you will firstly open the SNS websites. You may keep pressing F5 to send your state. You will surf on your micro blog even you are very busy. You may feel worried if you are offline for one or two hours. Also when you can't connect the websites you will be eager to know what has happened on the sites.

With the advent of personal blogs and micro blogs people spend more and more time on the SNS websites. According to the statistics the time spent on the SNS websites has increased 82 percent in ten years. And people spend about 22.7 percent of their online time on the SNS websites which means that people would like to spend more time on the SNS websites.

Why on earth more and more people become addicted to the SNS websites? How those websites have changed our lives? Politicians, researchers and economists from all over the world in the Davos Forum also thought that people should pay more and more attention on the "SNS addiction". Everyone can share their latest experience on the websites. And they will fill satisfied if other people act positively to your sharing. If you get used to this feeling you will become dependent on the websites and then SNS addiction appears.

SNS addiction becomes more and more popular around the world. And it has affected our normal life. So you should be away from keyboard and spend the Sunday with your friends together on talking or doing sports.

Friday, April 15, 2011

You Should Not Eat Eggs in Those Ways

In same places many people like to boil eggs with sugar. But eggs and the sugar together can make the amino acid in the egg protein become another substance that is hard for human stomach to digest, which can be harmful to your health.

Many people think that raw eggs are more nutrient than boiled eggs. They also think raw eggs have the functions of moistening lung and throat. But in fact eating raw eggs is not only healthy but also can make you infected by virus. The protein structure of raw eggs is compact and egg protein contains antitrypsin that is difficult to be absorbed by human body.

Pregnant women are not advised to eat a large number of eggs. It can increase the burden of liver and kidney. Generally speaking about 3 eggs is enough for pregnant women.

It is believed that eggs contain high cholesterol level. So the elderly should not eat eggs. But this thought isn’t right. Egg yolk is rich in lecithin which can make fat and cholesterol very petty. In turn those substances can be easily taken in by body.

Eggs are not advised to be boiled for a long time. And eggs should not be eaten with soybean milk together.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Living Habits That Can Easily Lead to Heart Diseases

We all know that sitting for a long time and eating and drinking so much are bad for your hearts. But there are still many habits that you may ignore that can damage your hearts too.

Lonely people should pay attention to heart diseases. They are more likely to be involved in heart diseases. The research results show that loneness can decrease people's immunity and make their blood pressure high. Also it can make people feel stressful that can result in depression. So it increases the possibility of getting heart diseases and stroke.

Balding people are also more likely to get heart diseases. Research finds that people whose hair is easy to drop get heart diseases 40 percent higher than ordinary people. Balding has something to do with the secretion of testicular hormone. And testicular hormone can affect the health of heart cells.

People who live around airport and noisy town take the risk of having a high possibility of getting heart diseases. Not having breakfast often can increase the risk of getting heart disease. A survey from a university in Australia proves that people who don’t have breakfast are inclined to be fat and have high cholesterol level, which are all factors that can lead to heart diseases.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Qihoo 360's Business Model isn’t Freemium

First we have to clarify the concept of freemium. The so-called freemium is one kind of business model that provides the main or basic function of the products or services freely but charges for the value-added functions of the products or services.

The first person to introduce the concept of freemium is venture capitalist Fred Wilson. He first said about this business concept that freemium provides free services in order to obtain a large number of users and then charges for value-added function or enhanced edition of the services from the users. He took Skype, Flickr, Trillian, Newsgator, and Webroot for example.

In China the most typical freemium is QQ, which provides chat, groups, file transmission, voice call and video call freely, but charges for QQshow and every kind of privileges of membership.

So this kind of business model must contain two requirements. One is to provide the same product or service to the non-paying and paying users. The second is the value-added function is for ordinary users but not companies or enterprise.

Now let us analyze the so-called freemium of Qihoo 360. It provides safety service to users and charges websites traffic from companies. So we can't call this business model freemium. The Qihoo 360's business model is the same as and And all of the Qihoo 360's products and services can't add value-added functions that it can charge for. And Apple's App Store is not freemium.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

E-Business Giants in China Remove Their Ads on Baidu.Com and Quit Baidu.Com Promotion is the largest search engine in China and its search market portion has increased a lot especially after Google's quit. Just the same as Google, its main revenue comes from ads. But recently many advertisers announced that they would remove ads on, including, and has achieved a lot in Chinese online ads market. Because of the roaring ads price and low input-output ratio many e-business companies are unable to stand anymore. A few days ago published on its website public notice writing that it would stop advertising on completely that includes brand zone and keywords promotion. It also added that it would not stop from collecting its websites. The CEO of said that the reason was monopolistic manipulated the search results arbitrarily and didn’t respect intellectual property rights. And the CEO of also wrote on his micro blog to criticize

There is no official response from when those companies decided to remove ads on

Big e-business companies have the ability to promote themselves in other ways, but small and medium-sized companies must depend on promotion and ads. A staff from a group purchase website told that because its competitor bought the keyword of its company's name, every time users search its company's name they would be lead to competitor's website. So he said that they also were forced to advertise on

Monday, April 11, 2011

360buy.Com CEO Criticizes Baidu.Com for Selling the Same Keyword to Many Advertisers

In 8th April, CEO Liu Qiangdong wrote in his micro blog to express his discontent. He wrote that, "I just searched Jingdong (keyword) on, but I found that this keyword was sold to eight competitors. This is piracy." He also added that Baidu can earn 15 million RMB by selling this keyword and would remove its advertisements on Baidu.

Because has sold the same keyword to many companies who compete with each other, many e-business companies and other companies have announced that they would not advertise on

Besides this problem Baidu has received many other criticisms. Recently Baidu has been accused of providing articles, books that are copyright. And has seized 75.5 percent of the Chinese searching market and now has released its Box Computing which has been criticized for leading users to its own sites or other sites they want. Many analysts pointed out that Box Computing could influence many video and literature websites which may result in monopoly and marginalizing many small websites.

But some net citizens comment that it is common for companies to buy their competitors' keyword which would lead users to their own websites. And many found that at the beginning also competed with other companies in the same way. And many observers say this situation will continue for a long time without laws to regulate it.

As of now CEO Liu Qiangdong has deleted his words on his micro blog and also correct its searching results.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Online Group Purchase in China

After the success of, group purchase attracts more and more attention in China. Statistics show that there are 3,265 online group purchase e-business websites as of March, 2011. And completely copies the business style of Why this online business model becomes so popular in China? Will it succeed and last for a long time?

The popularity of online group purchase is not strange. We mainly follow the way of America on the internet development. With the success of micro blogs we have many internet giants who provided their own micro blogs services.

This business model can bring benefits to consumers, e-business websites and suppliers or wholesalers.

Besides those benefits we should not ignore the disadvantages of this group purchase model. Some disadvantages are obvious. Consumers can't have a completely control of the goods or services that they buy from the websites, the quality and after-sale services. And as to online group purchase platforms they can't have a good understanding of the true demands of the consumers. They can't get the specific locations and tastes of the consumers. And they also can't control the goods quality and after-sale services. The consumers' problems can't be solved timely.

Now we can only conclude that the group purchase model is extensive style. Consumers only choose goods passively. And to a large extent suppliers and platforms are passive in this business model. Whether this business model can succeed and last for a long time, only time will tell.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kai-Fu Lee: Why Larry Page Is Tailor-made for the CEO of Google

Kai-Fu Lee, former vice global CEO of Microsoft and Google and CEO of Google Greater China Group and now focusing on his innovation works, wrote in his micro blog about his opinions about Larry Page becoming the CEO of Google.

Larry Page, the associated creator of Google, has become Google's new CEO. And Kai-Fu Lee thinks Page is tailor-made for the position for his foresight and bold decision making. He also adds that Page's introverted personality will be disadvantageous.

Acquiring Android proved Page's foresight. And he dares to dream and making bold decisions, which can avoid organization rigidity. Also he has a good understanding of Google's products and attaches importance on users. The inner products and technology teams like him and give Page full support.

Kai-Fu Lee also points out some disadvantages of Page, his poor communication skills for example. And Page only likes to do the things that he loves. He will stuff his ears and go to his emails when it comes to things about government, public relations and marketing. He really needs a partner to help him deal with things from outside.

Some foreign presses have the view that Page will face two consequences; one is that he will succeed like Jobs, or he will share the fate of former CEO of Yahoo!, Jerry Yang.

Friday, April 1, 2011

What Has Gmail Changed Email and the Internet?

Today is April Fools' Day. Today is Gmail's birthday. Seven years ago Google announced that it would provide email service. And everyone thought it was a joke. But on the April Fools' Day seven years ago, Google published its email service: Gmail, which shocked everybody. Influenced and led by Gmail, other email service and some other internet services have changed.

Before Gmail, email' storage capacity is very small, which is measured by MB. But with the emergency of Gmail, email's storage comes into the age of GB. JavaScript technology was just used to pop up dialog box and display the rolling words on status bar firstly. But now it becomes an important part of Ajax technology which is used widely on the internet. In Gmail mails are organized by dialogue. But in the past each mail was organized as single one. And it introduced Label into email, which is more useful than file folder. We often see some disturbing ads in the email, but we can see related ads in Gmail. Before email was just used to send and receive mails, but now we can chat via email and the third-party applications can be set up in the email. And now it is easy to find mails seven years ago.

We can conclude that Gmail is an evolutionary product and it brings convenience to us and changes our living and internet habits.