Thursday, January 27, 2011

Nine Activities Help You Become a Perfect Woman- One

Do you want to be a perfect woman? The following exercises can help you a lot and it's easy to insist.

First, walking

Walking as an effective cardio exercises, compared with general walking, it can increase heart rate by at least 13 percent.

Second, dancing

Woman's capacity of movement is weaker than man, that's because they are good at using left brain, and easier to master balance. Lack of stable balance, body movements are not only flexible,but will seriously affect the proper differentiation of left and right brain development, especially the organization reasoning and understanding of the left brain.

Third, skiing

In sliding, the close cooperation of eyes, hands, legs can largely training the speed of response. Alpine skiing in particular is a strong sense of manufacturing; improve self-confidence to cope with various challenges.

Fourth, riding bicycle

Appropriate exercise can secrete a hormone, which can make people cheerful and happy, riding bicycle will be able to produce this hormone. It can compress blood vessels, making blood circulation to accelerate the brain to intake more oxygen, so you will feel very relax after riding.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Three Things Women Should Do Before Sleeping

Sleep has close relationship with our health, work and learning. Good sleep can adjust the various physiological functions of our body to maintain normal nervous system; bad sleep, and then let us confused and limp. In the cold winter, in order to get a good sleep, we will pay attention to a few things before going to bed.

Walking before going to bed

A walk for 20 minutes in the room before going to bed can smoothing mood, relaxing spirit and body, so that can help you sleep well.

Soaking feet with warm water

In winter, soaking feet with warm water for 15-20 minutes before going to bed, can promote the expansion of blood vessels in feet, and to promote the systemic blood circulation, when we lie down in bed, you will fall asleep easily.

To brush your teeth before going to bed

After a day of eating, there are many food residue on our teeth, brush your teeth before going to sleep can not only protects our teeth, and more conducive to our good sleep.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Frequent Anger of Women will Cause Eight Damages to Health- Two

Liver injury
When angry, the body secretes some material called "catecholamines", act on the central nervous system, so that blood sugar increased, fatty acid decomposition to strengthen the blood and liver cells of toxins increased. Drink a cup of water when angry. Water can improve the body's excretion of free fatty acids to reduce the toxicity.

Cause hyperthyroidism

Angry makes the endocrine system disorders, to increase thyroid hormone secretion; the passage of time can cause hyperthyroidism. You should sit down and relax, eyes closed, doing deep breathing.

Lung injury
Emotional impulses, the breathing will be rapid, even cause the phenomenon of hyperventilation. Expansion of the alveolar stop, no time to shrink, it should not relax and rest, thereby jeopardizing the health of the lung.

Damage the immune system
When angry, the brain commands the body to produce a transformation from the cortex from cholesterol sterols. If the accumulation of this substance in the body too much, it will hinder the movement of immune cells, the body resistance will decreased.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Frequent Anger of Women will Cause Eight Damages to Health- One

With the accelerated pace of modern life, many people will often angry because the pressure is too large. But women cannot do this, because anger will make your skin pigmentation and bring many other hazards. Damage caused by angry are as follows:

Grow stain

When angry, the blood flood to the head so will reduce the oxygen in the blood, toxins increased. The toxins stimulate the hair follicles, causing varying degrees of inflammation around the hair follicles, which appear stain problems. Encountered with unhappy things, you can do deep breathing, hands flat, to regulate the physical condition, expelling the toxins from your body.

Accelerated brain cells aging

Large flock of blood to the brain, the pressure will increase in cerebral blood vessels. When the blood contains the most toxins, oxygen-minimum, no less than one brain cell "poison".

Gastric ulcer

Anger will lead to sympathetic tone and direct effect on the heart and blood vessels, so that reduced blood flow in the gastrointestinal, creeping slow, poor appetite, severe stomach ulcers will be cited.

Myocardial ischemia

Large amount of blood toward the brain and face will decrease the blood supply to the heart causing myocardial ischemia. In order to meet the physical needs of the body, heart had to work extra, so a more irregular heartbeat, it is even more deadly.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Three Details Indicates Women Lack of Blood

Qi and blood are the carrier of life, they moisturizing body together. If compared our body to the growth of plants, then qi is the sun, blood is the rain, and the two work together in the human body to make us grow. Some details of body indicate women health situation.

The white of the eye has close relationship with lungs and large intestine. If there are blood streak on the white of the eye, it indicates lungs and large intestine are heat, if there's large pouch under the eyes, it means insufficiency of the spleen.

Hair is closely related to liver and kidney, if there is a lot of hair loss, and the hair is sparser, you must guard against the problem of the body's blood. Greasy hair, the lung gas and virtual, will appear the phenomenon of too much hair oil. Hair growth rate associated with the liver blood, if the liver blood deficiency, hair grow slowly, and easy to dry.

Thick, strong and flexible hands usually indicate plenty of blood and strong physique; if thick hand weakness, poor flexibility, mostly poor energy and fatigue. Palm soft thin and weak, much energy recession, weak and sickly.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Three Pursuit Beauty Actions can Damage Woman's Health

The pursuit of beauty, many women like detoxification, nail, color their hair and so on. As everyone knows, the pursuit of beautiful healthy behavior will cause great trouble, and even make more harm than good.

Error detoxification

Many stars have insisted on colon hydrotherapy beauty, to let their bodies do not accumulate toxins in the stool, there are ways people choose fasting for detoxification. "Detoxification" has become a fashionable lifestyle.

Colon hydrotherapy is easy to make intestinal thicker, long repeated stimulation will also make intestinal paralysis, eventually leading to a number of man-made disease. Fasting detoxification method also varies, the workload of the people in to eat the dinner, the body will appear weak, dizziness, hypoglycemia, and affects health.


A lot of girls like to pursuit of trends and fashion, nail has already become a required course for them every month, every month a new style will change, or crystal nails, or a variety of different colors. But gradually you will find the girls began to become yellow, and will be very fragile.

Hair dye

Enjoy life, the pursuit of individuality, is the lifestyle many young men and women. Hair dye is no longer just the needs of the elderly, but also for many fashion young men and women. However, frequent hair dye, causing hair breakage, split ends, dry and so on.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Four Common Mental Diseases of Office Ladies- Part Two


TV, telephone, computer, email, phone, Internet and all the modern communications equipment and means of communication make our daily life and work very convenience, but also bring us new problems.

When some of the information around us suddenly disappeared, and our heart began to feel anxiety, panic, and even dizziness, chest tightness and other symptoms, this phenomenon is the performance of anxiety. In addition, family life or work setbacks, interpersonal conflict, psychological factors and strong stimulation can lead to anxiety attacks. Try to relax and you can use a small notebook to record things you want to do, slowly allow yourself to become organized, to be confident about yourself.


Go home after a busy work at the end of the day, looking for someone to share feelings to relax, thick phone book, nearly a thousand business cards, friends groups... But, when distress or joy, you opened the phone book, business card holder, open the computer to find, sort, search, it is hard to find a just the right friend to share.

Long-term loner, shopping and watching movies alone, this seemingly cold heart is still very autistic look forward to the care and concern of friends.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Four Common Mental Diseases of Office Ladies- Part One

People often think that women love to cry like a baby, with pressure also easy to vent out, and will not cause psychological problems, the truth is on the contrary. Here are several common mental diseases of women; you should pay more attention to it.

With the increase work pressure, insomnia has occurred frequently, in fact, insomnia is a minor neurasthenia. It is a common mental disorder. It is mental state caused by long-term excessive tension of higher nervous system. Causes of morbidity are often not single, but the result of interaction of many factors.

If sensitive, insomnia, dreaminess easy to wake up and most of the above-mentioned characteristics occurs, it would have to be careful, take some time to determine whether you are really get neurasthenia. Heart medicine for the heart, the most important thing is to keep calm and cheerful attitude, buy some essential oils with relaxing function to help relax before going to bed, sleep well the whole human spirit will naturally become well.


Depression is neuropathy due to chronic suppression, anxiety reaction. The reason for young women prone to depression has close relationship with social environment factors and their psychological and physiological characteristics.

Depression is not inconsiderable; you'd better come to a professional psychological doctor to consult when you have more than one feature of the above. Modern life makes woman to undertake both family pressures, but also to work pressure outside.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Three Kinds of Alcohol are Suitable for Women

In the cold weather, many women will feel hands and feet are very cold, it is because the blood cannot reach limbs. If you drink some alcohol in cold winter, it can achieve warm-up effect. What kinds of alcohol is the best choice for women in winter?


Baileys is colorless liquor, brandy, gin or other distilled spirits and fruits, flowers, plants pure squeezed juice and other natural materials mixed after distillation, the alcohol spirits is not high, partial taste sweet. Ice cubes or crushed ice can be added to drink, or soda water, even milk and ice cream is all best partners of Baileys.

Fruit wine

Fruit wine refers to the wine made of fruits except grape. The main materials are: apple, pear, cherry, strawberry, plum, kiwi and so on. Basically, the brewing methods are the same with other wine. Squeezing juice, add yeast fermentation, alcohol content of 5-6% to 15-16%. It retains the unique character and sweetness of fruit, so you will feel relaxed and happy when drinking. It's very suitable for women to drink, and is good for the heart.


The so-called cocktail, in fact, it's a kind of mixed wine, generally refers to spirits accompanied by fruit juices, soft drinks mixed with an occasional added to other materials such as butter, eggs, etc., disguised to a significant reduction in alcohol spirits, so more popular among women.

Monday, January 17, 2011

How to Prevent Computer Radiation for Office Ladies

Office ladies should facing with computer every day and access to computer more than six hours each day. The computer radiation is harmful to human. Long exposure to computer will harmful to human health, and will also affects female appearance. The following methods will help you a lot.

Drink yogurt each day

Yogurt is a wonderful whitening product. It contains a variety of probiotic bacteria, protein, minerals and vitamins, can improve the skin's epidermal moisture content, and to achieve long-lasting whitening effect, giving the skin for more brilliance. The vitamin B in the yogurt can resist radiation damage.

Drink dates porridge frequently

As we all know, red dates has the blood supplement and whitening effect. It is rich in nutrients and trace elements; it is called "natural vitamins." The fungus contains collagen, which can increase flexibility of the skin. Therefore, making porridge with dates and the fungus can prevent radiation, and whitening skin.

Drink green tea

Tea is rich in the origin of vitamin A, after absorbing by human body; it can quickly transfer into vitamin A. Green tea is the best to prevent radiation. It can make you beauty and health.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Top 5 Dangerous Living Habits of Women

Wearing expired contact lenses

Don't wear expired contact lenses in order to save money, because even if cleaning and disinfection, the lenses and the lens box will still left a lot of bacteria, which will easily lead to vision loss or inflammation of the cornea, what's worse, it can also cause permanent blindness.

Eating out-of-date foods

Although some not long overdue food can be eaten, milk or foods rich in protein should be eaten out within the warranty period.

Piercing in a small shop

Newly pierced ears still have some living skin cells and can't heal wounds within 6 weeks. It is very easy to provide breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses. If a small shop can't provide follow-up protection, please change another one.

Long interval between two medical examinations

The examination frequency depends on your age, health history and lifestyle habits. Some people check a couple of years no problem, but the girls over the age of 25 should maintain to once a year.

Eating much pills when headache

Even it's no effect after eating painkillers; you should not eat another one. Or it not only will make the body to adapt the drugs, but also the headache will become more intense.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Wearing Colorful Pantyhose Everyday is Harmful to Women Health

Select an appropriate color, with the right fabrics and styles of dresses, color pantyhose is really a landscape of fashionable women from the street to the office, from cultural activities to the commercial negotiations.

In fact, both men and women, regardless of underwear or outerwear, often wearing tight is not good, the body is a constraint, and will make blood circulation unsmooth. Therefore, although the pantyhose are good, do not wear every day. Influx women may try to hang out all clothes, and change styles every day.

Like this colorful pantyhose, the surface of the fabric has attached a layer of dye when they are newly bought, you'd better washing before wearing, thus reducing the dye damage to the skin. If you have sweat out today in pantyhose, the next it best to wash.

In fact, the same as socks, pantyhose, change each day for the best. After washing, do not hold up as hold clothes, after a long time, there is no form of the pantyhose. Get it flat, and take hold of the beam in the clothes to dry. In addition, regular wash pantyhose can alleviate the static response to some extent.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Right Steps of Women Face Care in winter

In cold winter, the facial skin always feel stretched, dying, redness and fine lines continue to emerge. The appropriate moisture replenishment of facial skin can effectively against these symptoms.

First, replacement of the cleansing products

The right moisture concept should from inner to the outer. The most basic step should start from cleaning. In summer, women like to use strong cleaning and removing oil products, while in winter, these kinds of products will make skin desquamate. Therefore, women should choose a mild cleanser to better protect the skin.

Second, replacement of skin care products

Women should choose skin care products according to the different nature of skin. General oily skin should choose a neutral and non-oily skin care products, such as milk, cream category; dry skin should choose the oil of the skin care products, such as nutrition cream, honey skin care category.

Third, facial massage

Facial massage is very important to promote blood circulation and metabolism, prevent skin aging, which is most worthy of promotion in the late autumn, but we must take a scientific approach.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Most Suitable Foods for Pregnant Women in winter

In the cold winter, the pregnant mums should pay much attention to the supply of nutrition and increase resistance. The following four foods have great effects on the health of pregnant women.

Raisins contain a lot of glucose on myocardial nutritional role, helping the recovery of coronary heart disease patients. Raisins contains high calcium, phosphorus, iron, and the amount of vitamins and amino acids, it's become the best nutritious food to the elderly, women and nourishing weak anemia people.

Honey can promote digestion and absorption, increase appetite, calm sleep, enhance the body resistance, and have a positive effect to promote growth and development of infants and young children. Honey contains almost all the nutrients in vegetables. Drink 3 - 4 tablespoons of honey per day in winter, not only can supply nutrition, but also to ensure smooth bowel movements.

Beef is also very beneficial to pregnant women. Eating lean beef 3 or 4 times a week can prevent iron deficiency anemia, and can enhance the immune system.

Pregnant women eat chocolate every day has a positive impact on the baby behavior after the birth. Pregnant women in the consumption of chocolate would pass on this chemical substance to the infant, and making the baby after their birth, especially in the 6 months, showing a positive emotion to life. However, what you should note is not to be excessive.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Coarse grains are the Best Beauty Foods

Many office ladies are facing with these problems: the long face of the computer all day, too many dinner parties, long-term constipation and so on. These problems will lead to female skin problems in the end. The following coarse grains are good for the skin.

The first one is corn. Corn is recognized as the world's "golden crop". It contains much fiber, and fiber can accelerate intestinal peristalsis, reduce cholesterol absorption and prevent coronary heart disease.

Second is oats. Oat contains a large number of dietary fibers, which are beneficial to detoxification, but also to have the effect of weight loss. In addition, it has magic whitening effect.

Third is mung bean, it is sweet and cold, which has the effect of diuretic swelling, and detoxification and cool in the role of thirst.

Fourth is buckwheat. It contains the "chlorophyll" and "rutin" which other grain do not have. The vitamin B1 and B2 of buckwheat is two times than wheat. Meanwhile, nicotinic acid and rutin contained in buckwheat are the treatment of hypertension drugs. Regular consumption of buckwheat is also effective against diabetes.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Four Types of Fruits with Black Skin Can Allow Us to Possess Beauty

As we all know, fruits are rich in vitamins, so it can allow us have beautiful skin. There is variety of fruits on sale, when buy fruits some people would like to choose one that with beautiful appearance, however, there are four types of fruits with black skin can also allow us to possess beauty. This article will introduce you the function on beauty of the four types of fruits with black skin.

Black group is a kind of nutritious fruit, which is rich in minerals, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin B1, B2, B6, C, etc. besides, it also contains variety of amino acids which is essential to human body. Black grape also has some advantages on treating neurasthenia and excessive fatigue. When black grape is made into raisins, its content of sugar and iron will be higher, so it the tonic for women, children and people who have poor health and anemia.

Blackcurrant is also rich in variety of nutrients, is has significant benefit to human health, therefore, it favored by people in Europe and other places. Blackcurrant is very rich in vitamin C, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, calcium, anthocyanins, and phenols. The healthy functions of blackcurrant already known by people include the prevention of gout, anemia, edema, arthritis, rheumatism, mouth and throat diseases, and cough. Since the nutrients it contains, it can make people become healthy and beautiful.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Four Toxins makes Women Prematurely Senile Part Two

Women are always interested in anti-aging; however, do you know that some toxins in our body would lead to prematurely senile. This article will show you those toxins.

Putrefaction is the source of all the toxins in our body. If we absorb the toxins that generated by putrefaction, our immunity would be reduced, and thus various diseases would be generated and our health would in danger. Putrefaction can affect our health through various ways; it can cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and for women, the toxins' repeated absorption would reach all parts of our body by the blood circulation, and lead to rough skin, pores, acne, abdominal pain, bloating, bad breath, dysmenorrheal, irregular menstruation, obesity, irritable mood and other symptoms.

The last way for toxin exists is lipidosis. With the awareness of nutrition, people now like to eat foods high in nutrition. However, sometimes, it would cause some diseases. Because the intake of high nutritional foods, and with exercises, this is likely to lead the deficiency of water in our body and this would cause blood viscosity. What's worse, with the increase of blood concentration, there would be a large number of lipid depositions in the vascular wall, so that the supply of oxygen to organs would be deficient and thus cause cerebral embolism and other diseases.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Four Toxins makes Women Prematurely Senile Part One

As for women, beauty, weight-loss is always hot topics for them. However, many women try various ways to keep beauty and lose weight, they would usually neglect one important point that is to eliminate toxin, which would make us prematurely senile. If the waste in our intestine contact with the intestinal wall for long time, it would inevitably be re-absorbed by our body, and cause body poisoned. The residual waste in the body would begin to decompose and the flora in colon will continue to break down waste and thus toxins would be generated. And there are four ways for toxin exists in our body. Let us have a look.

Cholesterol is a kind of nutrient that essential to human body, but the long-term high intake of cholesterol would increase the content of serum cholesterol and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Free radical is the main factor that would cause human aging. The right amount of free radical is good for our body; it can protect our body from the harm that chemicals and other materials would bring to us. However, once the content of free radical has surpass a certain amount, it would generate a very powerful oxygenizement and thus do harm to cells in our body. And this would lead to aging, skin spots, allergies and cardiovascular diseases.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Three Types of Smelly Foods are Beneficial to Women

Usually, we like eating foods with enticing aroma, and we think they can evoke our appetite. However, there are some smelly foods that are beneficial to women' health. Then let us have a look.

Durian can relieve dysmenorrheal. Durian has a heavy odor, we can say without exaggeration that it stink to heaven. However, in Thailand, due to its high nutritional value, it is usually used as a kind of tonic for patient or post-partum women. Durian could stimulate blood circulation and dispel cold, thus it can relieve dysmenorrheal, and it is especially suitable for women who suffer from dysmenorrheal.

Garlic can make hair glossy. Many women would worry about eating garlic would leave them a bad breath, in fact, garlic is the woman's health guardian. It is effective on killing some microorganism, such as, trichomoniasis vaginal and amoeba.

Parley can prevent osteoporosis. Medical research shows that over 40, the formation of people's bone would decrease, and their cortex of bone would be thinner, especially woman's. Thus, the expert reminds that women who are middle-aged should eat more of boron-containing foods, which is helpful for the absorption of minerals and protection of skeleton. And parley contains a lot of boron.