Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Skype: The Unique Company with American Dreams

Skype is unique in the internet industry. And its unique gene comes from its founders: Niklas Zennstroem and Janus Friis.

Those two guys are tough to get along well with. The destiny drew them together in the telecom company of TELE2, where they learned what telecommunication was. Then they wrote a shareware called Kazaa that gave all IDC and webmaster headaches.

You may never have used this software. It was a P2P downloading sharp tool, which could fill your hard disk up fully within one week.

Just the same as the famous Napster, the large records companies took the Kazza to the court. So Niklas Zennstroem and Janus Friis lived in seclusion for a period.

Kazaa was illegal but its technology was excellent. Those two guys who were familiar with the telecommunication naturally made use of this P2P technology in transmitting voice messages. Then Skype was born. According to Janus Friis Skype was a coinage from one sentence of the east European language, which means that communicating freely.

This miracle software can let you telephone on the network freely. At first this software had many bugs but was easy to use. Just like Kazza Skype spread on the internet like virus without any promotion. Those two used-to-be wanted criminals now become successful people in Silicon Valley.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Something about Dark Circles

 Many people ignore the dark circles and they think that they would disappear after a period. But in fact many diseases are related with dark circles and you should take care of this.

First stomach problems such as hypo function of digesting and absorbing and repeated outbreak of gastritis can make the dark circles serious. And the color of those dark circles of those people is deep and may be light blue. And the range is also large too.

Chronic liver diseases can be also related with dark circles. Chronic liver diseases especially the long time abnormal liver function and enlargement of the liver can lead to long time dark circles. About twenty percent of the patients with liver diseases have the outward manifestations of pigmentation outside of their body. So the patients with liver disease should decrease the burden of the liver and provide enough nutrition substances to the liver. And you should eat the foods that contain less fat.

The deficiency of the kidney is also related with dark circles. The traditional Chinese medicine thinks that the dark circles are resulted from the deficiency of the kidney. And the long time unhealthy living habits and excessive sex can lead to dark circles easily.

In order to get rid of the dark circles you should avoid staying late in the night and get into a good habits of living.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

There Are No Real Opening Platforms in China

In my point of view this can't be called opening. This is the method of utilizing other people's applications within their own platforms. Those sites can't be called opening platforms. The users have many kinds of demands. And they often satisfy their demands by visiting other sites. But with those so-called opening platforms they let other people to develop the applications based on their platforms. And they can get revenues from this. On the other side those applications can't work without those platforms. This is just making use of their advantages in one way. To be extreme those platforms can be called monopoly.

This way of opening platform can't work well. This is just the change of tactics. They just do other things in the name of opening platform. And this kind of opening platform hasn’t solved the problems of equal game.

Regard of the platforms, no matter the real opening platforms or the platforms just in the name of opening, the users are all opportunists. They don’t care whether the platforms are real opening or not. What they care is that what they can get from the platforms. Zynga and Rovio are all opportunists.

What are critical to the opening platforms are the opportunities that you provide for other people to play games on your platforms. The users number scale, users relations and the economic system are all important.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The True Death Reason for the Cancer Patients

It is common to see that after a people was found to have cancer it only take a few months for this people to pass away. Why the life is so flimsy facing the medical certificate? And what is the true reason for the cancer patients?

When a person was found to have cancer he may be sure that he would die soon at the same time. And it means that the cancer patients execute themselves death sentence. So sometimes we have to consider that are the cancer patients die from the cancer itself or the psychic suicide. And what happens if a person has cancer but he and his family don’t know?

And there is a surprising research from the western countries. They dissected thousands of the old people that died naturally. They found that 70 percent of the old man had gastric cancer and malignant tumors. And even some old people had malignant tumors for more than 30 years and they didn’t know that they had got incurable disease.

So in some cases we can say that the cancer patients killed themselves but not the cancer. And we can also say that many people with cancer are scared to death by cancer.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Something about Light Blogging

After the popularity of SNS and micro blog the light blogging becomes a new tendency of the internet in 2011. Just like blog and micro blog light blog also provides a platform for the users to generate contents and express themselves. And the light blog combines the advantages of blog and micro blog. It can express things clearly and professionally just like blog. And it also has the features of convenience and SNS just like micro blog. If blog is a book and micro blog is newspapers, we can see light blog as magazines. The light blog can communicate more things than micro blog and you can only use a button to release what you have found on the internet.

Tumblr.com, released in April 2007, is taking the lead in the field of light blog. And posterous.com is tumblr's biggest competitor. And at the same time the traditional media companies are moving to the platform of light blog, including NPR. Many other media companies are also moving to the light blog such as Newsweek, Rolling Stone and Life magazine. Some famous blog service providers such as wordpress.com have also added the similar functions of light blog on their platform.

Where will this new internet application go in the future? We now can't be certain. Also the business model of micro blog and light blog is uncertain.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Some Ways to Postpone Senility and Increase Your Immunity

We all know that milk has many functions in keeping us healthy. It also can make our skin white. But you may don’t know that boiling milk can produces carcinogenic substance. And the right way is to boil it in 70 centi degree for three minutes or in 60 centi degree for 6 minutes.

The nutrition of walnut is comprehensive. And it contains more omega 3 fatty acids than Salmon fish, more polyphenols that can resist inflammation than red wine. Also it contains much protein that can build our muscles. So the walnut is one of the most nutrient nuts. And you are advised to eat seven walnuts each day.

The research shows that the risk of hearts diseases can decrease by 38 percent if you eat three ounces of black bean each day. Although other beans are good for protecting our hearts, black bean is also good for the brain because of the rich anthocyanins in black bean. And it also contains many other nutrient substances.

The red apple is better than other apples because it contains more Antioxidants.

Green Chinese onion can increase the sex ability effectively and reduce the risk of prostatic carcinoma.

Mushroom contains a kind of antioxidant called erythrothioneine. And it can prevent the unusual generation of tumor cells. And the experts advised that you can eat mushroom one time in one to two weeks. And with red wine the effect will be multiplied.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How to Treat Chronic Bronchitis via the Way of Doing Excises?

The chronic bronchitis is very common among the elderly. And 13 percent of the elderly who are 60 years older may suffer from the chronic bronchitis. And most of the cases are resulted from out of tune of adaptability to the weather, which results into the infection of upper respiratory tract and in turn results into chronic bronchitis. And if this disease occurs repeatedly and for many years it can develop into emphysema, which presents the symptoms of cough, shortness of breath and cyanosis. And the way of doing excises aims to relieve spasm, improve the permeability of bronchus, correct the wrong ways of breathing, recover the abdominal breathing, and help to discharge the residual gas in the lung, improve the breathing function of lung and decrease the degree the oxygen deficiency.

Abdominal breathing
The way of abdominal breathing is by diaphragm drawing air into the lungs. And this way of breathing is deep and slow compared to lung breathing. When you breathe in the air the diaphragm muscles shrink and go down. The volume of thorax expands and can hold the large number of the air. And it is just contrary when you breathe out the air. So the abdominal breathing is one basic way to treat chronic bronchitis.

There are many other ways of doing excises to treat the chronic bronchitis.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How to Treat Constipation by the Way of Doing Excises?

Habitual constipation is that the interval between defecations exceeds 48 hours. And the waste is kept in the intestines and the water in the waste is absorbed excessively that results in dry and hard waste, which is difficult to discharge from the body. And there are many reasons for this disease. The condition of work place, the life habits, the diets and abnormal life habits can be all related with this disease. And there are many other reasons such as sitting for a long time, lack of excises and eating less food that contain fibrin.

And the way of doing excises to treat the constipation aims to stimulate the movements of stomach and recover the normal movements of the intestines. And on the other side by increasing the strength of abdomen muscles it would become easy to discharge the waste from your body. And these traditional ways are very effective. And compared to the medicine treatment you don’t have to suffer the side effects of medicine.

And the main purpose of the excises is to strength the power of the abdomen muscles. So the easiest way is to do sit-ups. Also you can do other excises. All in all the excises are good to treat the constipation.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

How to Deal with Your Naughty Children?

First you should take it into your heart that naughty children don’t mean bad children and obedient children don’t mean good children. So you should think carefully before you complain about your so-called naughty children. How to deal with your naughty children well?

Many people think that the children should have carefree joys. They don’t have to care anything. But you may never imagine that there are growing pains on the road that the children grow. And when you recall your childhood you may realize that we also have experienced worries and borings.

Puberty is a process when the children say goodbye to their childhood and say hello to their new future. In the puberty growing would bring mental conflict to the children. On one side they want to be independence and hive from their parents and family. On the other side they would feel worry and scared about the future. The changes in the puberty let the children feel depressed for the first time in their life.

Many parents think that the children don’t know about the society. And they try to control everything about the children. But in fact they also need respect and understanding. They also have their own world. The parents should not invade their world sometimes.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Ingenious Uses of Lemon

Many people like this kind of fruit. But they may ignore the ingenious uses of the lemons, especially the lemon peel. It is very useful in our everyday life.

First the lemon peel can improve the smell of the kitchen. And it not only can take away the smells in the kitchen it also can make the kitchen smell deliciously. It is the most nature aromatic substances within the room.

It is difficult to remove the smudge within or around the cooking utensils. But you can try this way. First you put some lemon peel into the warm water for some time until the peel becomes larger. Then you put the water into the cooking utensils. And now it is easy to remove those smudges. Also it is useful to remove the rust in the pots.

And there may be yellow markings in the wash basin and bathtub. Don’t worry. You can clean it easily with the lemon peel. Also it can be used in cleaning other dirty places such as tapes and wall bricks.

When you cook fishes or meat it is possible to get the fishy smell. And it is difficult to remove the smell with soap or washing powder. But you can try the lemon peel. Also it can remove the smell in the refrigerate.

Monday, May 9, 2011

How Obesity Harms Our Heath?

Obesity has become a public nuisance. The statistics published by the International Obesity Task Force shows that one in four people are excessively fat. In particular there are 3120 million people who suffer from overweigh. And about 1.7 billion people need to lose weight. The report also said that the number of fat people has exceeded the number of hungry people. And the developing countries should take more responsibility of the epidemic of obesity. According to the statistics one third of the death cases are related to obesity, lack of excise and smoking. With the development of the third world the issue of obesity would become more and more serious in the future.

Being fat not only influences your body shape beauty but also brings inconvenience to our life. More serious obesity can lead to many kinds of complications.

Obesity is the big enemy of being healthy and long life-span. And also it can influence our work and make us more subject to trauma. And the fat people are subject to coronary heart diseases. And the endocrine system diseases and metabolic disease are more popular among the fat people. And overweigh of body can influence the function of lung. And it also can lead to gallbladder disease.

There are many other harms of obesity. If you don’t want to got involved in those problems, you should keep a normal body shape.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Signals That You Become Mature

When you become mature you may not like sending messages. You like to make a call when you want to say something. And you prefer to make a long story short.

You may realize that you don’t like to be immersed in the emotional thinking. And you know that sensational plots don’t belong to you anymore.

Sometimes you like to be alone. And you may don’t get yourself into a slough of self-pity. And you like to surf on the internet, listen to music and amuse ourselves. Occasionally you may play some computer games.

Before you only loved to watch entertainment programs. But now you don’t like it anymore. You pay more attention to the science or news programs.

When you were young you think that the movie theater was a romantic place. But now you go to the theater because you like the film or director.

Sometimes you may write a post on your blog. Or you send pictures on your blog. But you don’t often visit other people's blog. You just write something for you to read.

You like to sing some old songs unconsciously. Although you may don’t remember the lyrics, you just like to sing them.

And you would never like to talk about the age issue now. You always like to say that you are younger that you really is.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Without Moon What Would Happen?

Why is the earth unique? Some body may say that we have water on the earth. But all know that there is water on the Jupiter. And just stop thinking about this question. You may never know that the reason why the earth is unique is because of the moon. But you may ask that other planets also have satellites. But in the solar system only the moon is an exception. Its volume and weight is 25 percent and one in eighty of the earth. And the moon is so close to the earth.

First if without of moon we may know little about the universe. And it provides us with the earliest timing management tool. And about 2300 years ago Aristarchos of Greek proved that the earth is a spherical object via the research of eclipses. He also calculated the size of the moon and its distance from the earth. Also we know other things about the universe via the moon.

And if there is no moon we will see nothing after sunset and there will be no mammals on the earth.

Without moon each day will become very short and the earth would spin very fast. Also without moon there would be no seasons and even complex life.

And the water in the sea would not be salty and there may be no life without the moon. Last if without moon there may be no mountains and there would be no stable land.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Young People Love SNS More Than Sending Text Messages Now

From the view of the young people the IM tools provided by social networks is fashionable and convenient. And some observers predicted that short messages may be disappeared among the young people who are born after 1990. Last year the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerburg, said that the email was dead and his speech aroused a fierce debate. And who would be the next to die? And in the next two years the number of sent short messages would decrease by 20 percent and may be disappear among the people who were born after 1990.

Instant message is similar with short message. But the instant message is cheaper and faster, which can satisfy the mental demands of the one right way. For example the same message on the Twitter can be sent to many contacts in the same time. The use of short message would decrease with more and more young people use social networks and smart phones.

A survey report showed that only 51 percent of young people use email as their first communication tool. And the most loyal users of email are middle aged and old people.

From the view of young people email is too troublesome and slow. Also they think it has been out of date.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Seven Chinese Internet Companies Will Go Listed In America Collectively in May

An informed person revealed that many Chinese dotcom companies, such as renren.com, netqin.com and tudou.com, would go listed overseas in May. He also said that renren.com has increased its IPO price to about 12 to 14 dollars, which means that its market value would reach to about 5.4 billion US dollars. There are about 7 Chinese internet-related companies who plan to go listed in America in May collectively. And if this news is true I want to call it the last crazy before the internet bubble.

All those companies all attached much importance on the process of listing overseas. And they do much to prepare for the listing.

There are many debates recently on the issue of the new round internet bubble. Many observers expressed their worries about it. But some investors didn’t think the new round internet bubble is coming, which I think they are deceiving themselves.

One reason for so many dotcom companies going listed is that the threshold of listing has been lowered. And the concept of China has been recognized by the overseas capital market. On the other side those companies have to shoulder the burden coming from the investors. After the investors can quit after the company has gone listed. But as of the internet companies the clear business model is the most important.