Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Spending Too Much Time on Watching TV Results in Depression

According to the Daily Mail in the British reported on November 14, the new research, which was carried out by Harvard University and published on Journal of Epidemiology, proclaimed that spending too much time on watching TV would result in depression. What’s more, watching TV for a long time would lead to a range of psychological and physical symptoms related to depression.

Michael Lucas, the leader of the new research said regular exercise can reduce the risk of suffering from depression because taking exercise can improve self-esteem and self-control ability. According to the related statistical data about more than 50,000 women participated, it was finally found that compared with women who hardly take exercise, the ratio of suffering from depression for women who spent too much time on exercise was too much lower.

Scientists pointed out that depression may be led by a variety of reasons rather than a single reason. Therefore it is important to focus on three major symptoms of depression.

Firstly, psychological symptoms, people who have depression always feel despairing, sadness, helplessness and low self-esteem.

Secondly, physical symptoms, generally speaking, their behaviors and language would become slower and slower. What’s more, their appetite and weight would be changed. Sometimes, it decreases while sometimes it increases.

Thirdly, social symptoms, they don’t finish work well and not to participate in social activities, avoid to contact with other friends.

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