Monday, August 22, 2011

Medicom Toy and its wooden toys

Medicom Toy Company was a Japanese toys company established in 1996. We can say that Medicom Toy Company is the largest and representative toys producing company in Japan. The establishment of Medico Toy led a completely new tendency around the whole world Kids Toys market. Especially the Kubrick and Be@brick published in 2001 became the hottest fashionable toys in that year. No matter man or women, people at different ages all liked these two toys, which became the treasures of many toys collectors.

There are many reasons for Medicom Toy and its toys’ popularity.  First of all, it can lead the fashionable trend with the toys industry. In addition, Medicom Toy can combine the toys with the music and the movie, plus the street culture, which can explains the great success of Medicom Toy.

In this year, in order to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of its establishment, Medicom Toy invited Horizon to provide them with technical support to make this very interesting wooden toy named Medicom Toy x Horizon 400% Karimoku Be@rbrick. This wooden toys is very ball-gazing and begin to be sold from 30th in July.

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