Friday, July 15, 2011

Chinese Bamboo Hanging Pictures

In the long history of Chinese nation, countless kinds of arts were developed by the ancient Chinese people. In addition, Chinese nation are creative and handy. They can turn the most common things to the most beautiful arts.

No matter in traditional China or in modern China, Chinese people like bamboo very much, which has been seen as the modest gentleman by the poets and scholars in ancient China. There are many poems that were wrote to praise the bamboo. Therefore, anything related with bamboo could give the Chinese people the impression of elegance, such as the traditional Chinese scrolls.

In addition, many Chinese people like to use the bamboo to decorate their houses such as the Chinese bamboo hanging picture.

High quality of bamboo was used as the background for painting. Then people could paint on the surface. Often the beautiful and wonderful things were painted on the bamboo, which carried and held the meanings of hope and wish or other people's emotions. When the painting was finished, Chinese bamboo hanging could be hung on the wall as decoration. Compared other paper paintings, this kind of bamboo hanging picture can be kept for a long time. Moreover, Chinese bamboo hanging pictures are wet-resistant and durable, which are green and environmental friendly from modern people's view.

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