Thursday, July 14, 2011

How to Eat Chinese Medicine Correctly in Summer

Do people get angry eating Chinese medicine it in summer? Is it fit to eat this medical? How to store herbs soup?

Chinese medicine and western medicine products are different in summer, Chinese herbal medicine should involved in the fried, storage in summer, otherwise medicinal materials and the medicine liquid go bad, it is not cannot cure of disease, but also may affect the pesticide effect, or even endanger the health of patients.

Chinese experts pointed out that Chinese medicine is also have the points of cold, hot, warm and cool, some drugs with a warm nature, some drugs with heat resistance, and some drugs can lead to diarrhea, and some drugs balance yin and yang. There are a lot Chinese medicines are suitable for summer, drinking chrysanthemum tea, drink five disinfection drinks can clear heat, after taking it, your symptom of suffering from excessive internal heat can be treated.

Some doctors also believe that it is not appropriate to take the Chinese medical in summer, but for some patients with unbalanced of Yin and Yang, they can take it under the guidance of doctor. It can be said, whether can take Chinese medical or not, the key is based on the patient's constitution, the season only as a reference factor, the patient can increase the dosage depending on the season under the guidance of doctors.

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