Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bamboos Slip's Source and Its Categories

An early form of writing is carved on the bones and the Zhong Ding, due to the limitations of the material, it is difficult to widely disseminated, until the Shang Dynasty, the master text is still only the upper class people, which greatly limits the spread of cultural and ideological, this situation can be changed with bamboo slip appearance.

Bamboo slip is the longest used books form in Chinese history, is primary writing tool before the invention of papermaking and paper, our ancestors through the repeated comparison and hard choices, then make sure use it to preserve our cultural and disseminate media, this is an important revolution in the media history. It is the first time to free wring from the social top inner circle. Therefore, the bamboo slip plays a crucial role of spreading in Chinese culture, because of its appearance, forming all schools of thoughts contend for attention, at the same time, making Confucius, Lao Zi and other famous celebrities thought and culture can be spread so far.

Bamboo writhing can be divided into four categories, the first category is common in on Bamboo silk in Chu, Chu-shaped structure is the true nature of the text, the calligraphy with features in tadpole script, it can be said that this is the standard character font of bamboo silk in Chu, the second from comes from Qi and Lu Confucian classics manuscripts, but it has been domesticated by Chu, with bird worm book features, as Han the following three-body Wei Shi Jing, Han Bamboo slips  Four Ancient Rhyme contained in the classical of the present, the third category is similar to the lesser seal, is close Ancient Seal, it should be the original features of the Warring States Period of Qi and Lu Confucian classic text, the fourth category is most match with the features of the text Qi, keeping more of the physical structure and calligraphy writing style of Qi. Bamboo slip calligraphy is handsome, density properly, has a significant value for researching the Chinese calligraphy history.

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