Friday, July 8, 2011

The Terror of the Chinese Chicken Feather Duster

We all know that the Chinese chicken feather dusters are used to clean the room and remove the duster. Now the feather dusters have been taken place by the other cleaning tools and are hung on the wall as decorations. But you may never know about the strange function of the Chinese chicken feather dusters. We Chinese children are very familiar with this strange function and we may be afraid of this cleaning tool.

Chinese chicken feather duster is one of the most used weapons by Chinese parents to discipline their children. Almost each child has experienced the terror of the chicken feather. It is really hurt. The chicken feather duster not only is full of feather, but it also has a bamboo handle. We must acknowledge that it is very convenient to teach the naughty children.

Therefore, the first action when we Chinese see that our parents are taking the feather duster is to run as quickly as we can. In addition, we have another means to avoid being disciplined with the chicken feather duster is to hide it so that the parents cannot found them. However, under this situation our parents often found other bamboo sticks or buy a new chicken feather duster.

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