Friday, July 15, 2011

The Style of Chinese Invitations

Here I would like to talk about something about Chinese invitations, including traditional and modern Chinese invitations.

The first sight you see Chinese invitations, you would find an obvious feature, the fresh red of the invitations. The color of red in traditional China often signifies the happiness and perfect of life. Therefore, in the happy occasions such as wedding ceremony, our eyes would be full of red color things. Even the brides would wear red clothes in traditional Chinese wedding ceremony. Without exceptions, traditional Chinese invitations are all with red colors.

Another character of traditional Chinese invitations is that the words on them are handwritten with Chinese brushes pen.

In modern China, especially among the youths, some traditional features of invitations are abandoned. Learning from foreign countries, more and more young people are using other styles of invitations now. They often buy the invitations online and write the words by themselves. In addition, Chinese invitations such as wedding invitations are not limited to red color. Various kinds of color are used in the invitations. Besides the invitations, more and more Chinese young people are wearing western suit and bride veil in China. Furthermore, the traditional Chinese invitations are still used in rural areas of China.

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