Friday, December 3, 2010

4 Types of Fruit Juice help to Improve Dark Circles

In daily life, we can find that if we were staying up, the next day, we would feel fatigue, and dark circles will occur around our eyes. Actually, all the women who are used to staying up, their physical fitness and energy will obviously reduce; this is due to the lack of sleep.

Generally speaking, our skin will be in a state of maintenance at 10pm to 2am. If staying up all night for a long term, our endocrine system and nervous system will be destroyed, then our skin will face such problems, dryness, poor flexibility, and lack of luster, pimples, acne, chloasma, killo and other issues. There are five types of fruit juice we can drink when we stay up.

First, we can cut apple, carrots, spinach and celery to small pieces, and then add milk, honey, and small amount of sugars in to it. And then use fruit juice mixer to smash them, finally a glass of nutritious fruit and vegetable juice is made.

The second type of fruit juice can be made of banana, pawpaw and high-quality yogurt. Also we should use a fruit juice mixer to smash these fruits. Then it is made, this type of fruit can supplement the energy that our body needs.

Thirdly, we can use kiwi fruit, orange and lemon to make fruit juice. These fruits contain large amount of vitamin, therefore, it can supplement the energy at the same time to make us beautiful.

Besides, fruit juice made of shaddock, grape and honey can bring you a sweet and sour taste. If you like the sour taste you can try this kind of juice.

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