Thursday, December 2, 2010

4 Colors of Foods can Help to Lose Weight

Red foods can promote the metabolism and burn the fat fast. At the same time, the fat that accumulated in our body can be easily burned. That is to say, we can sculpt a shape that is not easy to become fat, but also easy to be slim. Thus, red food is necessary for weight-loss. Besides, red food can promote the blood circulation, enhance our immune system, and add vitality to our cells, which has obvious effect on improving the cold hand syndrome and anti-aging.

Green food
has a strong power in purification. It can help to discharge the accumulate waste and purify the body to make it clean. Also, green food can help to discharge the waste and toxin in our body while supplement the vitamin and minerals, which can promote digestion, absorption and discharge. Therefore, green food has the function on weight-loss, and anti-aging.

Black food
can supplement energy to people who have fragile health. Black foods have an excellent effect on nourishing the body, strengthening the immune system and improve the physical weakness. And our body can be purified at the same time our body's natural healing ability can be improved. Thus enhance the vitality of cells and ability of immune system, and create vibrant physique.

The hurt that caused by the unscientific diet, pressure, and the air pollution can be recovered by the yellow foods, such as, lemon, corn, ginger, etc. yellow foods can maintain the normal operation of digestive organs and internal organs, and improve metabolism. Thus, it makes weight-loss an easy thing.

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