Monday, December 20, 2010

The History of High Heels

In women's world, high heels are always the unique treasure for women. Every woman has her own special complex to high heels. But when mentioned the history of high heels, seldom of them know.

In 18th century, from the view of the popular Rococo style, the gorgeous costumes are stressed. So, the high heels are also changed. In that time, high heels are made of satin, woven cotton and budge. And the styles are mostly low-uppers high heels and low heels. And high heels are decorated with fine embroidery, and precious stone, and also with the steel shoe buckle. This delicate shoes need to be put a pair of leather shoe cover when go out.

In 19th century, high heels have experienced a very important development. High heels are almost out of the men's field, unlike popular with men at its first appearance. It gradually belongs to women's exclusive footwear.

Industrialization and the consequent large number of invention makes the 19th century a vibrant and explosive era. The concept of fashion has been gradually formed, and the shoe technology has reached a mature. It is popular for the different materials such as, satin, silk and leather. And the style also becomes more diverse.

The design on shoes has begun to emerge from the 20th century. Manufacturing shoes are not an activity, but a special profession centers on the prudent design. During that time, the designers make a combination between sandals and high heels. Because women have a more open attitude for dress, and the moral standards become less strict. The designers began to make the combination between high heels and scandals, make it a elegant high heel for banquet. Besides, high heeled, slender and elegant lines are the characteristics of shoes in this era.

The 21th century that is nowadays, high-heeled shoes today has become a symbol of women. Its meaning and value are created by the transformation and accumulation of social background and the cultural context. For example, in western countries, if the door of public place marked "high heel", it means the female restroom. This shoes the western social value and cultural tradition. In this century, the style of high heel, high heels shops, people who wear high heels, the expense on high heels, and the amount of high heel people posse are more and more. Most of women would wear high heels at a certain age and the reasons why they wear high heels are different.

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