Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tips on Having a Good Sleep for Women


Sleep has a relationship with a kind of material called epiphysin. In winter, it becomes dark at 5 or 6 o'clock. The light becomes weak, and the secretion of melatonin increases, so people have a strong feeling to go to sleep. Compared with summer, because of the control of light, people don't want to sleep anymore after their waking up. In rural area, the environment is very suitable for sleeping due to the little light. In city, there are still much light in night, so a good sleep should reduce the affection by light.


In winter, the temperature is low, so many people close the windows and doors tightly, under this situation, the air circulation will be prevented, so it prone to produce bacteria. However, open all the doors and windows are not the wise behavior, this will cause people to catch a cold. To what extent should windows and doors be opened ought to according people's individual situation. If you are afraid of cold, you can close windows in bedroom, and open windows in living room and door of bedroom. This can maintain good ventilation.

Shower gel

Before sleeping, you can take a bath, and in this process shower gel play an important role. There are kinds of shower gel, which are for different people with different skin types. In winter, people's skin will easily dry, so we should choose the moisture- based one. Improper selection on shower gel will make you uncomfortable because of the skin problem.


Some people like eating something before going to bed. Actually this is not a healthy habit. Before sleeping, you should keep your stomach have no pressure. Also it is not good to drink a lot of water before sleeping. Because, during sleeping, your going to the restroom will certainly interrupt your sleep. Some people would need long time to fall asleep again.

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