Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Milk, Yoghourt and Soybean Milk-Which One to Choose?

In our daily life, milk, yoghourt and soybean milk become a necessity for our breakfast. However, there are many people have no idea about choosing one that suitable for them. Then we can make a comparison between the three drinks.

When it comes to the nutritional value, milk is the best one to choose. Fresh milk contains many minerals our body needs, such as, calcium, phosphorus and potassium, etc. all these minerals play a significant role in children's development and metabolism. And its specific lactose has more important nutritional function to human body. Because the galactose obtained by the degradation of lactose plays a particular role in baby's mental development. On the other hand, lactose in the human intestinal can promote the growth and reproduction of lactic acid bacteria, thus promote the absorption of calcium and other minerals.

Yogurt is generally made from fresh milk of high quality which goes through the fermentation of lactic acid, so its nutritional value is lower than fresh milk, but the nutrients almost the same as milk.

Compared with fresh milk, the protein that soybean milk contains is equal to milk. But the content of vitamin B2 is only one third of that in milk. The content of vitamin A and C is zero. Although it is high in iron, the calcium it contains is half of it in milk.

When mentioned the health efficacy, the three drinks share equally. Generally speaking, milk contains a variety of active substances; it plays a big role in eliminating the bacteria and viruses, repairing the injury in our body and the dead cells and maintaining a stale internal environment.

Besides, milk is rich in calcium, vitamin and other nutrients. The lactic acid bacteria in yoghurt can produce lots of lactic acid through the formation of lactose; this has a significant role in the inhabitation of the growth and reproduction of harmful bacteria in enteral. Also, yogurt can help the digestion and absorption if intestinal material and enhance body's immunity.

Soybean milk is rich in high quality vegetable protein, fats and vitamin. And the content of lecithin and vitamin E it contains are higher than milk. So, drinking soybean milk for a long time can regulate blood lipids, protect the liver, prevent hardening of the arteries and promote thinking.

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