Monday, June 20, 2011

Partial Obesity of the Body is More Beneficial to Health

Slim waist, slender thighs and plump buttocks are the devil figures which many girls dreamed. However, beauty does not mean health. British experts said, fat in hip, buttocks and thigh can be effective in reducing heart and metabolic problems and good to health. The researchers said fat in hip can remove harmful fatty acids from the body. In addition, natural anti-inflammatory ingredients contained in hip can prevent clogged arteries. But the fat in waist has no such effect. Adiponectin, a hormone which can protect the arteries, can be produced by slow burning of fat in hip to control blood sugar. If fat in these parts break down fast, it would release a large amount of cytokines, which would trigger inflammation and detrimental to the body. The report predicts that the doctor can make use of technological means in the future to increase hip fat. By this way, fat in patients' body can be re-distributed to combat cardiovascular disease and metabolic diseases. At the same time, the researchers warned that too little hip fat may lead to severe metabolic problems such as Cushing's syndrome.

While it does not matter with too much fat in the hip and thigh, but the problems may happen if there are excess fat in the waist. A survey from a British drug maker company showed that most people do not understand the dangers of fat in waist, people do not know that potbellied means large numbers of dangerous fats hoard in the internal organs. One survey participant said, compared to fat in viscera which can’t be seen, people usually put too much emphasis on body weight and body fat index. Terry Ma Guier, the main author of this report, said that people's risk of diabetes and heart disease can be increased because of plentiful fat at the internal organs. Investigators said that too much fat on belly may release certain proteins or hormones, which lead to inflammation, damage blood vessels and affect breaking down sugars and fats of the body.

In order to find a new approach to combating heart disease and blood vessel diseases, this research helps us better understand how fats play a role in the body. If you are overweight, obese or waist circumference increased, then it is time to change the lifestyle. A healthy diet and regular exercise will reduce the occurrence of the risk of heart problems.

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