Thursday, March 17, 2011

Foods Have Function of Anti-Pollution

With the science development, a variety of modern pollutions appear at the same time. The four foods showed in the following have the function of anti-pollution.

Kelp has radiation protection function
Eluates from kelp can reduce the damage to the immunologic function caused by isotope and radial. By eating kelp, immunocyte can be avoided from declining and falling that plays the role of radiation protection.

Millet has anti-noise function
In the noisy environment, vitamin B in our body will be consumed a lot, therefore foods which are rich in Vitamine B such as millet, oats and corn have anti-noise function.

Bean curd with chicken blood has anti-dust function
Plasma protein contained in Bean curd with chicken blood can be changed into alexipharmic substances after being decomposed by gastric acid and digestive ferment, then this alexipharmic substances, combined with stive and particulate of poisonous metal entered into body, becomes substances that can't absorbed by the body easily and excreted through the digestive tract.

Milk can get rid of lead in body
Drinking milk every morning and evening can remove the lead in body because the protein contained in milk can be changed into soluble compound combined with lead in body, which not only prevent the absorption of lead by our body, but also promote the excretion of lead.

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