Saturday, March 12, 2011

Four Kinds of Food Can Steal Your Top Quality Sleep

During the holidays, all people want to eat well and sleep well. However, experts warn that that poor diet can lead to poor sleep quality. According to a recent report, food showed in the following can steal your top quality sleep.

Caffeine drinks
As we all know, caffeine has been considered the main culprit which leads to insomnia. However, one registered dietitian from the the United States said that caffeine did not add any energy to the body, but it is indeed a stimulating material that can increase human alertness, resulting in sleep difficulties.

Nutrition experts say cheese contains a large number of amino acid and tyrosine, which can dopamine that a neurotransmitter material, so that the brain becomes more clear and it is difficult to sleep.

Spicy food
Eating too much spicy food at night can lead to sleep problems. Patients with heartburn symptom will be worse after lying on the bed if eating too much spicy food. Therefore, experts suggest that it is better to eat spicy food in the morning or noon but not at night.

Alcohol has the function of sedative, but drinking alcohol at night will lead to difficulty in sleeping. Experts say that many people relax by drinking alcohol. In fact, alcohol will hinder the body into deep sleep stage with the symptom of rapid eye movement.

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