Saturday, March 12, 2011

How to Maintain Good Appetite

According to the report from Life and Health, women's sexual desire is relevant to their appetite, when they are frustrated with emotional problems, they will suffer from anorexia or culimia. On the other hands, their sexual life may become disordered and disharmonious situation will appear.

About nearly 1,000 couples are participated in this survey. Researchers found that more than 20% women would have problem at sexual life if abnormal diet appears. For example, women with anorexia are likely to have no desire for sexual behaviour, dyspareunia and difficult to reach orgasm.

Women with bulimia are always afraid that their husbands find their abnormal eating habits, so they gradually escape husbands or even men and do not want to create a more intimate emotional or sexual relationship. Because of avoiding sexual life by themselves, their sexual need can’t be satisfying. Instead, they will find food to meet the need. You can understand that they use foods to compensate the sexual pleasant sensation.

For women, if you want to have better sexual pleasant sensation, firstly maintain a good mood to stimulate the normal appetite, then maintain a healthy sex life to make marriage happier.

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