Monday, March 7, 2011

Standpoint on Women's Self-willed Behaviours

Look at these phenomenons firstly, if the wife has poor memory while her husband must have a strong memory, if the husband pays no attention to hygiene while his wife must like to clean the house frequently. Similarly, if the wife is self-willed, her husband must accommodate himself to all her's demand.

An American psychologist said self-willed behaviours are the performance of psychological needs. Women often pay attention to gender relations and are afraid of being abandoned. Their self-willed behaviours are just due to the desire for love. They want to get attention from other people around them, they want to the care and love from her husband to test their weight and status in their husband's eyes.

You can say self-willed behaviour is good or not. One woman who often takes self-willed behaviour skillfully may say the words like this:" No, I just only want to get this." which will make the men's heart up and down. However, the scale of self-willed behaviour should be limited, which must be in the limits of men's tolerance. Men may occasionally accommodate you, but will not tolerate these self-willed behaviours for a long time.

For women, not to use self-willed behaviours as the trump card, you should fully know the men's endurance to judge what are safe behaviours and what are areas should be avoided. For men, you should learn insights into your wife's psychological needs.

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