Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to Answer the Questions Posed by Interviewers?

To introduce yourself

The interview often starts by a brief introduction of you. And you are advised not to talk fluently and endlessly. One minute or two minutes long introduction are preferred. You introduction must contain four aspects of you: early life, education background, work background and your latest work experience. You should emphasize on the subject of your latest work experience. Remember that this is just a warm up question and don’t reply the most important point of you on this question.

How much do you know about this company?

Before the interview you must prepare for this question. And you must say something about the products, the service, the reputation and the problems about this company. But don’t show that you have a complete understanding of this company. You can answer this question like this: During the process of finding jobs, I have investigated a lot of companies. And I am interested in this company as following reasons.

How do you think of your boss?

You should answer this question as positively as possible. And your future boss really want to know how would you judge him in the future.

During the interview many questions that you never expect may be posed by the interviewer, which requires full preparation and understanding of the post you applied for.

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