Monday, March 14, 2011

Exercise before Going to Bed Doesn't Affect Sleep Quality

What's the relationship between exercise and sleep? Does taking exercise before going to bed can eliminate insomnia. Let's discuss the topic in the following article.

The experts always give the warning that not to take strenuous exercise before going to bed on the grounds that more adrenaline and other hormones can be released during the process of strenuous exercise, all of these hormones will make people in intense emotional states that needs at least 3 hours to drop back to the original level. Therefore strenuous exercise before going to bed can result in bad sleep.

However, most studies did not confirm this standpoint. For example, one study found that taking one hour of moderate-intensity exercise before 90 minutes or 60 minutes going to bed does not make it difficult to fall asleep and, above all, will not reduce the quality of sleep. Many other studies had similar findings. One U.S. researcher from University of South Carolina said exercise before going to bed can actually improve quality of sleep, it could reduce anxiety and increase body temperature, but there are individual differences.

Nowadays, the theory that exercise before going to bed doesn't have a negative impact on sleep has been confirmed by many researchers. So you don't worry about this and join the exercise team after work.

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