Friday, March 4, 2011

How To Have a High Quality Sleep

It is necessary to use expensive cosmetics to keep beauty skin because just a comfortable sleep is enough. After mastering the skills on how to have a top quality sleep, you will find that it is easy to keep young.

Many people lay down on the bed and toss and turn, they find that it is hard to fall asleep. At this time, not to be reluctant to sleep because it can result in greater psychological pressure. What you should to do is relax, think about something else or read a book to disperse the pressure of sleep.

You'd better take a footbath before going to bed because many nerve ending are linked together with brain, taking a footbath with hot water can not only stimulate nervous, but also promote blood circulation, both of which have restrained relaxed effect on cerebral cortex and active in peripheral nerves to enhance memory. By the way, the temperature of the water should be about 40 degrees and can soak ankle.

Sometimes, the sleeping position is closely related to the quality of sleep. Sleep on backs can make the muscles keep in tension while face down or left side sleep position are not only harmful to heart, but also easily cause nightmares. The best posture is right side sleep because it can relax muscles completely and reduce the chance of nightmares happened.

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