Thursday, June 2, 2011

How to Being on Diet in Health Ways?

Fat-free foods are not always the best option. Sometimes low-fat foods are better. Studies have shown that lycopene, Alpha carotene, Bata Carotene, which are all anti-cancer and anti-heart disease foods. And they can never be extracted from fat-free foods.

Having no breakfast will make you feel tired in the morning and you will unconsciously increase the intake of some unhealthy snacks.

Not drinking enough water could undermine your weight-loss plan! Dehydrated condition will make your metabolic rate reduce by 3% or burn less 45 calories each day. So over a long time you can't lose weight effectively. The key of drinking water does not lie in the amount, but rather how often to drink.

In the supermarket frozen vegetables may be fresher than the so-called fresh vegetables. Because food suppliers usually put the vegetables into refrigerate a few hours after picking them, so nutrition has also been frozen into the vegetables. And the so-called "fresh vegetables" in the service of a large supermarket may have been in the truck for a few days.

Between meals if you feel hungry, do not drink coffee. But you can drink yogurt instead. A small cup of yogurt with low fat can provide you protein and other nutrition substances that can make you feel full.

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