Thursday, June 9, 2011

You can become happy by eating

You may feel boring sometimes. And can we become happy again by the way of eating the foods we like? The answer is positive. Eating is a pleasant matter and eating delicious foods is an enjoyment. And here I would like to advice you to eat the coarse grain foods, which has the effect of regulating your moods to some extent.

We eat because we are hungry and also because eating can make us feel happy. And when somebody feels boring and upset they want to eat chocolate or drink soda water, because those foods brought sweet memories when they were in their childhood.

Often the foods that can make us happy are made from sweet. And those kinds of foods can make your blood sugar increase quickly. And the chemical substance in the brain called seronine also increases. The seronine in the brain is related with human's moods. But the fact is that the insulin can make the blood sugar down and now your moods may become worse. Then you may again want to eat the sweet foods. So you can't have a stable mood.

The point is that when you are boring you should choose the right foods to eat. And the food should be healthy and also make you happy too.

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