Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It Is Ignorant to Say That Chinese Appliance Industry Has Gone Beyond That of Other Countries

After China entering WTO, Chinese appliance industry has made greater achievements than ever. However, can we say that Chinese manufacturing industry has gone beyond that of developed countries?

Really this is not meeting trouble half way or alarmist. From June 1 to 3, the Sino-Japan Green Expo of 2011 was held in Beijing, which makes Chinese appliance industry surprised.

 What did we see? We can't see any appliance on the booth of Hitachi and Toshiba that have opened the Chinese market by their color televisions. Canon and Olympus were showing green and renewable energy technology products. As of the world's largest electronic products leader Sony, showed about solar energy, water and other environmental concepts and technologies. In addition, Panasonic showed the regional integrated energy solutions from home to shoppers and the whole building that based on the energy creation, energy storage, saving energy and energy management.

Besides environmental protection products, renewable energy technology products and solutions, we suddenly found that the leading Japanese consumer electronics companies have been quietly shifted their development model. On the other hand, by peer review, we can see that in the traditional consumer electronics devices, they don’t want to compete with Chinese appliance industry. Not being difficult to understand the reason why those companies are giving up the traditional appliance manufacturing industry, they are put their concentration on the new fields.

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