Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Something about Losing Weight by Taking Medicine

Losing weight by the way of taking medicine can be a double-edge sword. And the drugs that is effective, safe and without setbacks hasn’t been developed. The losing weight medicines, just like other medicines, all have side effects and you should find balance between the necessity and the side effects.

Sometimes losing weight by taking medicine can be dangerous compared to by excises and other ways. Because by taking losing weight medicines the appetite would be contained. So it is fast and obvious to lose weight by taking medicines. You don’t need to be on diet and do excises. But the disadvantage is that this way has many side effects. You skin may become dark and the cells in your body would shrink and its activity would decrease, which can affect your health and physical strength.

There are many side effects of the losing weight medicines. You may go to the bathroom repeatedly, don’t want to go to bed, feel excited in the evening and feel thirsty. If those symptoms are serious you should stop taking the medicine immediately. Also you should avoid the medicines that contain some chemical substances such as diuretic, laxative and expansion admixture.

Although the effect of losing weight medicines are fast and obvious, the best way to losing weight is by doing excises and change your living habits.

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