Saturday, June 18, 2011

We Should Not Eat Too Much Persimmon

Eating fruits is very good for our physical and mental health, especially in the summer. Many women like to eat different types of fruits in the summer, which not only can relieve the heat but also can help to digest the foods and even lose weight. However, not all fruits are suitable for mass consumption in summer. The following six kinds of fruits should be eat less in the summer.

Among the fruits, persimmon is known as one kind of the sweetest fruits. In addition, if it made into persimmon cake, it even would become sweeter. Persimmon is not only delicious but also nutritious. However, persimmon has shortcomings and eating too much persimmon can damage your health. Persimmon contains a certain number of persimmon tannin (tannic acid) and the peel of the persimmon contains more of this kind of chemical substances. Just because of the tannic acid our mouth may feel reche and the tongue may feel numb when we eat the persimmon especially when it hasn’t become grape.

Tannins have a strong convergence effect, which can be combined with the acid in the stomach easily and then it would be solidified into blocks. Therefore, we can't eat too much persimmon and we should remove the peel before we eat the persimmon.

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