Friday, April 1, 2011

What Has Gmail Changed Email and the Internet?

Today is April Fools' Day. Today is Gmail's birthday. Seven years ago Google announced that it would provide email service. And everyone thought it was a joke. But on the April Fools' Day seven years ago, Google published its email service: Gmail, which shocked everybody. Influenced and led by Gmail, other email service and some other internet services have changed.

Before Gmail, email' storage capacity is very small, which is measured by MB. But with the emergency of Gmail, email's storage comes into the age of GB. JavaScript technology was just used to pop up dialog box and display the rolling words on status bar firstly. But now it becomes an important part of Ajax technology which is used widely on the internet. In Gmail mails are organized by dialogue. But in the past each mail was organized as single one. And it introduced Label into email, which is more useful than file folder. We often see some disturbing ads in the email, but we can see related ads in Gmail. Before email was just used to send and receive mails, but now we can chat via email and the third-party applications can be set up in the email. And now it is easy to find mails seven years ago.

We can conclude that Gmail is an evolutionary product and it brings convenience to us and changes our living and internet habits.

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