Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kai-Fu Lee: Why Larry Page Is Tailor-made for the CEO of Google

Kai-Fu Lee, former vice global CEO of Microsoft and Google and CEO of Google Greater China Group and now focusing on his innovation works, wrote in his micro blog about his opinions about Larry Page becoming the CEO of Google.

Larry Page, the associated creator of Google, has become Google's new CEO. And Kai-Fu Lee thinks Page is tailor-made for the position for his foresight and bold decision making. He also adds that Page's introverted personality will be disadvantageous.

Acquiring Android proved Page's foresight. And he dares to dream and making bold decisions, which can avoid organization rigidity. Also he has a good understanding of Google's products and attaches importance on users. The inner products and technology teams like him and give Page full support.

Kai-Fu Lee also points out some disadvantages of Page, his poor communication skills for example. And Page only likes to do the things that he loves. He will stuff his ears and go to his emails when it comes to things about government, public relations and marketing. He really needs a partner to help him deal with things from outside.

Some foreign presses have the view that Page will face two consequences; one is that he will succeed like Jobs, or he will share the fate of former CEO of Yahoo!, Jerry Yang.

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