Friday, April 22, 2011

Easy Traditional Chinese Ways to Treat Chronic Prostatitis

Only men have the organ of prostate. When the prostate that encircles orifice of urethra operates at an overload and the immunity decrease resulted from being exhausted both physically and mentally in autumn or winter the prostate would be infected easily by disease-causing microorganisms, which may lead to dribble of urine and perineum uncomfortable, just like dripping tap.

And in traditional Chinese medicine the excise of abdomen, thigh and hip can treat chronic prostatitis effectively.

Brisk walking or jogging can promote the blood circulation and the lymph circulation around the prostate. So 20 to 30 minutes of brisk walking or jogging is favorable to health care to the prostate for the young and adult men.

Also getting on cat walk will have a good stimulate on the perineum. And duck walk can excise your hipbone that it is difficult to excise. Duck walk is walking forward with you feet apart, your hand on your neck back and your body getting down.

Every morning when you get up you can do horse stance, bow step, crouch step and rest step for about 49 times, which will be good for your perineum.

Another way is to stand and raise your heel. When your heels reach the top, you tighten your lower legs. This method is especially good for your chronic prostatitis. And you can rub your perineum for 100 times. At the same time you can eat the foods that are good for your prostate and pay attention to you living habit.

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