Monday, April 25, 2011

Kai-Fu Lee Taught Others How to Evaluate Resumes on His Micro Blog

Resumes are the open sesame to finding jobs. And the importance of resumes is self-explanatory. Whereas what is the gold content of your resumes? And let's mark our resumes together.

Recently Kai-Fu Lee told the ways that how to evaluate your resumes and shared some suggestions provided by heads of human resources department of Innovation Works about writing resumes.

Kai-Fu Lee introduced a simple standard of evaluating your resumes. You can count how many words about statistics such as market-related performance, the number of clients, cost that has been saved and market share in your resumes. With each statistic you can add 5 points. And then you count how many adjectives in your resumes. With each you subtract 1 point, because the adjectives coming from the third part are of value.

He also shared some suggestions about how to prepare for your resumes. First your resumes should not be longer than tow pages. Resumes about academics and technology can be about 5 pages. And no human resources mangers have the courage to read resumes longer than 15 pages. And most of HRs emphasize on the above part of your resumes of first page. So you should try to express the HRs when they read your resumes. Don’t add pictures on the resume if you aren’t asked to do that.

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