Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Living Habits That Can Easily Lead to Heart Diseases

We all know that sitting for a long time and eating and drinking so much are bad for your hearts. But there are still many habits that you may ignore that can damage your hearts too.

Lonely people should pay attention to heart diseases. They are more likely to be involved in heart diseases. The research results show that loneness can decrease people's immunity and make their blood pressure high. Also it can make people feel stressful that can result in depression. So it increases the possibility of getting heart diseases and stroke.

Balding people are also more likely to get heart diseases. Research finds that people whose hair is easy to drop get heart diseases 40 percent higher than ordinary people. Balding has something to do with the secretion of testicular hormone. And testicular hormone can affect the health of heart cells.

People who live around airport and noisy town take the risk of having a high possibility of getting heart diseases. Not having breakfast often can increase the risk of getting heart disease. A survey from a university in Australia proves that people who don’t have breakfast are inclined to be fat and have high cholesterol level, which are all factors that can lead to heart diseases.

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