Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A New Staff's Death in Price Waterhouse Coopers Arouse Debates on Working Overtime in China

A young beautiful woman staff in the auditing department of Price Waterhouse Coopers died from overtime. It was reported that she died from acute cerebral meningitis that resulted from working overtime and being very tired. She is a young woman with a master degree who just graduated for one year. After the incident there are many debates and discussions on the media and the Internet about working overtime and death from overwork.

Many people expressed their pity about this young woman on the Internet. And at the same time they expressed their impotence about work overtime. They complain about their companies' rules. They have to work overtime with no rest. Or else they have no opportunity to prompt themselves. And some people say they have to raise the family and babies. And high salary means endless work.

According to a survey about 35 percent of people have to work overtime for more than 3 hours.

On the Internet some people give suggestions to the people who have to work overtime. But those suggestions are not once and for all. The companies should pay more attention on the staff's life and health. They should not just pay their attention on the profit and revenue.

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