Monday, April 11, 2011

360buy.Com CEO Criticizes Baidu.Com for Selling the Same Keyword to Many Advertisers

In 8th April, CEO Liu Qiangdong wrote in his micro blog to express his discontent. He wrote that, "I just searched Jingdong (keyword) on, but I found that this keyword was sold to eight competitors. This is piracy." He also added that Baidu can earn 15 million RMB by selling this keyword and would remove its advertisements on Baidu.

Because has sold the same keyword to many companies who compete with each other, many e-business companies and other companies have announced that they would not advertise on

Besides this problem Baidu has received many other criticisms. Recently Baidu has been accused of providing articles, books that are copyright. And has seized 75.5 percent of the Chinese searching market and now has released its Box Computing which has been criticized for leading users to its own sites or other sites they want. Many analysts pointed out that Box Computing could influence many video and literature websites which may result in monopoly and marginalizing many small websites.

But some net citizens comment that it is common for companies to buy their competitors' keyword which would lead users to their own websites. And many found that at the beginning also competed with other companies in the same way. And many observers say this situation will continue for a long time without laws to regulate it.

As of now CEO Liu Qiangdong has deleted his words on his micro blog and also correct its searching results.

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