Monday, April 18, 2011

Why We Are Addicted to SNS?

Every day you switch on the computer you will firstly open the SNS websites. You may keep pressing F5 to send your state. You will surf on your micro blog even you are very busy. You may feel worried if you are offline for one or two hours. Also when you can't connect the websites you will be eager to know what has happened on the sites.

With the advent of personal blogs and micro blogs people spend more and more time on the SNS websites. According to the statistics the time spent on the SNS websites has increased 82 percent in ten years. And people spend about 22.7 percent of their online time on the SNS websites which means that people would like to spend more time on the SNS websites.

Why on earth more and more people become addicted to the SNS websites? How those websites have changed our lives? Politicians, researchers and economists from all over the world in the Davos Forum also thought that people should pay more and more attention on the "SNS addiction". Everyone can share their latest experience on the websites. And they will fill satisfied if other people act positively to your sharing. If you get used to this feeling you will become dependent on the websites and then SNS addiction appears.

SNS addiction becomes more and more popular around the world. And it has affected our normal life. So you should be away from keyboard and spend the Sunday with your friends together on talking or doing sports.

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