Sunday, February 27, 2011

Four Bad Habits of Women will Accelerate Aging

As to women, they are so afraid of aging, however, some of their daily habits would accelerate aging. This article will show you what kind of bad habits will accelerate aging. See whether you have some or not.

Glue to the bed
Now, many people are glued to the bed, especially on holiday, and people who have such experience will find that the longer the sleep time is, the more tired they will be. Actually, this because gluing to bed has disturbed the normal regular of body.

Going to restroom immediately after waking up
Morning wake up, it may have been filled with urine in the bladder, there is a sense of urgency of urination, urgency to urinate more, the more tolerant about, not immediately get up to urinate. Because bladder emptying easily lead to dizziness, syncope or even urinate.

Doing strenuous exercise immediately after waking
Many people, after the habit of morning exercise appropriate, as long as attention is indeed beneficial to health. However, the movement must look in the morning after the break until the blood only after the running balance of yin and yang. If you wake up, are also not prepared to activities, they will immediately put into motion more violent, prone to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accident.

Do not eat breakfast
According to nutrition experts, breakfast is the most important day of a meal. After sleep the body rest, fully prepared to meet the day's work, study, then a rich intake of nutrients needed to meet the day's consumption.

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