Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Several Healthy Tips on Pregnant Women

Computer diseases should be drawn attention by every woman in daily life, besides during pregnancy. Then what should pregnant women pay attention to when using computers?

Firstly, pregnant women should notice the time of using computer. The time that pregnant women contact computer should not be more than 20 hours a week. As for pregnant women, they should prevent long time sitting because long time sitting would cause pelvic cavity retention of blood. Therefore, when using computer, pregnant women should pay attention to the cooperation of computer and the height of seat, only a health life habit can promise baby's health.

Secondly, to make a proper balance between work and leisure is very crucial for pregnant women, for this can help to prevent tendon injuries. Long time using computer can cause pain and stiff on finger joints, wrist, and muscles of the arms, shoulders, backpacks, neck and back. Thus, pregnant mothers should rest for 10 minutes after working for an hour, or do some work-break exercises.

Thirdly, for those pregnant women who engage in computer operation should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and increase the intake of vitamin A, B1, C and E. Besides, nuts such as walnut and peanut are very good for pregnant women, for they are not only provide the nutrition that can facilitate the formation of fetal brain cells and mental development, but also are rich in vitamin E, which can lower cholesterol, remove the rubbish inside body and prevent cataract.

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