Thursday, February 10, 2011

How to Troubleshoot Dark Circle Problem for Women?

Do you have dark circles? Busy work, often staying up late, alcoholism, emotional instability, eye fatigue, aging, lack of oxygen red blood cells, and the formation of stagnant blood flow and dark eye pigmentation caused the formation of dark circles, dark circles make people looks no spirit, and no temperament.

Deal with two black eyes; you can use ice compress method. Prepare two eyeshade made from special liquid, put one of them in microwave heating for half a minute, hot compress eyes for 5 minutes. At the same time, put the other one in the refrigerator to cool. After hot compress, remove the eyeshade from the refrigerator, ice compress eyes for 5 minutes. This can speed up blood circulation, alleviate dark circles.

You can also use massage method. You must first clean the facial skin, to wet facial skin with a toner, using the ring finger hit the entire face gently until the liquid is completely absorbed by the skin. After the completion, tapping with the ring finger gently ruffled rim of the eye, and promote the absorption of cream.

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