Friday, February 11, 2011

How to Nurse Skin when Pregnant?

Skin will become more sensitive during pregnancy, and more prone to skin problems, so it needs special attention in nursing the skin. Here is some common sense of skin care mothers should pay attention to.

Clean - skin is sensitive during pregnancy, you should use mild soap-free cleansing products, such as some drug store brands of pure plant extracts of the facial cleanser and cleansing water.

Resistance of dryness - some pregnant woman's corneum is thicken during pregnancy, making the face particularly dry, so use of natural skin care moisturizing products is the focus of routine care.

Sun block - this is the most important thing pregnant women need to pay attention during pregnancy. The skin will particularly sensitive in light, so whether at home or out, do not forget to use sun cream. Many people pay no attention to sun spots, they think it is caused by sunburn as pregnancy, after pregnancy it cannot be eliminated. And you should try to choose purely physical sunscreen products which are more safety.

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