Sunday, February 13, 2011

Several Simple Ways to Treat Anger

Psychological experts pointed out that although anger is normal and is healthy, but the way female friend deal with anger is often unhealthy. The following are listed 5 big mistakes for women deal with the angry, and provide solutions.

First, obviously angry, but deliberately suppressed

Solution: Understanding anger is normal, do not deliberately suppressed anger. Write your feelings in the diary. Try to share the feelings with the trust friends.

Second, always think she is right

Solution: Accept the fact that you and others are not perfect, not too picky.

Third, misunderstanding others

Solution: pay attention to how much spirit you cost to "guess" what others think. You have to understand, unless you ask, or you will not know what others think. Similarly, unless you speak, otherwise others would not know what you think.

Fourth, vent their anger on others

Solution: Ask yourself who is really angry. Seek the support of others, face the source caused of your anger directly.

Fifth, occurs impulsive behavior

Solution: before taking the third piece of cake, or to pay to buy another brand package, first pause, take a deep breath, and then ask yourself what the real feeling.

Angry is not a bad thing, but a normal emotional response, it is important to learn how to transform anger, not to be injured by negative mood.

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