Monday, February 21, 2011

Daily Health Tips for Women

Women, to some degree are strong as well as fragile. From the health point of view, facing the situation that they on one hand have to handle the problems of busy work; on the other hand, they also have to solve the problem occurred in family, women should not neglect their own health care. In daily life, there are four taboos on women's health keeping.

Less coffee
Coffee has a strong function on increasing estrogen. And when the level of estrogen is too high, it means an increasing risk of suffering from breast cancer and endometrial cancer. What's worse, endometriosis and breast pain will be intensified.

Less staying up late
People who often under a situation, such as, stay up late, fatigue and lassitude, their immune system will follow the fall. Flu, gastrointestinal infections, allergies and other symptoms will follow unexpectedly.

Less dessert
Study found that eating too much sweet can easily lead to gallstones to women, and too much dessert would also promote breast cancer.

Less taking bus
Long-term lacking of activity will lead to constipation. Chronic constipation, toxins cannot be discharged, can induce inflammation, cancer and other diseases; if suffering from cardiovascular and other chronic diseases, constipation can lead to complications and increased.

In daily life, as for women, they should pay more attention to health keeping. A healthy body can promise a beautiful skin.

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