Thursday, February 24, 2011

Four Steps to Properly Apply Facial Masks

Facial mask is a very important cosmetic for skin beauty; many women like to use it. However, do you know that there are also some coups on applying facial masks? The four steps shown as followings may help you obtain an excellent effect.

Face moist is the key
Wet skin better absorb water and nutrients, so the face clean, do not have other face of the water evaporated before deposition mask. If it is dry skin, you can beat the toner before the deposition mask, to keep it in the wet state. This mask in the water and the best ingredients, it is more easily absorbed by the skin.

Heating makes better effect
Winter when the temperature is low, the pores in the contraction, the body metabolism slows down, if you apply the mask before the mask with hot water or steam heating steam face, facial pores, can promote blood circulation, which will help absorb moisture mask and essence.

To control the number of time
Mask treatment cycles are generally used, if the daily use, skin will not absorb, but not good results.

Cream is essential at the last
Mask after just rinsing water and the essence of not completely absorbed by the skin, if the face directly exposed to the air, water and extract will soon evaporate, so rinsing the mask should be immediately coated with cream, face cream can be just absorbed into the essence of water and locked, so that more long-term moisturizing effect.

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