Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How to Treat Chronic Bronchitis via the Way of Doing Excises?

The chronic bronchitis is very common among the elderly. And 13 percent of the elderly who are 60 years older may suffer from the chronic bronchitis. And most of the cases are resulted from out of tune of adaptability to the weather, which results into the infection of upper respiratory tract and in turn results into chronic bronchitis. And if this disease occurs repeatedly and for many years it can develop into emphysema, which presents the symptoms of cough, shortness of breath and cyanosis. And the way of doing excises aims to relieve spasm, improve the permeability of bronchus, correct the wrong ways of breathing, recover the abdominal breathing, and help to discharge the residual gas in the lung, improve the breathing function of lung and decrease the degree the oxygen deficiency.

Abdominal breathing
The way of abdominal breathing is by diaphragm drawing air into the lungs. And this way of breathing is deep and slow compared to lung breathing. When you breathe in the air the diaphragm muscles shrink and go down. The volume of thorax expands and can hold the large number of the air. And it is just contrary when you breathe out the air. So the abdominal breathing is one basic way to treat chronic bronchitis.

There are many other ways of doing excises to treat the chronic bronchitis.

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